Love: Laguna Seca Raceway – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Laguna Seca Raceway, Customer Spotlight on Love, an Interfanatic Quality

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


A single soul inhabiting two bodies. A beautiful thought… It reminds of marriage vows… and of racing a motor car.

You probably have a different thought when you think of racing a motor car than I do. But doing it well is especially reflective of a beautiful love affair.

When you’re racing a car, when you’re in the zone, you feel the cars tires as an extension of your own body. The two of you become one and glide fluidly through space, without drama. Everything else disappears and the lap times fall, relentlessly.

At first, it’s just you, and your car. Then, the car becomes you, and it’s just you. It all just happens.

So it is with Laguna Seca Raceway. I think they call it WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca these days. But when we designed and built an incredibly high-tech, forward thinking website for them fifteen years ago, it was Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The track, at the time, was run by SCRAMP: love for motorsport and the cherished circuit inhabiting many bodies. Now, there will always be protagonists and antagonists, but the fact remains: everyone does it because they love racing.

Love: An Interfanatic Quality

We designed and built an incredible website for them. It was incredibly high-tech and advanced for its time. Some thought too advanced. Perhaps a little before its time. But we created Laguna Seca’s site with love.

Interfanatic created Laguna Seca’s site with love.”

If you don’t know Laguna Seca, let me try to explain it to you.

In the middle of an Army ordinance range, some crazy folks decided to create a racetrack. They ran a ribbon of gray asphalt around a small brown mountain. Then they hurled their bright red, blue, orange, yellow, and silver sporty cars around that ribbon of asphalt. And it became racing. And it was good.

Laguna Seca has a character all its own. If you know what I’m talking about, skip ahead. There are only so many descriptions of the corkscrew a real racer can take. But if you don’t…

After coaxing your beast up the back of the hill, it reaches the top, breathless. It’s time to dig your heel hard into the binders and dance your hands and feet into second gear. A hard left and the world disappears beneath you as you lift off the brakes and accelerate. Your steed searches for footing, you gently coax her right and catch third in the air. When she settles in, you’re heading to a fast left with all hell screaming behind you.

When Phil Hill first hit that fast left in the Chapparel 2J, everyone held their collective breaths. There was NO WAY he could make it through Turn 9 at that mach number. But he did. And Jim Hall was right, and ground effect in motorsport was borne.

It’s a track filled with history. Young James Dean passed on driving his Porsche to Laguna Seca. Mark Donahue hustled the mighty “if you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower” 917/30 there. And Alex Zanardi gadzooked Bryan Herta, turning his IndyCar into a rally machine to make a nutty pass stick for the win.

It’s a place I kinda grew up.

Laguna Seca Raceway: A Project We Cannot Forget

So when Laguna Seca approached Interfanatic (nee Web Site Maintenance & Design) after hearing Carroll Smith crow about our site, it was a thrilling moment.

We love doing cutting edge. We love doing what can’t be done. And we, like the people behind Laguna Seca, love racing.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

To make up for last week’s screenshot, this week we have a real photograph. An image of love. I took this slide with love; love for my father, love for motor racing, and love for photography. This, for me, has everything. I took this photograph at a dinky little throwback track called Moroso. It was phenomenal. I remember there wasn’t much in the way of safety back then. As I recall there were gators in a culvert at one of the turn exits. You didn’t want to get upside-down there (not that you would want to get shiny-side down anywhere). But apparently some guy got himself eaten after tipping over there the month before. But the lack of guardrails and corner-workers who gave a damned what I did allowed me to do this. To get the image I wanted. And, for me, it remains glorious.

Temperance: South Bay Beer & Wine Festival – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

South Bay Beer & Wine Festival, Customer Spotlight on Temperance, an Interfanatic Quality

Temperate temperance is best; intemperate temperance injures the cause of temperance…”

Mark Twain

Clemens’ words… always funny. The complete quote is actually, “Intemperate temperance injures the cause of temperance, while temperate temperance helps it in its fight against intemperate intemperance.”

He’s being funny. But he’s also being quite serious: his message is that when the rules are too strict, it causes societal problems. We have to have a little leeway.

As is the case with the good Rotarians of Palos Verdes. They do good things for their community, but they always do them in moderation. Because too much of anything is not necessarily a good thing. (That’s a James Kirk quote, by the way.)

It’s easy to get excited and go overboard. It’s easy to not get excited enough, and to not do enough.

Enough: that’s the trick. And that’s where temperance comes in. It flourishes with experience. After 20 years of web sites and digital marketing, we have the experience to know how to make things tick. With temperance.

Temperance: An Interfanatic Quality

Every year, there’s a new fad. Many people jump on board immediately, hoping to ride the wave. We don’t do that. We tend to watch things for a bit, see how they work – if they stick. Then and only then, if it seems the new solution has staying power, we get good at it. Really, really good at it.

“If… the new solution has staying power, Interfanatic get good at it. Really, really good at it.”

There was a time, not that long ago even, that businesses were choosing to eschew a website in favor of a MySpace or Facebook page. As confidence in Facebook has eroded, those who controlled their narrative and presence with their own website have done better.

Facebook certainly has a place in digital marketing. But if you don’t control your message, you’re at the whims of others. Cambridge Analytica, political ads, and many other sideshows taint perception of Facebook. Do you really want you primary message tainted?

The point is, use a bit of temperance to keep your keel in the water.

Platforms come and go. Social Media comes and goes. Snap was quite en vogue a few years ago, but now it’s more popular with certain demographics in certain places than others.

Let Interfanatic be the experts so you can focus on your business. It’s what we do.

And Twain has some marked words about experts, too. But today we celebrate his keen wit and understanding of one of our favorite qualities. Temperance.

The South Bay Beer & Wine Festival: Temperance for a Good Time

Just a couple of years ago, Karen Greenberg asked us to help get Rotary’s South Bay Beer & Wine Festival website fixed up. It was our pleasure to help.

Since then, another Rotarian has stepped in to take over, and we always agree that free can be a beautiful thing. The event continues to be a success and we will always support the event and the great people behind it.

Without forethought and temperance, their festival would be a nightmare. But when good people come together to do good things with a bit of temperance in all they do, the result is beautiful.

As we look forward to the nerve-wracking future directly ahead of us, we do so with temperance. With patience. With the understanding that comes with 20 years of experience. These coming days will not be easy. But they will go more smoothly if we keep a healthy dose of temperate temperance at our side.

We’re here, working hard to support you for the coming years. It is Interfanatic‘s great pleasure to help.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

This week’s image is but a screenshot. I thought it was funny that while I chose the quality of temperance to celebrate this week, the stock market was crashing – surely intemperate temperance made a physical reality. It is a reaction to a great deal of intemperance at the heart of the politics of the past couple of years. At Interfanatic, we’re calm and we carry on. Be safe. We’re on your side.

Simplicity: The Bitter Chef – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

The Bitter Chef, Customer Spotlight on Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

Amelia Barr

Keep it simple, stupid. What, are you an idiot?

Such is the theme of The Bitter Chef, a quaint eatery in downtown Long Beach. When you went in, you’d be greeted by a sassy waitress, and if you tried to talk to the chef, you’d get your head bitten off.

It was all in fun. (Though, from the Yelp reviews, clearly some people got it and LOVED it, others did not get it. You went into a restaurant called The Bitter Chef. Seriously, what did you expect?)

But the cornerstone of all success is proficiency in the fundamentals. And that’s what The Bitter Chef did so well. The fundamentals were great. Keep it simple, stupid. KISS my ass.

Simplicity: An Interfanatic Quality

In the world of digital marketing, there are more than one million ways to skin a cat. Seriously, have you ever looked at the full Google Analytics dashboard? It takes a PhD to interpret. (No disrespect to actual PhDs; Google goes out of its way to make it complicated, but not that complicated.)

“Simplicity is a cornerstone of Interfanatic delivery.”

But Google (and everyone else) seems to revel in making things more complicated than they ever need to be.

It’s our job to interpret and keep things simple for our customers. Simplicity is a cornerstone of our delivery.

And Amelia Barr put it so gracefully, so simply, so many years ago. The simple produces the marvelous. Like Kobe Bryant use to say, you can never be too proficient in the fundamentals. A ankle breaking fake followed by a 180 to the rim is a beautiful thing, but if you can’t get your feet planted around your flailing defender, two points ain’t never gonna happen.

The Bitter Chef: Keeping It Simple and Sassy

A few years ago, we got to design and build a website for The Bitter Chef. It was a great, fun project. The restaurateurs were wonderful to deal with, and the project was a joy.

And that’s because we all kept it simple.

It’s great to work with solid local establishments. We love supporting our local community with hard work – and it’s easy when we love them.

All good things…

The Bitter Chef came and went. It was an eatery out of its time. Some people didn’t understand the theory behind the place. And as such, with the growing popularity of social media and Yelp, the misinterpretations ended up costing a great idea. But it’s a project we’ll always carry happy memories from.

So next time your digital marketer dives into a tirade about all the doohickeys and statistics they use to classify success, just tell them: keep it simple, stupid.

Tenacity: Goeckmann & Kleespies, GKAD – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight, Customer Spotlight on Tenacity, an Interfanatic Quality

There can be no invention in the absence of tenacity.”

– Momofuku Ando

Tenacity. The man who created a food that feeds many nations quickly and easily knows everything there is to know about invention. And we’ve all heard the stories: invention doesn’t happen in a solitary eureka moment; great invention is the result of tireless toil. Of a willingness to keep going.

Architecture and construction jobs require tenacity, too. (As do website designs and builds). A customer keeps making changes, is not happy despite their previous ecstatic evaluation. But we all must keep at it, until the project is complete.

Ivo Goeckmann knows all about tenacity in his high-frequency architecture business in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tenacity: An Interfanatic Quality

Sticking with a project despite setbacks is one of our signature moves. No matter how tough things get, we’re set on completing the project. When a client orders a substantial change, we keep as close to the budget as we can. But we finish the project whenever possible.

“…We finish the project…”

We know, as Ando knows, and Goeckmann knows, sticking with it is a chief requirement of greatness.

GKAD: Architecture Designed

Goeckmann and Kleespies create high frequency architecture that inspires customers to buy. Just as we create websites designed to inspire customers to buy, they create whole environments that are safe, meet regulations, beautiful, and encourage the mood of customers to spend money and enjoy doing it.

They’ve taken on major clients, to install their stores in airports, train stations, and even fine dining establishments in downtown cities. When a customer enters their completed project, they’re taken to a different place, put in a different mood. It’s inspiring work.

We recently completed the design and subsequent build of their website, It was a challenge to balance technical wizardry with beauty, but we did it (at least, they say so.)

Next time you’re in Frankfurt…

It is Interfanatic‘s great pleasure to work with GKAD. I actually lived in Frankfurt years ago. But I feel I have a home in that city, and it is a great honor to create a home for a great Frankfurt firm on the Internet. We wish the whole staff of GKAD well on their next project, and their next, and their next.

After our website design and build was complete for GKAD, they now have a business card to take proudly with them everywhere a connected device exists.

It wasn’t easy, but we stuck with it, and we got the project done. And we made sure it seemed simple to GKAD, though it surely was not. That’s how we embodied tenacity for this project, a project that surely deserved it.

Humility: Julian Macias, Mobile Tech Tutor – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Mobile Tech Tutor, Customer Spotlight on Humility, an Interfanatic Quality of Julian Macias

Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will.”

– Zig Ziglar

Arrogance is a massive put-off. Humility is the opposite. Showing you’re able to learn from the person you talk to gives you the upper hand – in everything.

Julian Macias knows this. An accomplished businessman, he learned that with humility, he could teach – while learning from wise souls.

Macias is a good salesman, too. He knows how to sell, so appreciates Ziglar’s wisdom. And he puts it into practice. In doing so, by approaching his students with humility, they open their minds to learning.

Humility: An Interfanatic Quality

We at Interfanatic meet extremely smart people every day. It’s a beautiful opportunity to learn from our customers about what they do, their unique take. We get to apply the lessons they’ve learned to our own business to improve.

“We at Interfanatic meet extremely smart people every day. “

And, as Ziglar says, we’ve had many doors opened to use because we’re willing to learn.

Julian Macias, Mobile Tech Tutor

Macias began tutoring retirees on the nuances of mobile phones because he wanted to spend more time with wise people, and he saw an opportunity to do something good.

His kind deed quickly turned into a side gig, which then became a real business. Mobile Tech Tutor now travels all over Southern California tutoring and presenting smartphone workshops, helping people use the power of their devices. Macias opens up doors for the generations before him with knowledge, wisdom, practice, and most of all humility.

Now he’s got a full schedule, instructing and presenting at great locations where he’s wanted. He also does private tutoring when it’s called for. He has a relaxed demeanor that invites people to learn from him, as if he’s tackling the issue for the first time, too. It brings comfort, fun, and joy to his classes.

Mobile Tech Tutor

It was Interfanatic‘s pleasure to work with Julian Macias, helping him to understand how his website was performing for him, and helping him understand what improvements could make it do more work for him.

After getting a Local SEO Check-up, Mobil Tech Tutor had the tools he needed to make improvements to his website. And, of course, when a customer asks, we’re happy to implement those suggestions.

It feels good to help Macias understand his website better. Just like Macias enjoys helping the generations before him use the tools in their hands to open doors for them.

Order: Charmy Harker, – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

The Penny Lady®, Customer Spotlight on Order, an Interfanatic Quality, of Charmy Harker, Seller of Collectible Cents and Coins through

Order is the sanity of the mind…”

– Eliza Cook

Collecting cents can be complicated if you don’t keep your collection in order. Now, think about trying to sell them.

When one coin is worth $100 in one grade, and the exact same coin is worth $350 toned, and the exact same coin is worth $10,000 two grade points higher, you’ve got to have your coins in order.

Charmy Harker, The Penny Lady®, does that. Which is how she’s helped the most exciting collectors build some of the most beautiful sets of collectible coins the world has ever seen.

Like Eliza Cook said, “Order is the sanity of the mind.” Collecting coins in enough insanity without a little order to keep things clear!

Order: An Interfanatic Quality

You might think you know what it takes to build a website. But to do it successfully for businesses over and over and over – there are a lot of moving parts. The launch checklist is about 2,381 items long alone. Theorizing, designing and creating a successful website is a bit like conducting an orchestra. The minute one thing is out of tune, it can all come tumbling down.

“Theorizing, designing and creating a successful website is a bit like conducting an orchestra.”

Just like Charmy brings order to the chaos of collecting, Interfanatic brings order to the chaos of creating websites that bring in paying customers.

Charmy Harker, The Penny Lady®

Do you know any coin dealers? I know a lot of coin dealers. Some of them are great! (Yes, I’m talking about YOU.) Some of them are not. Which is what makes Charmy’s success in excellence as a coin dealer all the more convincing. She has to deal with other coin dealers. Who are mostly men. And some are not nice to deal with.

She has carved her niche doing what she loves. She’s really into Indian Cents. Most Indian Cents in the world are worth a few cents to a collector. But the ones Charmy deals in can be worth much, much, much more than that. These little metal disks tell a snapshot of history, of art, of their time, and of their place in history. And she loves them, too.

If you’re interested in collecting small cents, Charmy has an excellent selection. Take a moment to peruse The Penny Lady’s most recently added coins for sale. You’ll love them, too. She has something for everyone. (Talk about a great gift for the person who has everything.)

Browse Charmy’s Collections

Charmy is good at infuriating people, too. She uses her website to show off her collections, which are not available for sale. Because they’re usually some of the best (which is what collectors want.) So, serious collectors can’t have them, and, well that really irks ’em.

Because not only is Charmy a successful dealer of pennies, she’s a successful collector of cents. She would never brag about her collection because she’s helped collectors assemble humbling collections. But the fact is, her collection is nice.

And on top of all of this, she’s just a nice person. She doesn’t suffer fools or intent hagglers because she doesn’t enjoy that. And its her business, so she gets to decide how she runs it.

Charmy Harker does a great job. And at the end of the day, she is after all The Penny Lady®.

Ingenuity: Jodi McDaniel, – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Jodi McDaniel, the Ingenious Co-Buying Real Estate Agent, Coach, Author, and Teacher - through Interfanatic Customer Spotlight on Ingenuity, Interfanatic Quality

Anywhere the struggle is great, the level of ingenuity and inventiveness is high.”

Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin

Jodi McDaniel doesn’t have it easy. In the ultra-competitive market for real estate agents in Southern California, the struggle to differentiate and excel exists.

Jodi McDaniel’s struggle isn’t the same as those Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin witnesses regularly. But standing out in a thick, over-saturated market is definitely its own kind of struggle.

It’s one that McDaniel rises to daily. It is our pleasure to help her excel.

Ingenuity: An Interfanatic Quality

How do you separate yourself from the other real estate agents in SoCal? If you ask 100 real estate agents, 100 will tell you, “personal service, going above and beyond.” And there’s no doubt that’s true. But McDaniel realized early on that wasn’t going to be enough.

“If you ask 100 real estate agents what set them apart, 100 will tell you, “personal service, going above and beyond.”

So she created her own niche, and she is the absolute expert in that niche. Nobody else comes close to the knowledge and experience Jodi McDaniel has in her niche.

Jodi McDaniel: An Ingenious Real Estate Specialist

Co-buying is tricky. When you want to purchase a private property jointly, but you’re not otherwise legally attached entities, the waters can be difficult to navigate. Unless you have Jodi McDaniel leading your way.

It’s a different process. It requires different paperwork. Some is easy, some is extremely difficult. But all of it is different. And that’s where Jodi excels. She not only knows how to do it, she teaches co-buying. She (literally) wrote the book on it.

If you’re interested in co-buying property, Jodi McDaniel’s expertise is available to you. That’s an incredible advantage that will save you time, energy, and a great deal of difficulty. McDaniel has seen it all, and she’s been trough it all, when it comes to co-buying.

Co-Buying through

Jodi needed a way to make her boilerplate website stand out. Like most real estate agents, she’s chained to the site her agency gives her. But we were able to pull out some tricks to make it work exceptionally well.

Like Jodi McDaniel’s, we at Interfanatic love coming up with novel ways to attack problems. It was fun to work within the confines of her site and make it work better than any of her competitors’ with our own honed SEO techniques.

When you’re looking for an ingenious real estate agent, go to Jodi McDaniel.

When you’re thinking about co-buying property, there’s no better teacher, coach, author and agent to have in your corner than Jodi McDaniel.

Honesty: Sheri Messerlian’s Commercial Real Estate Business at– Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Sheri Messerlian's Commercial Real Estate at Interfanatic Customer Spotlight on Honesty, Interfanatic Quality

“…the first thing is to be honest with yourself.

Nelson Mandela

With Mandela and Sheri Messerlian, Honesty flows from within. When you’re honest with yourself, Mandela holds, you can be more easily honest with the people who trust you.

Working in sales (and in marketing) it is easy to be tempted to dishonesty; a white lie, a little fib, a slight exaggeration. If it helps get the sale, does it really matter?


Yes, it does. So we don’t do that. And neither does Sheri Messerlian. Which is one reason why it’s so great to work with her.

Honesty: An Interfanatic Quality

In the competitive field of real estate, it’s difficult to stand out. There are thousands of agents vying for listings and vying for their customers to make sales. It would be so easy to take a few shortcuts to make sure you get the edge.

…she has some of the most choice property in her portfolio at all times.

But, like Madiba says, if you’re not honest with yourself, nothing else will be right.

Sheri Messerlian: An Honest, Extremely Successful Salesperson

Sheri Messerlian has grown her business through the years through hard work and building trust. She goes the extra distance to get the job done, taking the load off of her clients, she doesn’t pretend. Sheri doesn’t fib. She doesn’t get her extra edge through little lies, she gets it through hard work.

Through decades of dedication, Sheri has built a solid book of business with both businesses looking to lease property and with property owners and managers all over the South Bay. The result is that she has some of the most choice property in her portfolio at all times.

And that’s no lie.

Messerlian Property:

For years, Sheri has had access to frontage with incredible visibility on major streets. Her offerings include restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and mixed use properties. She offers properties both available for lease and buildings for sale.

It has been our privilege to work with Sheri through the years, updating her website,

So when you need access to the best property in Southern California, look up Her commitment, hard work, and honesty will help you find exactly what you’re looking for to help you bring your business success.

Wisdom: Ron Guth’s – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Ron Guth's Interfanatic Customer Spotlight on Wisdom

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Immanuel Kant

There’s smart, and then there’s wise. Ron Guth is both.

Negotiating the field of German Numismatics is extraordinarily tricky. German coins are a complex group. Guth uses his wisdom to navigate the complexity of the coins, their history, and their buyers, with the skill of a seasoned master.

Wisdom: This Week’s Interfanatic Virtue

Kant’s quote is so perfect. It’s just too good! First of all, he’s Prussian (as are many of Ron’s coins). He’s a philosopher of the enlightenment, who expressed rich and complex thought, so much so, it’s still debated. He’s from the German States period of coinage, perhaps the most complex of a country with a rich and incredibly detailed numismatic history.

And it fits coin collecting so well. The science of numismatics consists of organized knowledge of coins: their design, their make-up, their art. Making a life of trading in these beautiful historical metal disks – that takes wisdom.

Ron Guth: The Esteemed Numismatic Author Who Would Take on The Germans (Coins)

Look, the study of United States coins isn’t easy. It very easily to overwhelms. And it’s very easy to know just enough to get yourself in a lot of trouble.

That’s why you need a trustworthy dealer as an ally as you explore “the hobby of Kings.”

But US Coins are child’s play compared to the complexity of German Coins. Coins from the hundreds of German States, to the Empire, to the Weimar Republic, to the Third Reich, to Germany broken into West and East, and Germany Unified, each period has it’s own rich complexity.

Debate About The Wisdom of Some Who Collect

Some insist that the despicable history of Nazi Germany must die insist we should forget. They’re not wrong. Some insist the despicable history should live so that we will never forget the terrible lessons we learned. They’re not wrong either. Surely, some people collect German coins of this period because they’re not right in the head. Surely, some just have interest in the history. For some, those “just interested in the history” use an excuse. But for others, preserving history – all history, good and bad – is their hobby. And, for some, it’s just about having one of each kind.

It’s an incredibly controversial debate to wade into. It takes the even hand of a wise master like Ron Guth to deal with this level of complexity.

And he does it deftly. Guth wrote wrote (and is writing) some of the most-read numismatic books of our time. He’s loved coins of all coins almost all his life. And he gladly shares that knowledge passionately with the good people with whom he surrounds himself., by Ron Guth

That’s why it was our great pleasure to take on No doubt, some of the things there make us feel icky and queasy, but to focus only on that is to ignore the rich history that surrounded that time. There are thousands of coin types – not hundreds, or as in US coins, around fifty made for circulation. Thousands of coin types covering dozens of denominations from all through and over Germany’s rich numismatic history. Undoubtedly, there are some of the ugliest coins you would never want to see – but there are many more that are among the most beautiful and fascinating you could ever know.

Thousands of coin types cover dozens of denominations from all through and over Germany’s rich numismatic history.

It’s such an honor to work with Ron Guth.

German Coins: You Might Try Them

If it piques your interest to wad into this deep, difficult, complex and nuanced numismatic history, my advice is: buy what you like. Buy what you think is interesting. Buy what you think is pretty. But whatever you do, talk to Ron Guth about it first.

There are many wise characters in the worldwide traveling circus that is the world of numismatics. Ron Guth is one of our wisest American greats.

Respect: Summer Pro League – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Summer Pro League: Interfanatic Customer Spotlight on Respect

Respect commands itself and it can neither be given nor withheld when it is due.”

Eldridge Cleaver

Professionals earn esteem by doing the right thing, the right way. Cleaver feels strongly about respect, reminding us that it is undeniable when earned properly.

We get to deal with a lot of people we respect; it’s a blessing of mostly word-of-mouth references. And in turn, those we deal with blessed us with respects.

Respect: This Week’s Interfanatic Virtue

There’s no way around it, you gotta earn it. People command respect, as Cleaver puts it, through hard work done the right way. In sports, athletes earn what is due to them by putting in the work to show results. In digital marketing, it’s the same: it’s about results. What’s different is the kind of work.

Summer Pro League: A Chance To Get Respect

That’s why we enjoyed working with the Summer Pro League so much. It was an opportunity for incredible basketball players to earn respect.

The NBA is tough. Making it to the NBA is even tougher. Things happen, young promising players make mistakes or get injured – we’ve all heard the stories. The Summer Pro League offered a second chance. It gave excellent players an opportunity to earn the admiration of their peers – and of talent scouts.

We helped them with regular site updates for a few years. Together, we made a great team, working for good people.

And the level of play was high. These athletes’ play commanded respect – a the kind that no-one could withhold. It was our great pleasure to be a part of the machine giving these athletes another chance in front of the scouts, come what may.

Many of these basketball players were doing the right things the right way. It was incredible to watch them work. It was gratifying to see some of them get call ups. And forever, it was a great reward to watch them command the respect that was due.