Hope4MentalHealth.org Goes Live, Promoting Hope Water

Although we don’t take credit for the site design or build, WSmad had a small part in bringing together a cool site with an even cooler purpose.

Hope4MentalHealth.org is a 501(c)3 based in Texas, focused around promoting mental health and well-being

Hope Water from Hope4MentalHealth.org
Hope Water from Hope4MentalHealth.org

in young people.  They had come to a point where they were having difficulty relaying their needs to their existing team of designers.  They asked Web Site Maintenance & Design to deliver, and we did so under budget.

With their Site development back on track and their South Carolina-based publicist, Kristen Wright and the Organizations Board happy, they launched their site yesterday.

Although we didn’t have anything to do with the implementation of the Flash intro or the site build, we’re proud of the part we played in assisting this organization to get on the Web.

Raise a glass of Hope Water and cheer on Hope4MentalHealth.org with us!  Best of luck to you, and we hope you accomplish all of your goals with your new site!

Check it out and learn more about: www.Hope4MentalHealth.org.

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