IBL partners with legendary Summer Pro League

From the IBL:The Southern California Summer Pro League Partners with the International Basketball League

Vancouver, Wash.: The International Basketball League is excited to announce a new partnership with the prestigious Southern California Summer Pro League (SPL) for the 2012 season.

Summer Pro LeagueThe Southern California Summer Pro League (SPL) was originally founded in 1970 and is entering its 39th year as a premier showcase for some of basketball’s greatest teams and players during the summer. The league gives both raw and experienced players an opportunity to maintain and develop their skills with competitive play. Every NBA team has participated in the SPL as some point during its illustrious history, and over 800 current and former NBA players have competed in the league.

The IBL-SPL partnership means the two leagues will work together, collaborate and align with strategic partners as they continue to provide a platform for undiscovered talent. IBL All-Star and international teams will participate in the SPL this summer, with both sides sharing the opportunities they provide with each other’s audience.

“The IBL is very proud to announce an exclusive partnership between our two leagues as we both enable opportunities for undiscovered players to shine and keep developing their game in front of the best teams, agents and scouts in professional basketball, internationally. With our shared vision the synergies and opportunities will continue as we look forward to the 39th annual SPL season, where the IBL All-Star team and Japan team will compete this July,” IBL Commissioner Graf shared.

Summer Pro League Owner and CEO John Younesi shares the Commissioner’s optimism, stating “The SPL is proud to partner with the IBL in an effort to provide the best venue for accomplished basketball players to showcase their skills. The SPL has played host to basketball players from more than 60 countries. In some instances, some of the greatest foreign players made their debut in the Summer League. The IBL has been a mainstay in the realm of International and domestic basketball. Together, I believe the SPL and the IBL will make a dynamic team that will help develop and launch the careers of many basketball players with lofty dreams.”

“We look forward to a long and auspicious association, one that will make a difference in the global world of basketball,” Younesi concluded.

The 2012 SPL season will run from July 15-30, with games taking place at the Roybal Center in Los Angeles.

About International Basketball League (IBL)
The International Basketball League (IBL) is a professional sports association based in Vancouver, Wash., that engages high level basketball talent. The league is dedicated to fostering international basketball talent and focuses on providing family friendly events as well as helping players find positions in international leagues such as the BJ League, Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), and the Portuguese Basketball League (LCB). The IBL is in its eighth year of operation with teams across the United States and Canada. To learn more about the International Basketball League visit: www.IBL.com.

About the Summer Pro League (SPL)
The Southern California Summer Pro League (SPL) is entering its 39th year as the premier summer showcase for basketball’s greatest teams and showmen. The League is the summer stage where undiscovered players perform. It is the medium through which both raw and experienced basketball talent can maintain and hone their skills through competitive league play. Every NBA team has participated in the SPL throughout its unprecedented history and it has served as a launching pad for many great NBA careers. Over 800 current and former NBA players have participated in the League. No basketball organization in the world possesses the quality and diversity of great competitors that the League has enjoyed for over three decades.


Resources to Extend Your Knowledge and Understanding of this story visit: www.ibl.com and www.summerproleague.com.

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