If You Need Frontage on Hawthorne, Talk to Sheri Messerlian

Commercial Real Estate Agent Sheri Messerlian is a Senior Vice President at NIA Capital and a member of the Company’s Elite Platinum Club. She also has 32,000 sqft available on Hawthorne Boulevard, in Torrance, CA – if you’re interested.

Sheri currently has about 100,000 sqft for sale around the South Bay, and about 75,000 sqft for lease.Sheri Messerlian offers the Thomas International Building - 32,000 sqft with huge frontage on Hawthorne Boulevard Torrance Recently, she’s leased over 62,000 feet and sold close to 40,000 sqft.

Among the more impressive properties that Sheri is brokering is 32,000 sqft of frontage on Hawthorne Boulevard near the intersection with Sepulveda. It’s a large retail space with a loading dock and more than ample parking. If you need something smaller, she’s leased spaces as small as 175 feet all the way up to the tens of thousands, and everything in between.

Perhaps the most impressive tell of her book is the demographics and the frontage she offers. She’s got a huge variety on offer for every budget.

So if you’re looking for a new office, or if you have a hot business plan for a great restaurant, or if you’re looking to open a large retail chain, talk to Sheri Messerlian. If somehow she doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, she’ll get you pointed in the right direction with her over 30 years of industry contacts.

Congrats on bringing your site up to date, Sheri!

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