SiteCon Concrete Construction is Helping to Bring the City of Anaheim into the 21st Century

Sitecon Concrete has been awarded the concrete portion of the new Water Recycling Demonstration Facility at Anaheim City Hall.Sitecon Concrete Construction providing concrete contracting for City of Anaheim Water Recycling Plant

Michael Nolen of Sitecon Inc, is excited about the project. “Sitecon is performing all of the concrete scope of work for this project”, Mike told us, with a certain confident excitement in his words.

The miniature water recycling plant is the first of its kind in Southern California. It will treat 100,000 gallons of wastewater per day, saving 35 million gallons throughout a year’s use. That’s enough water for 220 houses, and it will save the City of Anaheim $70,000 annually.

Construction has already begun and the site is fully operational by March 2012.

Great work, Mike and Sitecon! Saving us all some taxpayer money and one of our world’s most precious resources – water – that’s something we can all get excited about!

For more information, contact:

Project Overview Video

City of Anaheim

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