Sneak Peak at the Living Christmas Company

The site hasn\'t fully launched yet, but you can be among the first to see it...WSmad is very proud of the clients it chooses to work with – they are all excellent companies. The Living Christmas Company is a perfect example – this is a great group of people doing really great things with a fantastic idea, and we’re over the moon to be working on this project with them.

Did it ever occur to you that every time you take a Christmas or Holiday tree home in December, you’re killing a tree?  Me neither.  This feisty little bunch of do-gooders is going to change all that…

One of the reasons I’m telling you now is that if you don’t get on the ball soon, you’ll definitely miss out!  The company is starting small on purpose this year, so get in line early!

Check out The Living Christmas Company.  =)

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