Suli T. Go’s S T Go of Beverly Hills Brings Logic to Skincare

The granddaughter of a traditional Chinese doctor, whose specialty was herbal medicine, Suli first caught the inspiration to become a chemist from observing her grandfather’s work. She, too, decided to explore the essence found in herbs and plants not normally associated with western medicine.S T Go of Beverly Hills - advanced skin care

Suli studied chemistry and graduated with honors. For years she researched the Chinese herbal cures her grandfather had taught her and put them to rigid scientific tests. The result was that many of these plant and herbal extracts widely used in Asia proved to be highly effective. When Suli began noticing problems in her own skin, such as drying, premature wrinkling and breaking out, due to stress and change in environment, she surveyed the range of skin care products available to her. With the eye of a scientist, she found that the cosmetics available worked on a poor scientific principle: “fixing the symptom” instead of curing the root cause.

Suli, as a chemist, sought for the first time to recreate the optimum environment for the skin, based on the knowledge that the skin, just like the body’s immune system, seeks to heal and protect itself. She knew that if the right environment could be recreated, the complexion should automatically revert to that of younger skin, or as close to it as possible. This was an impressive order to fill, but she achieved this result by combining just the right mixture of natural skin emollients, DNA, RNA, herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, and balancing them all to a proper pH level, to recreate, as accurately as possible, that optimum environment for the skin. It was a goal to which Suli dedicated herself, and achieved, using strict modern scientific techniques, as well as proven aspects of Chinese herbal knowledge.

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