Appreciation: The Living Christmas Company – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

The Living Christmas Company - Customer Spotlight

The Living Christmas Company appreciates life.

Have you ever thought about the fact that we celebrate Christmas with a dying Christmas tree? It’s such an odd thing, when you think about it.

But then again, so is the notion of renting a Christmas Tree.

Just odd enough that it might work.

At least, that’s what investor Mark Cuban thought after hearing founder Scott Martin’s pitch on Shark Tank.

We helped TLCCo digitize its brand identity long before Cuban came along. We were enthralled with the charismatic Martin, aka “Scotty Claus” and the beauty and simplicity of his idea. He’s an energetic, grateful person of fantastic energy. The kind of person that everyone wants to be around. The kind of person that lights up the room when they walk in.

Scott’s a good dude.

We got him off to the right start, we helped him source caricatures at Downtown Disney for his founder-member portraits that we then got up on the website. We took his sketch and turned it into a beautiful, lively logo. We took his website and we brought it to life. It was thrilling.

We didn’t do the technical part of the site that handled deliveries and pick-ups, but we helped Scott with that hand-off. That project, we only worked on the fun stuff.

And that’s exactly what being part of this movement was – thrilling. We gave Christmas – many of our favorite Holidays – even more life, bringing living trees into our homes and helping them remain green for next year, and next year. Children grew up with their Christmas trees, which are stored for the off-season and cared for.

The trees are appreciated as a living thing, a living member of our Christmas family. It’s awesome, and we’re proud of the part we played getting TLCCo going.

So think about that next Christmas season. If you want to celebrate life, and living, and green, and all the things that are joyful about Christmas, think about getting one of The Living Christmas Company‘s living Christmas trees.

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