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Mobile Tech Tutor, for our Customer Spotlight on Humility, an Interfanatic Quality

Humility can be hard to remember. When you’re doing well and everything seems easy, it’s easy to forget that you’re only a master of your tiny universe. That if you were thrown into somebody else’s, you’d likely drown if not for the help of good humble people who remember being where you have been.

I chose to celebrate humility this week, and there are many confident yet humble customers I think of quickly. But for whatever reason, the one who came to mind most quickly is Julian Macias, the Mobile Tech Tutor. He’s such a kind and gentle soul. And a humble one, helping people just because he enjoys helping people.

Mobile Tech Tutor: Humbly Helping the Unfamiliar with Newfangled Tech

Julian Macias came to us a few years ago to learn more about his website traffic. He’d done his website himself and because this business is but a side gig for him, he didn’t want to spend a ton of money but rather learn what he could do himself. Of course, we obliged.

Macias’ customer base at Mobile Tech Tutor is the retired folks around him. He helps them to better understand their mobile phones, mostly. But all technology. Tech changes so fast, it’s very difficult to keep up! In the world of telephone tech alone, we had live operators for quite a while, overlapping with rotary phones in popular Western culture from the 1920s through the 1970s. Then came dial-tone phones, and they lasted through the ’90s and today. So imagine being accustomed to changes that happened over generations, and now there’s a completely new phone and interface you have to learn every few years. It’s a big change! And not only are these phones making telephone calls, they are, of course, miniature computers that were basically Star Trek tech just two decades ago. They do everything! It’s quite intimidating for somebody who learned to type in the ’30s or 1940s.

So Julian helps them out with kindness and humility. It’s a beautiful gesture, taking his spare time to tech past generations how to use their phones for a nominal price. When a proud man or woman doesn’t want to nag their child or grandchild, the answer is Julian Macias, the Mobile Tech Tutor.

When Julian came to us, his first website was a start. We helped him with suggestions and concrete actions and he has now implemented them into his second website, which is a drastic improvement. We began with our Interfanatic SEO SitRep to see what his competition was like. Later, we moved on to an Interfanatic Marketing Message Situation Report, and helped him hone his message such that it would resonate with his target market.

For us, it’s what we do – it’s not hard. But we do it because we’ve spent decades working at getting good at these things. We don’t take our talents and skills for granted – we share them with those who need help.

A 30-second video showing the improvements to Mobile Tech Tutor, based on our Marketing Situation Report.

And we do that with humility. Because there are so many things YOU are good at that we’d love to learn. We’re here to help.

Have a look at Julian Macias’ improved Mobile Tech Tutor website. We didn’t make it, but we consulted on design, messaging, and content for SEO.

Humility: An Interfanatic Quality

The best of people is the one who humbles himself the more his rank increases.

Prophet Muhammad

It’s very easy to get swept away in your own success. But, as the prophet Muhammad tells us here, it makes a better person when you instead appreciate the gifts that come your way from hard work with gratitude and appreciation.

There are many who don’t understand that Muslim ideology includes humility as its one of its most important qualities. With over 3 billion practitioners around the world, Islam is an important religion to understand. I like to find the beauty of the best teachings and focus on them.

And so, though I’m not Muslim myself, I appreciate these words and their wisdom. I have seen successful people become arrogant, and I have seen successful people stay humble. I want to be around those who remain humble. And that’s how I want to be.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Basic Marketing Situation Report

Last week, it was all about Interfanatic Website Management. This week, it’s about one piece of that, a service which can be handled separately from management if you wish: our Interfanatic Basic Marketing Situation Report. (As with all our SitReps, we have a Power and a The Works versions also, for more in-depth reporting.)

We do a few different Situation Reports (SitReps) and we’re quite well-known for our SEO Situation Reports – our customers love them! But we also do performance and marketing situation reports to make sure your website messaging and design is on track to connect and resonate with your best customers. This is just another an incredibly valuable and inexpensive service we provide for businesses of all sizes around the world.

“We’ll give you all the recommended steps to achieve a better performing business website.”

So what is a Situation Report..? It’s a professional look at your website’s performance. We have three: SEO (both local and global), Marketing, and Performance. SEO is to figure out how your website stacks up against competitors for important keywords and keyphrases. Performance is to have a look at how your website is loading and how people are using it. But the one we’ll talk about today, Marketing, is to determine if your site messaging and image are in line with what your customers want.

We’ve all been to and had to use websites we hate. We’ve all been to websites we don’t understand. Perhaps the website was done by somebody in their spare time, or by a relative. And perhaps the messaging was thought out, but it still doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of jargon and many industry-specific acronyms that make a site inaccessible to a new user. We cut through that and make sure your website makes sense to your customers, and inspires them to take the next step.

We have one customer now – her site gets a decent amount of traffic, but not many buyers. We’re going to work with her to understand why her site is the way it is and help her understand what buyers want. Sometimes the steps are confusing. Sometimes they’re not confusing, but they’re not clear. And sometimes you just have to ask your customer. If the steps are clear to you, but they aren’t clear to your customer, you’re not going to get enough sales.

And, if needed, we’ll fix up her site so that buyers are more inclined to take the next step with her. If not needed, she can handle it herself, but we’ll give her – and you – all the recommended steps to achieve a better performing business website.

We don’t do this because we’re know-it-alls. We’re not. But we have been doing this for over two decades. And as professionals in our industry, it’s a place we can lend a hand.

Interfanatic: Humbly at your service.

We’ve been around the block a few times. We’ve seen it all! Please don’t be embarrassed at the current state of your website. We’ve all been there. Trust me: WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. The most important part is that you know there’s an issue and you know you need help. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help. So give us a call. We have the answer.

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