Order: Waterman Supply – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Waterman Supply: Customer Spotlight - Interfanatic Virtue is Order

“Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.”⁠

Pearl S. Buck

This week’s Interfanatic Virtue in focus is Order. As Buck says, order provides a framework for all things beautiful. It’s an excellent, concise commentary.

Through 20 years of experience, Interfanatic has discovered systems and processes to sort the chaos. To simplify. To help you bring order to your digital marketing initiatives.

Order: A Framework to Layer Creativity and Beauty Upon

Order doesn’t have to squeeze out all creativity. No; it can indeed provide a basis for showing off creativity – for creating something of beauty.

Case in point: Waterman Supply. Waterman provides products for large shipping companies: Screws (propellers) the size of buses, bumpers the size of Monster Trucks, shackles from the size of your finger to that of a VW Beetle.

Too Much to Handle?

When Waterman came to us years ago, there was just too much! “How do customers find out what sizes of product exist when we have four manufacturers, each with their own measurement systems?”

We helped them bring order to the massive store of data. And we did it in a way that has positively impacted their SEO, and improved customer experience.

Using Systems to Redirect into a Positive Customer Experience

Waterman Supply, based in Wilmington, CA, is just another fabulous customer we’ve gotten to deal with through the years.

Order from chaos. Systems to simplify. That’s the Interfanatic way.

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