Tenacity: S.T. Go, A Business Comeback Akin to Tiger Woods

ST Go Skincare - Tenacious

Alright, forgive my clickbaity headline. S.T. Go has always been a great company, but they faded, and now they’re back.

In the skincare industry, coming back from that ain’t nothing.

I’m proud to say we got S.T. Go moving again when it was time to move to digital marketing. They’re good people. Tough, but good.

S.T. Go was a massively successful company. They had the perfect marketing mix, the right offers, and customers kept coming, and kept coming back.

After venturing off in another direction, relying on what worked before, sales started to decline.

The ultra-competitive skincare industry never rests, and there were plenty of competitors to gobble their market share.

They Could Have Rested

The owners could have packed it in. They could have rested on their laurels. They could have retired very happy with the success they’d already achieved.

But they didn’t. They’re back. The world has changed so much in the last few years – what worked then is nothing like what works now. It’s funny to think about: 20 years ago, Google wasn’t really a thing. Ten years ago, Facebook was just becoming a real craze in business. And here we are in 2019 and Facebook has waned and Google is still marching on, both behemoths losing the trust of the people.

My, How Things Have Changed… Persevering In 2019

But that’s just a quick snapshot of how things have changed. Thirty years ago, cellphones started to become commonplace. Just ten years ago, iPhones became a thing. Ah, the constant change of communication.

I appreciate the tenacity of S.T. Go

And that’s why I appreciate the tenacity of S.T. Go. The product continues to get better, but it’s always been the best. What changes is perception and the way we reach all of our clients. S.T. Go relies on data, patience, and tenacity.

And the combination of data, patience, and tenacity is a force to be reckoned with.

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