Meet Abbracci Studio, Fowler & Moore and Peters Realty Center at the Riviera Village Holiday Stroll December 1st

“There’s never been such a day… in Redondo Beach, L.A.”
2011 Riviera Village Holiday Stroll, Thursday December 1st
It’s December again – though us locals have had a hard time noticing, what with the near-80 degree weekend and all. Nonetheless, there’s to be snow in the mountains soon and perhaps the temperatures will soon be below 70, and that means it’s time to get the family out for Riviera Village’s Holiday Stroll.

There are a whole host of shops to see in The Village on December 1st, starting around 6pm. There are boutiques and restaurants who all will be sharing cookies, cider, cocoa and close down Catalina Avenue for fun with the kids and families.

Of course, our favorite neighbors up in that neck o’ the woods (about a mile from WSmad’s HQ) are (in alphabetical order) Abbracci Studio, Fowler & Moore at Home and Peters Realty Center.

Abbracci Studio (and now Baci, as well) is a medical spa offering state-of-the-art facials, laser-hair removal, and other excellent treatments. Of course, they also have a fabulous gift boutique where you’ll have a excellent chance of finding something for the hard-to-shop-for. They stock the finest skincare items from the best companies in the business, and their kind and expert staff will be able to tell you exactly what’s right for you. If you prefer, they will deliver to you if you use their site,

Literally next door is Fowler & Moore AT HOME, created by interior designers Chris Fowler and Suzy Moore. If you’re looking for holiday decor (or during the rest of the year, anything to spruce up your home), Fowler & Moore is the place to go. They have items of all prices, from a few dollars on up to the best things money can buy. And, of course, when it’s time for a full home makeover, there’s no place to go but to see Chris and Suzy at Fowler & Moore. They are the best Interior Designers in the whole Palos Verdes/beach cities area.

And if your home makeover just didn’t work for you and you’re ready to just trade the whole thing out, there’s nobody better than Nick Peters to find you a new home. Peters is THE expert of REO’s and short sales, and nobody on the planet knows Torrance Real Estate better than Nick. He knows everything there is to know about the Beach Cities Real Estate market. His real estate office is just up the street from the other two, right near Chez Malange on the corner of I. He’s invited you to stop by, too!

So in between horse carriage rides and cider, stop in to see some of the small businesses that are making the Riviera Village tick. And we all wish very happy holidays upon you!

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