Los Angeles Master Artist Jim Morphesis Interviewed about Upcoming Exhibit Works at GARBOUSHIAN

LA Art Stream has interviewed Los Angeles Master Artist Jim Morphesis about his exhibition, Time and Desire to be shown at the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in Beverly Hills starting January 28th.
Morphesis interviewed about upcoming exhibit at GARBOUSHIAN
The candid interview with one of Los Angeles’ best known Master artists was recorded and placed on YouTube. Morphesis has been seen by almost every Los Angelino has seen his face on the 110 freeway. In 1984, Morphesis’ portrait was painted under an overpass and is undergoing restoration.

The interviewer is well-known throughout the art work as a curator of exceptional taste – Shana Nys Dambrot’s credentials in the art world are extremely stout. Nys Dambrot speaks about the details of Morphesis latest creations – stunning and powerful images of roses, about their character, their depth, and his inspiration to create them. It’s a wonderful look into stunning pieces by a master artist.

The exhibition will be at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY – one of the most exciting Los Angeles art galleries. Exhibits have included Masters like Seery and Altoon, and up-and-comers like Katrin Kampmann and Yvette Gellis.

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