Greater Hope Foundation is Making Sure Foster Teens Can Make it to the Formal Dance

Greater Hope Foundation for Children is an NFP that matches foster children with foster parents in the high-need area of California’s high desert.  This year, as every year, Helena Smith is trying to make sure that the young men and

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children
GHF is accepting donations of dresses and tuxedos for foster youth

women in foster care can have the choice.

The teenage years are trying regardless of financial capability.  But imagine being asked or wanting to ask that special person you’ve had your eye on to “The Big Dance”, but not having the choice to go because you can’t afford to dress appropriately.  It’s that debacle that The Greater Hope Foundation is trying to stem this year by taking donations of your old “best duds”.

So, go through your closet and see if you can find a dress, tux or suit you’ll never wear again and send it to the Greater Hope Foundation.  They can be contacted through their Web Site at

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