The Wally Parks NHRA Museum Will Be Rockin’ This Weekend During the Winternationals!

The Winternationals at Pomona
The Winternationals are happening at Pomona this weekend

As drag racing in the United States gets kicked off this weekend in it’s spiritual home of Pomona, California, thousands will come to see 10,000 horsepower Top Fuel Dragsters duel to over 300 miles per hour over an 1/8th mile straight.  It is an ear-smashing, spine-rollicking phenomena, among the most spectacular in the world of motorsports and indeed of industrial capacity.

But a few of those spectators might forget to take the journey around the corner to the museum, which will be open for business and displaying the roots of that spectacle – where it all started and the journey that brought the sport where it is.  Inside the museum, there are Funny Cars (1000 bhp+ monsters that look a little bit more like the cars we drive every day than the rocketship-esque Top Fuel Dragsters), land speed record breakers, hot rods, and amazing pieces of technical and artistic marvel from throughout Pomona’s, California’s, and the World’s collective search for speed and power.

For serious gearheads, a trip to the museum could take an hour or more – but for the more casual spectator, you can rush through and get a flavor in 15 – 30 minutes.  The museum gift shop has truly unique apparel and models that are difficult to find anywhere else – and make for the best souvenirs of the weekend.

So while you’re in awe of the cars racing down the dragstrip this year and you decide your ears and body just need a break, take respite in the phenomenal Wally Parks Motorsports Museum – any stop every good gearhead needs to make.

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