John Delane Wins F1 Racing Championship in Tyrrell 40 Years After Sir Jackie Stewart, 50 Years After Phil Hill

In October 1971 Sir Jackie Stewart won the FIA World Driver’s Championship, Tyrrell won the World Constructor’s Championship

American John Delane celebrates his first overall Historic Formula One Championship
American John Delane celebrates his first overall Historic Formula One Championship

with Ford engines, and Francois Cevert won his only Grand Prix in Tyrrell 002.  It is October 2011 and American John Delane has put the Tyrrell-Ford name back in the headlines by winning the overall FIA Historic Formula One Championship in Tyrrell 002 by coming 3rd overall (1st in class) in Race 1 of the season finale Jarama, Spain.  It is also the 50th anniversary of Phil Hill’s Formula One World Championship, the first for an American driver.

13th FIA Championship for Delane

From Redondo Beach, California, Delane is among the most successful of historic racing’s FIA Driver Champions, competing Historic Formula One (HFO) in Ford-Cosworth powered Tyrrell Formula One racing cars and the Lurani Trophy for Formula Juniors in a Ford-powered Lotus 18.  In years past, he has competed HFO in Tyrrell 001 (which belongs to the late Ken Tyrrell’s family), and this year he campaigned his own 1971 Tyrrell chassis 002.

Delane has now accrued 7 FIA Class ‘A’ HFO Championships in Tyrrell 002 (2002 – ’07 and ’10) and now for the first time, the overall 2011 Historic Formula One Championship.  John Delane also locked up his third overall FIA Lurani Trophy (in addition to 2 Class ‘C’ Luranis) for Formula Juniors (the late 1950’s equivalent of today’s GP2 racing series) in Algarve, Portugal last weekend bringing his FIA Championship total to 13.  It is the first time an American has won the overall Historic Formula One Championship and the first time anyone has won two overall FIA historic Championships in the same year.

Much of Delane’s success can be attributed to the consistency of his cars’ performance provided by the excellent preparation of Hall & Hall of Lincolnshire, England.  They often bring Delane’s original Tyrrell transporter to the historic racing events – it still hauls the cars just as it did forty years ago.  Hall & Hall’s prep work allows Delane to run his cars hard.   Delane’s 1959 Lotus 18 Formula Junior is powered by an 1100cc Ford-Cosworth 105E motor.  In Historic Formula One, Delane’s Tyrrells are powered by the venerable 500bhp long-stroke 3.0 liter Ford-Cosworth DFV, just as in 1971.

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