Resolution: Affordable Bookkeeping & Payroll – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing.“⁠

– Abraham Lincoln⁠

Candy Messer is a powerhouse.

It was fun working with her. She runs a tight ship, and she does a great job for her customers. And it is that way because she decided it would be that way. And she makes it that way. And she set down the law that this is how it shall be at her business.

Mind you, she’s not a miser. She’s just determined.

Like Honest Abe tells us, it is our own resolution to succeed that matters most.

Perhaps it was Lincoln’s resolution that brought the end of the Civil War. Perhaps it was a little divine intervention.

It could be the same for Candy. A champion for women-owned business; a champion for small and local business.

We had a lot of fun working with Candy, first updating her website, then designing her a new one. Since then, her company has grown, and she’s taken her site in-house. But she and her business are just the kind of local small business we enjoy working with.

Candy Messer’s Affordable Bookkeeping & Payroll is an inspiration of resolution.

Sousa & Weber Bring Accounting Experience to Businesses in the South Bay

Sousa & Weber, LLP, bring years of experience, ethics, and expertise to the Beach Cities of Southern California. This great company with a fantastic core of people offers excellent services to small to medium-sized businesses in the South Bay.

Sousa & Weber, LLP
Sousa & Weber, LLP

Basically an old partnership with a new name and youthful exuberance, this hard charging firm can help just about any small business with just about any accounting need! From Taxes to out-sourced CFO’s, they can help you get your records straight.

Rich Weber came to us with a minor emergency – he needed to get his site up in about a week’s time.  We re-branded his Web Site with his new Company logo and colors, changed some of the copy, and got it up for him in about a week.  We should be starting a major redesign soon.

For now, check out Sousa & Weber, LLP at

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