Resolution: Cartrack – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Perhaps there is no more important component of character than steadfast resolution.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Resolution. Gone too far, it’s stubbornness. Gone too short, it’s weakness. Finding that happy medium: as TR so eloquently and verbosely (in his way) puts it, “steadfast resolution,” is a trick that every business owner must master.

We must remain resolved to complete the task at hand as promised. I mean, that’s what we do here at Interfanatic. Fail, and customers lose faith. Succeed, and they know they can trust you.

Resolution: This Week’s Interfanatic Virtue

Resolution is having the heart and the guts to get the job done correctly. It’s also knowing when to cut your losses as some jobs aren’t as big as the company. Resolution is a critical component to running a successful business.

Resolution is also a chief requirement of establishing a business in a new market. Or establishing a new product on a saturated market. It’s no easy task. It’s one Cartrack is taking on.

Cartrack: Resolved

Cartrack is a South African company that is dominating the market in Africa, and is well-established in Europe and Asia. But its intimidating competitors here in the United States have so far kept them from establishing a foothold.

Cartrack worked with Interfanatic on some marketing initiatives to better understand and identify opportunities with American customers. It was a fascinating project and one we’re very proud of.

Cartrack resolved to enter the US Market against mega competitors. And when the time is right, they will.

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