Rockwell Medical Supply, Inc.’s Web Site is Undergoing Massive Improvements

Rockwell Medical Supply, Inc., of Carson, CA, is making life better for Doctors’ offices all over the country. We’re revamping their Web Site in a serious way so that it can help them serve their customers in a much more functional manner.

Rockwell Medical Supply, Inc.
Rockwell Medical Supply, Inc.

This is an exciting project for WSmad – just the kind of thing we like to do. Another company left the project unfinished and we are able to come in and help a good company get back on the road to success and ROI using the Internet. That’s our specialty!

It’s especially cool because Rockwell is a family-owned, customer service-based business, so it’s a perfect fit for us. We’re excited to help them out – can’t wait for it to be finished! Design is already under way…

Waterman Supply Gets a New Look on the Web!

Waterman Supply Co, Inc unveils a new site aimed at helping its customersWaterman Supply Co, Inc, has just re-launched its Web Site, with the intent of assisting customers to understand the breadth of the products it sells.  Waterman is a an outstanding company that has been around since the end of WWII, and it does what few other companies can.  It boasts selling Marine hardware from 6,000 ton anchors down to chain links – and it’s one of only a couple of businesses in the world doing so.

WSmad had the pleasure of working with Max Mougan on the redesign.  We tried very hard to reflect the earthy nature of this fine company in the new design, while making it simple to use for customers of every computer skill level.  We’re proud of our work, and best of all, Max loves it!

We will continue our work with Waterman over the next year or so to reveal new sections of the site to further make it a catalogue of parts available.  Of course, there’s no way we could get EVERYTHING Waterman deals in on the Web Site – we’re talking MILLIONS of various parts!  But we’ll try to get about 90% of them…

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