Justice: Legal Management Solutions – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.

Francis Bacon

Wise words.

So what does justice have to do with business? We have to treat our customers fairly.

If we do not maintain our customers, our customers will not maintain us.

-Interfanatic Digital Marketing

Like Kurt Obermeyer’s Legal Management Solutions.

Fair, Helpful

Kurt figured out that some of the law firms he worked with were great at law, but not so good at running a business. Preparing for court? Great! Preparing a cashflow statement? Well…

So Kurt stepped in and helped law firms focus on law. He could have charged them whatever he wanted because they wouldn’t know any better, and heck, they needed his business operations expertise.

But he didn’t. He kept it fair.

And by operating a just business, charging fairly, and doing great work, Obermeyer was able to grow his business substantially.

Justice: The Root of Customer Appreciation

So often customers feel unfairly treated – especially when dealing with something complex and difficult to understand. Websites look simple, marketing seems black and white – you do this, you get customers.

But it’s not simple. It’s complex. And we at Interfanatic make sure our customers feel fairly treated by always shooting higher than our goals.

Maintain your customers…

Go above. Go beyond. Do great work. Like Interfanatic insists upon doing.

And your customers will keep coming back to you, too.

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