Eddy’s Artistic Iron Works in Wilmington Adds Value to Local Homes by Making Them Safer and More Beautiful

Cesar and Patricia of Eddy’s Artistic Wrought  Iron in Wilmington, CA, can make just about anything using iron.  They’ve been doing business here in California for over twenty years, and they make any home remodel or industrial project more both beautiful and safer at the same time.

Eddys Artistic Wrought Iron, Inc.
An example of Eddy's Artistic Wrought Iron's work - a gorgeous guardrail on a beautiful home

Take a look at their gallery of beautiful projects in the slideshow on their home page.  These are all real photographs of their own work – not stock photography, and the examples show amazing attention to detail and immense artistic and creative talent to match the architecture of the project.

Have a look at EddysArtistic.com so next time you’re in need of beautiful handrails or guardrails – or come across somebody that is – you’ll know where to go: straight to Cesar and Patricia of Eddy’s Artistic Wrought Iron.

Eddy’s Artistic Iron Works in Wilmington Adds Value to Local Homes by Making Them Safer and More Beautiful Read More »

Susan Lilly’s LillySilks.com is Hand-Making Gorgeous Exquisite Silks

And while we’re stunned by their beauty (and have bought quite a few already for recipients that are stunned), we’re more excited to help her offer this gorgeous couture for sale through her web site. These are simply beautiful.  Elegant.  Lovely.  Everything you could want about a silk scarf. They aren’t some cheesy brand name, they are each one of a kind, they are something nobody else has. And we think they’re a steal, and everyone here keeps trying to convince Susan to raise her prices!

So, if you’re interested in a great gift for that somebody who has everything, this one is hard to beat!  Go buy

Susan Lilly's LillySilks.com, a Redondo Beach business bringing hand made silk scarves to a select few

one before Susan, that nut, gets more sane and doubles their prices!

Seriously though, Susan isn’t a nut.  She’s beautiful as are her works, dignified, unique, art.  Her daughter did the site design but wasn’t able to dedicate the time really required to get this thing off the ground, so WSmad is proud to have taken up where she left off to help this neat Redondo Beach business hit the Holidays running.  Susan Lilly will only be making a maximum of 100/month of these, and when word hits the street, demand will surely outweigh demand, and we mean SOMEthing!

As most of you know, or should at least, we don’t do the cheesy sales pitch thing, normally. But when you see this stuff, you’ll understand why we’re excited.  It’s beautiful.  It’s unique.  And it’s pretty danged inexpensive, for the level of quality and uniqueness you’re getting.

Also, if you want to do something REALLY exclusive, you might be able to convince Susan to let you join Club Lilly.  Not many people will be allowed to do this, but as the business is young, you might be able to get her to let you in…

Go Susan!   Check them out and get one before they’re all gone!  www.LillySilks.com

Susan Lilly’s LillySilks.com is Hand-Making Gorgeous Exquisite Silks Read More »

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