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Justice: VDB Coins – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Justice is critical to successful society. Without true justice, fairness in life, in civility, and in business cannot exist. Justice is so important to our way of doing business it’s one of the primary symbols in our logo! We always treat our customers fairly, and we always regard our customers who treat their customers fairly. Customers like George Huber of VDB Coins.

George has been our client for a few years now. He came to us a bit ago after he was referred by another of our happy clients. His site was sorely out-of-date, and it needed a refresh. So we gave him one! Check out the short video below to see the facelift we gave his site.

And George Huber is many things good, but one of them is he’s quite interested in chess. Which leads brought us to this quote from almost 100 years ago. In chess, sun shines justice. George’s business has shined justice upon him, too.

VDB Coins: Because life is too short to buy ugly coins.

Well, it is! If you’re going to buy coins for your collection, you want the nicest you can get, and you want the most beautiful coins. Ugly coins do not appreciate nearly as much as beautiful ones. Probably because more people appreciate beautiful coins more than ugly ones.

George is an avid numismatist. When you go on his site, you’ll find that most of the stuff everyone really wants isn’t for sale – because it belongs to George! He only buys coins he would want in his collection. The result is his site has some really nice coins.

George is big into attractively toned coins – and with good reason. If you ever want to have a drool over lovely coins, I recommend popping by George’s site. And his coins really are that good. They don’t just photograph well, the are really nice in-hand.

VDBCoins.com Website Redesign Before & After

And, despite the misleading moniker, George carries more than VD Brenner Lincolns! He has all sorts of goodies on his site. Of course, he always seems to have a very nice 1909 VDB Lincoln Wheat, and of course he regularly has lovely 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cents, but he has more than that, too. He’s got something for everyone – coins for collectors with all kinds of budgets. So check out his site! It’s nice. Of course, since we made it for him, I’m rather partial…

Justice: An Interfanatic Quality

On the chessboard of the masters, lies and hypocrisy do not prevail for long. Finally they will be hit by the thunderbolt of a creative combination, a fact they cannot obscure, at least not for a long period – as the sun of justice shines brightly in the battles of chessmasters.

Emanuel Lasker

The same is true in business. You can be a poor businessperson, you can treat your customers poorly, or give them poor service or product… But not for long. In the age of Yelp, the sun of justice shines brightly in the battles of business.

Which is why George Huber is successful. He does things his way, the right way. Huber doesn’t mess around. He sells nice coins for a fair price and the result is a grand collection of his and grand coins in the collections of his customers.

We strive for the same. We try very hard to treat our customers fairly – perhaps more than fairly. So far, the sun of justice is with us. We’ll keep working hard to make sure that remains true.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Basic+ SEO Website Management

Last week, talked about Carroll Smith and Basic Production – how we build simple websites. This week, we unveil our new suite of management services.

We manage our customers websites. This means hosting, SSL certificates, regular software updates and more. We can put you on a solid server, or for more, a really fast server. And we also package content creation and landing page optimization, for those of you most interested in search results.

As you’ll see from the video below, George wants good search results for some highly competitive keywords and keyphrases. He does a good job of keeping his site updated, and combined with our solid hosting platform, he gets good results. His site has risen in the SERPs every year we’ve managed his site for him. And we could do more, but George likes to handle his content himself.

But what if you don’t? What if you don’t have time to make fresh content regularly? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ll do an SEO Situation Report to figure out where you stand on your most important keywords, and then we’ll begin optimizing for them. Could be a bespoke Landing Page, could be your home page, we’ll get in there once a month and dig around a little to improve things. And we’ll write fresh content targeting those important keywords monthly, too.

All that on top of hosting your site and keeping the software running and the hackers out. All our management services are a really good deal, but our “+ SEO” services are an even better deal – usually you pay only half of what you’re getting! So try it out and see how effective we can make your website.

“What if you don’t have time to make fresh content regularly? Well, that’s where Interfanatic+ SEO Website Management comes in.”

When you have to get your website good search results, use our Management services. We’ll take care of you.

Interfanatic: We’re Just, There.

We’ll take care of you. We have smoking management deals. Take advantage .

Justice: Masters Historic Racing – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes.

Daniel Defoe

Another week, another week closer to the justice of democracy?

As many readers know, I often make significant effort to use this space highlight the words of people we have not heard enough. The wise words of women and people of color. There are billions of quotes from motivational speakers and old dead white dudes. And those quotes have plenty of wisdom. But I’m always looking to bring a fresh perspective – perhaps one that’s not heard enough.

But this week, as I try to understand these people I respect, I went back to an old dead white dude. I know that many people I disagree with, people whom I respect, will more easily listen to a white guy. And that’s why I lend my voice here – I have absolutely privilege and it’s my task to use it for myself – and for people that do not.

Justice is always violent for the part offending. Every man is innocent in his own eyes. That’s why justice is so important! Every man innocent in their own eyes must be shown the light.

There are standards. Standards in running a country, standards in running a business. Justice is imperative, as is the administration of justice.

It takes a certain amount of audacity and never-quit to start and successfully run a business. This is my common ground with you. You have information sources you trust, and I have information sources I trust. There is overlap, but that overlap is not complete.

We often believe what we want to hear. That’s just human nature.

This week, as every week for five years, we’re faced with information sources that continue to diverge in their messaging.

But in the end, we must have a bedrock that we trust for justice to be served, or nothing is trustworthy.

(I hear the conspiracy theorists giggle in glee: “you thought anything was trustworthy?!?!?”)

Yes, I believe the Earth is roughly a sphere. Do we agree on that?

Finding that common ground for justice, living up to it and administering it is the foundation for any organization that enforces rules. I think of the Masters Racing Series, based in the UK, as a foundation for justice in historic motorsports.

Justice: An Interfanatic Quality

We have to have a common ground from which to work. That’s how any transaction works – business or simple fairness.

Otherwise, how do we measure justice against injustice?

We work hard to ensure our customers get what they pay for – oftentimes more. But in the end, when we do work, we have to be compensated justly. We want our customers to be happy, so we work for that. And our customers appreciate us to keep coming back.

Masters Historic Racing – Administrators of Justice

Some years ago, Masters Historic Racing requested help with their digital footprint. Knowing Ron Maydon as I do, I jumped at the chance! He’s a great businessman. A successful one that knows justice and value. And we have a common love for historic cars.

“Years on, and Masters Racing Series is a continued success. Because [Maydon] knew how to handle justice, and he brings that to his business.”

He was building the Masters Racing Series, a “casual,” gentleman’s sporting competition series. As with all competition, its administrators must clearly lay out justice.

As a successful entrepreneur, he understood that business justice – fairness – comes from treating your customers right, and their response in kind.

Years on, and his experiment is a continued success. Because he knew how to handle justice, and he brings that to his business at Masters Racing Series.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Year-Round SEO Monitoring

Many of our customers love our Interfanatic Power SEO Situation Report. It gives them a phenomenal snapshot of their search performance for important keywords.

If that sounded like gibberish, my apologies! When we prepare a Situation Report, we sit down with a business owner, find out what’s important to their business, and then use our professional expertise to determine how well their website is working. When we prepare an SEO Situation Report, we help a business owner find out how easy it is for customers to find their website.

Our year-round monitoring takes this to the next step. We check in monthly to see how results change based on the work we do. It’s a great way to measure ROI. That’s what we’re here for – to make sure you’re making more money as a result of the work we do for you.

Want to know if the money you’re spending with us is working? Want to be sure we’re doing our part to bring your dollars justice? We’ll help you find out, honestly and transparently.

Interfanatic: Ensuring Justice

We wouldn’t be here after over 20 years if our customers didn’t feel we were doing them right. Of course, there are always ways we can improve. We’re set on finding them and implementing them, so we constantly do a better job for you.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Justice, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Justice, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Justice is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I remember looking out upon a gray day, and as the sun broke through the clouds outside my window, a beautiful array of color spread before mine eyes, reminding me that there was still more beauty in the world.

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