Love: Endless Health Medical Clinic – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The full quote is even more beautiful:
“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There’s a lot of hatred right now. It’s spurred on by many people, but most importantly, it’s brought about by one very important person.

Hate is an easy, quick emotion. Weak leaders play with it to gain power because their incapable of garnering power properly, deservedly.

And when there’s anguish, as there is when 200,000 or 1,000,000 people die before their time, hatred comes even quicker. Everyone wants to assign blame so they can make sense of this ludicrous world.

But Dr. King reminds us to stay the course – to stick with love. It’s a more powerful and better emotion. Good comes of love. It’s also harder.

We celebrate love this week because it drives everything we do. Of course, we love our families, so we want to enjoy more joyful times with them. We love our work, so we want to do more of it. And we love our customers because they make all this possible.

Love: An Interfanatic Quality

In work, it’s easy to get frustrated and blameful – and even hateful. Of course, this is not the best way forward. We’re all just people, we all want roughly the same things, we’re all made of roughly the same stuff. So if we can learn what makes each other tick, we can find that beauty and learn to love it.

It’s more productive and happier that way.

We try to establish a real connection with our customers from early on so we can see if we’ll click. Can we find things in common that we enjoy, that we love? Will our relationship grow and flourish for decades? This is the ideal situation, after all.

That’s why when I think of love and spreading love, lately my mind is drawn to Dr. Raphael Argueta. He runs a couple of urgent care clinics in Torrance, California and in Camarillo. But also, he’s working on building something even greater. We can’t get into it, but trust me, it’s the most loving act a doctor could manage!

Dr. Argueta brings love to his work every day, just like we do. He wants to help people, just like we do. And he wants to have a long-term relationship with them and help them be healthier for longer, and save them money – just like we do.

So keep an eye out for news of Dr. Argueta. He’s a good doctor doing good things. We’re proud to be associated with him.

Endless Health Medical Clinic – Love bringing Happier Life

I can’t really talk about the Endless Health Medical Clinic, but we got to work on that project with the good Doctor.

He had a beautiful vision and he needed that expressed in a way that would be engaging and drive activity. He came to us, and after a great deal of work and getting to know him, we narrowed in on the right keywords, the right ideas, and the right format to produce outstanding content.

“We approached this task as if it were our own. A great deal of work went into 700 words of expression, and the result is beautiful.”

We approached this task as if it were our own. A great deal of work went into 700 words of expression, and the result is beautiful. It’s a beautiful child which was made with love – love from Dr. Argueta, who had the idea, and love from us, who want to get that idea out in front of as many good people as possible.

Make it Rain with Love with our Interfanatic The Works Web Site Production⁠

We love building great websites. We love working on websites. It’s just what we do. We’ve been at it for over two decades, so we’ve figured out a thing or two.

It’s a beautiful thing to get up every day loving work – wanting to do it. And that’s where we are. So that’s what we do.

It’s not easy to build a great website. Anybody can build a website, just like anybody can make a movie and anybody can build a car. But do you want anybody making your life story into a move, or anybody to build you a car?

If you love your business, take on the tasks which you excel, and trust the right professionals to handle the tasks which you do not. We excel at websites. And we’re available to help.

We’ll build you a great website.

Interfanatic and a Loving

When you love what you do, you do it better. When you don’t love what you do, you and your task suffer. We love websites, so let us help you excel with our professional acumen.

We’d love to help.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Love, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Love, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Usually, I take a moment when we celebrate love to make it about my wifey. But today, I make it about the only girl my wife could ever be jealous of – my girlfriend of 26 years: Tink. You can see over her bonnet in this picture, taken near the PV Golf Club returning from a “car guy” event. We were in our train of “The Three Green Guys”, three BRG cars that hit local events together when we’re able. Tinkerbell is a lovely old dear and I love her very much. I’m taking care of her for now, and it’s a great privilege. We’ve been through a lot together.

Love: Abbracci Studio – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.

John Lennon

You want your business to grow. Or, you want your business to stay the same while you do less. It all happens with love.

Love your customers. Love your business. Your customers love you. Your business grows. Let it grow. Feed it with love.

And that’s what Tisha O’Dowd did with Abbracci Studio.

Abbracci is Italian for “hug”. What a beautiful sentiment on which to grow business.

Tisha successfully sold Abbracci Studio so she could spend more time with her growing family. She did it with love. She did it with hugs. She loved her customers. She loved her business. (Okay, not all of the time – none of us ever love our business 100% of the time. But over the long haul…)

In return, her customers loved her. They came back. They referred her. Her business grew. She fed her business with love until it was time to let it go.

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