Quickness: CoinSniper – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

“We gain so much by quickness and lose so much by slowness.”

Seneca the Younger

Seneca saw personally how being quick on your feet can save your life – or end it.

Quickness is a virtue for business owners. Without it, the market will change around you, leaving you behind. Agility – the ability to adapt quickly – is one of the most important aspects of business in 2020. Those businesses not quickly adjusting to market forces are falling away.

Rusty Scropper: A Scrappy Business Numismatist

Scropper had the idea to create a numismatic penny auction. He insisted on treating his customers fairly, on being honest. And he listened. He listened to them well.

Rusty Scropper tweaked his business model ever-so-slightly in a quick, continuous manner early on, making sure his customers got bang for their buck. The result was that his customers overwhelmingly loved his business. It was his agility – his quickness – that helped his business grow over five years while many of his competitors failed within just a few months.

Digital Marketing is in Constant Flux

What worked in digital marketing 25 years ago is no longer even a thing. The problems we faced then no longer exist; in fact, in many ways they are the exact opposite. Doing business online undergoes a major tectonic shift every few years, and many scramble to go the new light.

And go to the new light we must. But through 20 years of business, Interfanatic has learned which lights to pay attention to, and which to let go.

But we remain agile, adjusting our product and service offerings to what works for our clients.

It was our pleasure to work with Scropper to quickly adapt and remain agile to customer demands. It was gratifying to watch his customer list grow, and to see their loyalty swell over CoinSniper’s many years of business. It was great fun to watch and help CoinSniper react quickly, and to ultimately succeed.

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