Cook’s Doors & Windows Teams up with Milgard to Save You Up To $2250

“If you are considering installing energy efficient windows and doors in your home, there has never been a better time,” so reads the article on the Cook’s Web Site.  And I certainly won’t argue – the folks at Cook’s are the best in the business at making sure projects are done right, with the right product, at the right price.

Cooks Doors and Windows work with Milgard to save you up to $2250 on your next project
Cooks Doors and Windows work with Milgard to save you up to $2250 on your next project

Talk to the folks at Cook’s (Bob and Jim, the Cook brothers running the place) are both great, but all of their staff is fantastic to work with and extremely knowledgeable.

Check out today to find out more, and give them a call.  They love to help!

Also, you can have a look at to see how we helped on their project from start to finish.

WSmad Welcomes Fowler & Moore AT HOME to Redondo Beach

Chris and Suzy have a fabulous shop (some would say shoppe) and now they’ve joined us (WSmad) and a few of our clients in Redondo Beach! We welcome them to our Home and can’t wait to get their stuff IN our home.

Fowler & Moore Have Moved
Fowler & Moore Have Moved to Redondo

Fowler & Moore AT HOME’s new home is in Hollywood Riviera, the wonderful shopping street in the heart of South Redondo Beach.  They couldn’t have picked a better place!  They’re right next to another WSmad Official Marketing Partner, Tisha O’Dowd’s Abbracci Studio spa and boutique (look for their beautiful new Web Site to come live soon!), and just up the block from our friend and OMP Nick Peters.

If you didn’t go in to F&M’s store during the many years it was on the border of PV and Torrance, now you have a chance to really see how their place has come to life.  We here at WSmad encourage you to stop in and talk to the friendly folks there – have fun!  And then stop by Abbracci and see what else you can’t live without.  THAT would be an excellent day spent.

To Fowler & Moore and their loving staff, WELCOME to Redondo Beach from WSmad and all of our friends.  May your new location bring you great success!

Check out for exact location and a taste of their capabilities.

Susan Lilly’s is Hand-Making Gorgeous Exquisite Silks

And while we’re stunned by their beauty (and have bought quite a few already for recipients that are stunned), we’re more excited to help her offer this gorgeous couture for sale through her web site. These are simply beautiful.  Elegant.  Lovely.  Everything you could want about a silk scarf. They aren’t some cheesy brand name, they are each one of a kind, they are something nobody else has. And we think they’re a steal, and everyone here keeps trying to convince Susan to raise her prices!

So, if you’re interested in a great gift for that somebody who has everything, this one is hard to beat!  Go buy

Susan Lilly's, a Redondo Beach business bringing hand made silk scarves to a select few

one before Susan, that nut, gets more sane and doubles their prices!

Seriously though, Susan isn’t a nut.  She’s beautiful as are her works, dignified, unique, art.  Her daughter did the site design but wasn’t able to dedicate the time really required to get this thing off the ground, so WSmad is proud to have taken up where she left off to help this neat Redondo Beach business hit the Holidays running.  Susan Lilly will only be making a maximum of 100/month of these, and when word hits the street, demand will surely outweigh demand, and we mean SOMEthing!

As most of you know, or should at least, we don’t do the cheesy sales pitch thing, normally. But when you see this stuff, you’ll understand why we’re excited.  It’s beautiful.  It’s unique.  And it’s pretty danged inexpensive, for the level of quality and uniqueness you’re getting.

Also, if you want to do something REALLY exclusive, you might be able to convince Susan to let you join Club Lilly.  Not many people will be allowed to do this, but as the business is young, you might be able to get her to let you in…

Go Susan!   Check them out and get one before they’re all gone!

Nick Peters, the Foreclosure, Torrance and South Redondo Expert Shares Invaluable REO Information

Peters Realty Center - the unbiased source for Real Estate ConsultationNick Peters gave a talk last week, unloading a ton of his 23 years of experience in Foreclosures and Distressed Sales to a captivated audience. The information he shared, centering on Foreclosures and Short Sales highlighted some pretty interesting turns the economy has taken, and how to weather them, whether you’re being foreclosed on or interested in a huge chunk of this market for purchase.

As Nick pointed out continually, it’s unfortunate and unhappy, but it is a significant portion of the market and to ignore it is ludicrous.  He also gave unbiased information (as he’s not associated with any of the major Realtor companies about what to do if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation.

The format of the presentation was such that nobody had to know why the other was there.  Nick made his expertise available to both sides, as he’s been through both sides.

At the end of the presentation, he touched on “The List” – the MOST comprehensive listing of Distressed Sale properties available, and the labor involved in keeping it current.  It’s a HUGE undertaking that nobody else is willing to tackle, but Nick found it invaluable for his clients, to whom he makes it available.

For more information, contact the Peters Realty Center at (310) 543-9999.  Also, there will be another seminar the evening of December 9th, and we’re insisting that a lot of our friends go – it’s great information, and Nick presents it well.   Sign up fast as seats go quickly!

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