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Efficient: PCGS – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Supernova,” a gold coin from the sunken shipwreck SS Central America treasure, authenticated and graded by PCGS, recently sold for $282,000.

Our quote this week is said by Robert Half, and he explains efficient work. Interfanatic uses custom systems and processes to do efficient work.

And that’s precisely what PCGS, part of Collectors Universe, does. Before I lose you, know that there is an incredible market and worldwide traveling circus for collectible coins – one that PCGS powers. PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service has, at time of writing, graded over 41,000,000 collectible coins.

Those 41 million collectible coins have a total market value of over $35,000,000,000.

PCGS has a couple of major competitors, so their portion is probably over half of the total certified coin market.

Since PCGS began in 1985, they’ve worked endlessly to be efficient. They certify something like 10,000 coins per week. Each coin is valuable and each coin must be tracked ruthlessly without compromising integrity and objectivity. There are hundreds of thousands of coin types from all over the world, and the coins must be proven authentic and graded to determine market value. It’s a difficult task, but they take it on.

It’s a similar, incredibly complex process to run a Search or Social Ad Campaign. Have you ever looked at a Google Analytics dashboard? Or a Search Console? Or a Local home screen?

This is where Interfanatic lives.

It used to be sufficient to create a website – you could be the only business in town with one. Now, there’s so much competition on the Internet, businesses have to compete for customers. And with margins slim, it’s all about efficiency.

We’ve run half-million dollar budgets to produce upwards of eight figures in revenue. And we’ve run $50/month campaigns to drive traffic and sales.

The only way we succeed with small budgets is by being ruthlessly efficient.

When it comes to spending on ads, that is. When it comes to working with our partners and customers, we give information freely.

We worked quite a bit with PCGS on a number of marketing initiatives and search ad campaigns. Most of our work centered around content marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and public relations. It was exciting work, pushing some fantastic initiatives through video, print, and digital marketing.

But just as we can play with the big dogs, we LOVE helping local small businesses and Not-For-Profits excel in the digital space. We do help smaller players work their way up with ruthless efficiency. We make ourselves affordable enough to help the causes we believe in – including local community small businesses.

Information isn’t what matters – everybody knows information. We know more than most because of our experience, so we share it. What you do with it? – that’s what matters.

Execution matters.
Efficient Interfanatic execution.

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Presence: Better World International – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

You’ve got to be there. To finish first, you must first finish. You miss 100% off the shots you don’t take. Et cetera… You’ve heard the platitudes. They say the same thing:

You’ve got to be there.

Perhaps that’s why social media has become such an important part of digital marketing: our customers are there. So we have to be. Presence of mind.

Presence. You’ve got to be there.

Better World International understands.

Earlier this year, Interfanatic began working with BWI and their product: The Good Cards. We’ve set up and managed a couple of Google Ads campaigns, consulted on print graphic design, and produced and begun optimizing landing pages for them.

We’re excited about working with Better World International because their product, The Good Cards, is so simple, it’s fantastic. You sign up for a few bucks and you get a physical card in the mail. You download their app and you get missions attached to a QR code on the card. You perform simple, good deeds of kindness for yourself and others, making the world a little bit better one person at a time. Then you pass on the card, and you can track your card around the world, watching your good deed blossom and spread.

It’s beautiful.

Part of its beauty is its simplicity. It’s an easy thing to do. It costs almost nothing – just enough to cover production and mailing. But a kind deed goes a long way, and many kind deeds bring people together, healing the division and hatred we see in the world.

And it works. Corporations are jumping on board, schools are adopting The Good Class as a social emotional learning tool for kids, and normal people are affected by The Good Cards every day.

We’re really proud and excited to be a part of spreading good around the world. If we can turn one bullying incident from progressing to a school shooting into a good deed that spreads kindness like wildfire through the halls of a classroom, it’s worth trying. If we can turn one person’s jealousy and anger into a passing kindness, like a hug of support, and turn a dour nine-to-fiver with no reason to go on into a productive, happy person, we’re in.

And it’s working, so it’s worth doing.

Join us. Check out The Good Cards. If you’re in school, check out The Good Class. If you’re a corporation looking at corporate mental wellness initiatives, pick up some Good Cards for your employees.

It works. Because Better World International is there.

Presence. When you’re ready to do a little bit of good, The Good Cards are ready to enable you.

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