Temperance: Tetra Graphics – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Temperance is a tree which has for its root very little contentment and for its fruit calm and peace.“⁠


Buddha tells us that temperance results from feeling unsettled, and that result of employing temperance is that we feel settled.

So temperance is important.

Temperance like eating a Handel’s chocolate fudge sundae rather than a knocking down a banana split by yourself, or a Vermonster. Yes, Handel’s chocolate fudge sundaes definitely represents temperance well.

Another, perhaps better, example of temperance is Mike Wratchko and his Tetra Graphics.

Mike came to us looking for help with SEO. It was fun and challenging working with him, to try to promote his business on the Web.

Wratchko works in a tough industry. There are a lot of printers in Torrance. There are a lot of printers – many of them huge.

You have to temper yourself when you go to real SEO. It takes months of dedicated work to get results. But it can definitely be done.

Of course, it depends on your industry. If your industry is very niche, like you create “precision rubber seals for medical photo equipment,” you can target keywords a bit more easily than if you want your site showing for “photo equipment.”

But whether you have longtail keywords to target or common ones, the right, dedicated SEO strategy will yield results, so long as you temper your patience and follow through with the hard work.

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