Efficiency: Shirlee Yantz, Clinical Hypnotherapist – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

This week, we celebrate both our customer Shirlee Yantz and the Interfanatic Quality she continually demonstrates: efficiency.

Shirlee Yantz is a clinical hypnotherapist here in Southern California. She specializes in working with the LGBTQ community, but she loves working with everyone. And the efficient part of her therapy plan is that she wants to help you “come as you are, leave as you want to be” as quickly as possible. So many therapists try to sign you up for an unending schedule. Shirlee wants to help you tackle a problem in one session if possible, but usually just three or four.

It’s a refreshing take on clinical therapy.

This Drucker quote is perfect. The nature of Shirlee’s hypnotherapy is to quickly discover the right things to work on, and then get you a game plan to work on them. With her help, you can solve many problems quickly – efficiently.

Whispering Zen Clinical Hypnotherapy: Shirlee Yantz Helping You Efficiently

Yantz is one of these people that manages to balance a huge load of work constantly. She has her radio show (she’s been on LA Talk Radio for years, but now is moving to a social media audience), her therapy, and she’s a childrens’ book author. She always has something going on.

So she’s efficient with her time. And she’s efficient with your time.

As she’s a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she specializes in working with people who are struggling to find themselves within that spectrum. She helps people with coming out, and defining their gender, and defining their place in this world. She has clients in West Hollywood, the Valley, and all over Los Angeles. Heck, Shirlee Yantz has hypnotherapy clients all over the world!

That’s one of the beautiful things about successfully implemented hypnotherapy – it can be executed online. So don’t settle for somebody close by, work with the best. Work with Shirlee. She tells me that she was nervous at the onset of COVID because she felt there was a personal connection you might only be able to make in person. But after successfully treating patients online with the same or better results, meeting in-person (for Shirlee, at least) is not necessary. Shirlee even gave up her office as it was no longer needed. Of course, she still takes in-person appointments, but she finds she prefers working online, doing hypnosis through video like Zoom, Facetime, or Portal.

Another favorite things of Shirlee’s is working with pain management. If you have a chronic pain, she can use her hypnotherapy to reduce or remove it. And she can train you to do the same. It sounds like magic! And she says sometimes she feels like a magician. But she’s worked with so many people – including herself and her wife – and of course a myriad of numerous customers, using hypnotherapy to successfully control pain, she knows it’s fact and that it works. It’s not magic, it’s the result of extensive training combined with talent, to produce properly executed clinical hypnotherapy.

So if you have pain, talk to Shirlee Yantz. She can help you manage your pain.

Come as you are,
leave as you want to be.”

Shirlee Yantz, Clinical Hypnotherapist

This extends to needles, by the way. If you want a tattoo but are fearful of needles, she can help with that. If you really need to get the COVID vaccine but you’re terrified of needles, Shirlee will help you through that process such that you might not even feel it. And if you work with Shirlee, she may help you tame your fear of needles altogether.

Of course, Shirlee can hypnotize you to kick that bad habit. That’s perhaps what hypnosis is known best for. Shirlee often helps people so much that after they’re finished with their habit-altering hypnosis, they tell her they could have done it without her. After they tried and failed to kick their habit for 20+ years. Sure. But that’s how good hypnosis works. That’s how excellent hypnotherapy, used by a highly trained and talented clinical hypnotherapist produces reliable, lasting results.

Efficiency: An Interfanatic Quality

Efficiency, which is doing things right, is irrelevant until you work on the right things.

Peter Drucker

Efficiency is something we work on regularly. If you know us, you know I’m a systems and processes guy. I’m all about finding an efficient process and regulating that with a consistent system. This is how we’re able to accomplish so much work for so much less than many of our less-experienced competitors. They say they charge less, but in the end their lack of comprehensive systems and processes allow problems, unexpected to them, to take over. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. That’s why that problem doesn’t creep up in our project.

That’s not saying problems don’t happen – they do. But they happen a lot less often because over 20 years, we’ve tackled more problems than the average web marketing company.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Basic Begin Management

One of the things we did with Shirlee’s project is we fixed up her website. Shirlee has a Wix site she created that she was proud of. It had a very personal message on the home page.

We started by doing what we always do: we sat down and got to know her and her business very well. Then we helped her hone her messaging, to explain what she does and what differentiates her business, Whispering Zen Hypnotherapy, from other hypnotherapists and therapies. The we helped her craft messaging that was more clear, confident, and concise. Like many sole practitioners, her talents lie in her practice of hypnotherapy, not in selling. So we helped her with that. With a clean, simplified, directed message, we then set about advertising her business to the local community, and adjusted her home page to be more easily digested.

We created a before and after video showing the change on her home page. As you can see, the lines are a bit cleaner, and her core message is easier to digest.

I thought we’d talk about this project this week also because we’re celebrating efficiency. Here, we demonstrate how much we accomplished with so little. It took some time, but the budget required was very low. Not because it needed to be, but because it could be.

Our Begin Management product is an introductory offer for all new customers who allow use to manage their site. It’s only $150 for two hours of labor in updating a site. In the case of Shirlee, it resulted in a full home-page makeover. Normally, we charge $150/hour, so it’s basically half off for the first two hours of work – normally sufficient to make some major changes and site updates. Thereafter, we have site management packages priced from $50 and up, that all include hosting, SSL, and more including a half hour of use-it-or-lose it maintenance per month. Typically, that’s enough to keep a site updated (and the hackers away) and many any minor changes needed.

We’re also running a very efficient search ads campaign for Shirlee.

Some last notes: Shirlee Yantz is moving her radio show from LA Talk Radio to her facebook and other social accounts starting the middle of September. So if you enjoy hearing her encouragement and guided thoughtful meditations and discussion of interesting topics, check out Shirlee’s Hypno Fairy Godmother facebook page from mid-September going forward. Also, watch our for her Hypno Fairy Godmother children’s books!

Interfanatic: Helping Our Customers With Efficiency for Over 20 Years

We’re here for you. We’ve been here for you. We’ll be there, and we have the answer. That’s what makes working with us the most efficient option. And we pride ourselves in working with budgets of all sizes and people and businesses of all types and sizes. It takes all kinds to run the world. And that’s what being a good, productive American is to me: figuring out how to work with everyone, whether I’m similar to them or not, whether I share their same views or not. It’s challenging, but it’s the way forward: figuring out how to make the world work for as many Americans as possible.

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