Kurt Obermeyer’s Team at LMS Brings Law Firms Profit Through Effective Administration

Many law firms are great at practicing law, but just as proprietors of every business type go into business for themselves, they’re not necessarily good at the “business” side of things.

Kurt Obermeyer and LegalManagementSolutions.com hit the Web
Kurt Obermeyer and LegalManagementSolutions hit the Web

Anyone that has read Michael Gerber’s books knows the fatal mistake well-intentioned practitioners make when they go into business for themselves: they go from doing one thing they are really good at to doing twelve things, one of which they are really good at.  Most often this formula spells disaster, which is why so many small businesses fail.

But Kurt Obermeyer and his team at Legal Management Solutions ARE good at the business side of law.  Because legal actions are so touchy, people using law firms are accustomed to paying high prices to cover the administrative errors that the law firm covers through other charges.  When a successful law firm hires Obermeyer and Legal Management Solutions to reduce administrative overhead – sometimes shockingly high – that means a direct realization of profit and a higher moral and ethical standard of business.

WSmad is proud to take Kurts bold and relevant business idea to the Web through www.LegalManagementSolutions.com.  Since the inception of the project, Kurt’s company has tripled in size.

Congratulations, Kurt Obermeyer!  Check out LegalManagementSolutions.com.

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