Rising Star Katrin Kampmann Opens Tonight at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY

Phenomenal color, ingenious composition and a whole fresh take on Art bring Katrin Kampmann, Berlin-based rising star into the spotlight tonight at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in Beverly Hills.Katrin Kampmann's Goodbye Tomorrow at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY

It’s not often that a new artist really makes an impact on the art world, but Katrin Kampmann, seen by many as an important pioneer of the neue junge wilde movement from Germany has done just that.  She’s standing the art world on its head with honest, frank, and expressive reflections of the world around her – and her first Gallery Exhibition, entitled “Goodbye Tomorrow” in the United States opens tonight at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Wilshire.

Goodbye Tomorrow is a masterwork of intrigue provoked by deep layers and facets of reality, and Kampmann’s work, while visually stunning in any form, is of course best-appreciated in person.  Serious art collectors from around the globe have already begun appreciating Kampmann’s work, and her Art isn’t taken lightly by anyone.

Goodbye Tomorrow will be on exhibit at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY through April 30th.

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