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Did your current web geek take off and leave you in a lurch? Don’t worry, after over 20 years of doing this, we’ve heard that before. We’ve handle many businesses in your same predicament every year. We got your back. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll be there, and since 1999, we have the answer.

Two hours of standard (not emergency / off-hours, not specialized programming required) labor for the price of one. Does not include migration. Let’s get you back in full control of your business and website!

We welcome you to the Interfanatic family with our Begin Management service. Our Begin Management is designed to ease the burden as we take over hosting and management of your site. This service does not include website migrations (which can be extremely tricky and are often dependent upon your existing management company), but it does include two hours of updates.

Two hours of updates: That could include the basic updates that just need to be done, or it could include a round of things that you’ve been wanting to get around to. Maybe you sent them to your last provider and nothing ever came of it? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

What you get here is a 2-fer. A BOGO. We do two hours of work for the price of one. It’s our little way of easing the transition and us doing our part to reduce stress in your situation. Don’t worry – it’s what we’re here for! We got you.

After this, our prices are defined by the Interfanatic Website Management package you chose and our normal hourly rate. Normally, we charge $150/hr most usual updates and changes, prorated to the quarter hour, with a half hour minimum. Or, if it’s an emergency (middle of the night) or requires specialized, high-level programming to fix, we charge $300/hr.

I want you to know all that going in so there are no surprises. That’s how I see my business for you: one that doesn’t create surprises. One that you know what you’re getting and you feel fairly treated. One that you know you can rely on as your business grows for the next one to twenty years.

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