Endurance: Ron Guth / German Coins – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Ron Guth for our Customer Spotlight on Endurance, an Interfanatic Quality

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

Frederick Douglass

Endurance: how much will we endure? How much must we endure when we are divided? It’s much easier to endure collectively, when everyone feels the same way.

Douglass, serving in congress just a couple of generations removed from the revolutionary war, had a different take on enduring tyrants. He was born when many revolutionaries were still influential. Jefferson and Adams died when he was 9 years old.

Jefferson had abolished the international slave trade, but slave trade within the United States was still somehow a thing in the 1830s as Douglass came up in these United States. So he knew all about tyrants and oppression and enduring bad situations.

Now, I’m going to shift to a better kind of endurance. I’m talking about the kind that Ron Guth embodies. As a successful professional numismatist at the top of his game for many years, he has endured as an author, a researcher, and a leader in the field.

Endruance in business is not easy, but he has managed it.

Endurance: An Interfanatic Quality

There are not many businesses in our realm that have lasted 20 years. Some of the difficulty enduring has to do with people, some of it has to do with competition, but most of it has to do with the same stuff that makes all business difficult.

We push through, to find a way when things are difficult.

Many projects are not as simple as they seem. They start out simple, but scope creep and technical complexities often interfere. Then, when you add in inconsistent labor, you can have a real problem on your hands.

It’s so much easier to trust us – we’ll take care of the difficult parts. Even if it takes time, we’ll make it work.

Another guy who makes it work: Ron Guth. He’s been in his business for decades. Guth has seen the highs, he been through the lows. He’s written plenty of books about it, too.

But through it all, he obviously endures. And what’s really special about Guth is that he endures in such a way that everyone likes him. That’s definitely not always the case in numismatics.

GermanCoins – Enduring at the Top of Google SERPS

GermanCoins.com – it’s a bit risky of me to bring it up. It’s tough for some people. German history goes back at least a thousand years, but a decade or two in the mid-20th century still dominates many peoples’ minds. Yes, there are nazi coins on GermanCoins.com. That’s because they’re part of the numismatic history of the country – a numismatic history that is mostly beautiful, complicated, and way longer than two decades. Of course, this single chapter makes many people uncomfortable. As it should.

So, if it makes you uncomfortable, look at everything else. Don’t focus on it. There are incredible, exquisite, beautiful coins from Germany that have nothing to do with it. And yes, there is a market for Nazi coins, so ignoring that history, while perhaps more comfortable, is in a way irresponsible. We can’t forget that history, though we don’t exactly want to celebrate it. We just have to remember, and try to prevent it from happening again.

Hint: it’s not working.

But perhaps the greatest task ahead of us back when we took over GermanCoins.com is that because of its endurance, its longevity, it had dominated the top of the search results. Before we took over, it was starting to fall down. We stepped in to help.

Try it: do a google search for “german coins.”

In an ever more competitive field, we’re doing our job.

“The results speak for themselves: In an ever more competitive field, we’re doing our job.”

As always, we approached this task as if it were our own. And we built a great website that works for Guth.

Digital Endurance Interfanatic Web Site Design & Branding

We told you last week that we love building websites. We do. But part of the fun is building a design that will stand the test of time. Being a part of great design, something elegant that outlasts trends – that’s the good stuff right there.

Enduring design and branding are tough. But it’s the kind of task we roll up our sleeves and dive into.

If you want great design or branding, we’re here for that.

Interfanatic and a Enduring

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you see a thing or two. You know what works and what doesn’t. You know how to see projects through to completion.

It is our pleasure to help you endure as we have.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Endurance, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Endurance, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Talk about design that endures! Have a go at this beauty. That right there is the heinee of a Buick Special. And it is lovely. I took this image at the El Segundo Driving Museum.

Black Lives Matter.

Here we go again! Some racist idiot cop in Texas killed a man who was walking away from him after stopping an altercation.

This is why Douglass’ quote is so prescient during these times.

Most members of the police force did not get into their jobs to oppress our society. Most officers of the police became officers to help others. But when you have a bad apple like this come up EVERY WEEK, it’s really hard to see the good trees through seems to be a forest.

So yeah, violent protests will result. Because peaceful ones don’t work. And the tyrants are reaching the limits of the oppressed.

When is promotion of one the oppression of the other?

Changing directions a bit: our current president, who lost the popular vote by two million votes, famously calls himself the “best” for religious freedom. His first act in office was to ban people from traveling to this country based on their religion alone.

So what does he mean by “religious freedom”? Clearly, he doesn’t mean actual freedom for people with religions. And yet he and his fans consistently tout him as a champion of religious freedom. He tried to stop 3 BILLION PEOPLE from traveling to this country based on their religion. This is the opposite of religious freedom. That’s fully 25 – 30% of the world population that he tried to oppress, and he tries to call it “liberty”. And it’s bizarre to me, but there are many people who actually agree with him.

(Most do not. Many people who trusted him before are no longer blinded by the single reason they chose to give him a chance long ago, whatever that was. Most now realize it was a huge mistake.)

But seriously, what planet is he on?

He’s on the one where the religion of his party, Protestantism, gets more freedom at the expense of everyone else’s religion.

So I ask again, when is promotion of the one the oppression of the other? Always?

It doesn’t have to be. It comes back to perceptions and attitudes. More liberal mindsets believe that promotion of all does not have to be the oppression of some. More conservative mindsets hold that promotion of all is oppression of all. But where, really, is the line?

Can we promote one thing and not oppress another?

Well, for one thing, we don’t have to ban 3 billion people from traveling. And if you don’t agree with abortion, that’s okay – you can do that. But you have to be understanding that other people have a different perspective, and their rights are as valid as yours.

Just like you have a right to live as a free person and be black. Other people have a different perspective, but promotion of one does not have to be oppression of another. An even playing field is not oppression.

This is America.

We must out-endure the tyrants to keep an even playing field for the promotion of all good people, no matter their religion – or the color of their skin.

Love: Endless Health Medical Clinic – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Endless Health Medical Clinic for our Customer Spotlight on Love, an Interfanatic Quality

“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The full quote is even more beautiful:
“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There’s a lot of hatred right now. It’s spurred on by many people, but most importantly, it’s brought about by one very important person.

Hate is an easy, quick emotion. Weak leaders play with it to gain power because their incapable of garnering power properly, deservedly.

And when there’s anguish, as there is when 200,000 or 1,000,000 people die before their time, hatred comes even quicker. Everyone wants to assign blame so they can make sense of this ludicrous world.

But Dr. King reminds us to stay the course – to stick with love. It’s a more powerful and better emotion. Good comes of love. It’s also harder.

We celebrate love this week because it drives everything we do. Of course, we love our families, so we want to enjoy more joyful times with them. We love our work, so we want to do more of it. And we love our customers because they make all this possible.

Love: An Interfanatic Quality

In work, it’s easy to get frustrated and blameful – and even hateful. Of course, this is not the best way forward. We’re all just people, we all want roughly the same things, we’re all made of roughly the same stuff. So if we can learn what makes each other tick, we can find that beauty and learn to love it.

It’s more productive and happier that way.

We try to establish a real connection with our customers from early on so we can see if we’ll click. Can we find things in common that we enjoy, that we love? Will our relationship grow and flourish for decades? This is the ideal situation, after all.

That’s why when I think of love and spreading love, lately my mind is drawn to Dr. Raphael Argueta. He runs a couple of urgent care clinics in Torrance, California and in Camarillo. But also, he’s working on building something even greater. We can’t get into it, but trust me, it’s the most loving act a doctor could manage!

Dr. Argueta brings love to his work every day, just like we do. He wants to help people, just like we do. And he wants to have a long-term relationship with them and help them be healthier for longer, and save them money – just like we do.

So keep an eye out for news of Dr. Argueta. He’s a good doctor doing good things. We’re proud to be associated with him.

Endless Health Medical Clinic – Love bringing Happier Life

I can’t really talk about the Endless Health Medical Clinic, but we got to work on that project with the good Doctor.

He had a beautiful vision and he needed that expressed in a way that would be engaging and drive activity. He came to us, and after a great deal of work and getting to know him, we narrowed in on the right keywords, the right ideas, and the right format to produce outstanding content.

“We approached this task as if it were our own. A great deal of work went into 700 words of expression, and the result is beautiful.”

We approached this task as if it were our own. A great deal of work went into 700 words of expression, and the result is beautiful. It’s a beautiful child which was made with love – love from Dr. Argueta, who had the idea, and love from us, who want to get that idea out in front of as many good people as possible.

Make it Rain with Love with our Interfanatic The Works Web Site Production⁠

We love building great websites. We love working on websites. It’s just what we do. We’ve been at it for over two decades, so we’ve figured out a thing or two.

It’s a beautiful thing to get up every day loving work – wanting to do it. And that’s where we are. So that’s what we do.

It’s not easy to build a great website. Anybody can build a website, just like anybody can make a movie and anybody can build a car. But do you want anybody making your life story into a move, or anybody to build you a car?

If you love your business, take on the tasks which you excel, and trust the right professionals to handle the tasks which you do not. We excel at websites. And we’re available to help.

We’ll build you a great website.

Interfanatic and a Loving

When you love what you do, you do it better. When you don’t love what you do, you and your task suffer. We love websites, so let us help you excel with our professional acumen.

We’d love to help.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Love, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Love, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Usually, I take a moment when we celebrate love to make it about my wifey. But today, I make it about the only girl my wife could ever be jealous of – my girlfriend of 26 years: Tink. You can see over her bonnet in this picture, taken near the PV Golf Club returning from a “car guy” event. We were in our train of “The Three Green Guys”, three BRG cars that hit local events together when we’re able. Tinkerbell is a lovely old dear and I love her very much. I’m taking care of her for now, and it’s a great privilege. We’ve been through a lot together.

Black Lives Matter.

Another week, more horrible news. Our brainless leader really told a supremacist group to “stand by” on tv, like he was a general ordering his hoodlems.

There was, of course, more. Blaming everyone else but himself for the world burning around him. Trying to take credit for things he didn’t do. Lying through his teeth about everything. He was like the perfect racing driver, making up excuses in case he loses.

In case he loses. It’s astonishing to me that there is a possibility he might win. How myopic must you be at this point?

He basically said, “if I win, the election was fair, but if I don’t, it was RIGGED, it’s a HOAX and EVERYONE IS AGAINST POOR POOR ME.”

This is America.

And what a sad situation we’ve gotten ourselves into. The only way through it is through love. We’re tempted by hatred because that’s all we hear from the current leadership. “I love this people (as I backstab them.) I love this country (as I kill more Americans than in the last four wars combined.)”

The real problem is he’s doing exactly as he’s asked.

We have to collectively ask for – demand – better.

Sincerity: Rolling Hills Dental Group – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Rolling Hills Dental Group for our Customer Spotlight on Sincerity, an Interfanatic Quality

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.”

Christian Dior

The revolutions Dior speaks of are obviously revolutions of fashion. But what we’re witnessing today is a deeper, social revolution.

Black Lives Matter is natural and sincere. However, it is a sought revolution.

Sincerity comes from the deepest place in our hearts. Its expression is the most genuine form of us. (After all, if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be sincere.)

That’s why it’s so important – it’s fundamental.

And we celebrate it because that’s how we handle our business. Our actions come from the deepest parts of us. We want to do things right.

Sincerity: An Interfanatic Quality

When things are going right, sincerity keeps them going right. When things are going wrong, sincerity helps understanding. A lot of life is in-between, and sincerity helps there, too.

Whenever you begin a new project, it needs to come from your heart. It needs to come from love, passion, and your keen mind. You have to be ready to work for it and put other things aside. A new project requires absolute sincerity.

Many new businesses begin with sincerity, and many fail despite sincerity. Sincerity alone is not enough. But without it, failure is your destiny. You must have a sincere desire to make it happen.

Which reminds me of Rolling Hills Dental Group, a cosmetic dentistry facility on the Palos Verdes peninsula.

When people look at you smile, you don’t want them to be distracted. By that bit of parsley or that snaggletooth or that uncomfortable gap. So, you go to Rolling Hills Dental Group so they can make your smile undistracting from your lovely face.

They make your smile gorgeous by taking you into their hearts and working from sincerity.

Rolling Hills Dental Group – Sincerity brought to Life

Rolling Hills Dental Group came to us some years ago with needs to update their site. That’s how many of our relationships begin – some simple updates to a website. And we love doing that. If that’s all that’s needed, that’s what we do. If more is needed, we can help our customers understand that cost / benefit and we do what makes sense.

But they came to us with a simple requirement: update the information on the website. And they came to us with sincerity – the same sincerity they give their patients.

“…they came to us with sincerity – the same sincerity they give their patients.”

The staff at Rolling Hills Dental Group takes their task seriously. Of course they have their fun and are enjoyable to be around. But because sincerity is at the core of their purpose, they get their jobs done.

So, we updated their website. And we gave back the sincerity they brought to us through our work.

Sincerely Attacking Business – Keep It Simple with Interfanatic The Works Year Round Monthly Maintenance

Have us update your site for you. Or, as websites now require regular maintenance to keep the hackers away, have us update your website at least once per month with our Management services.

Websites are like gardens. They flourish when you tend to them regularly. Come up with some new content or an edit monthly, and after some time you’ll grow organic traffic significantly.

Google doesn’t like static sites as much as it likes ones that are regularly updated.

So, we can update your site, make sure the software is current, and do whatever posting you need every month. It’s a win-win.

Interfanatic and a Sincere Drive

When you take your business and marketing sincerely, everything goes better. We bring our sincerity to your business so you can handle whatever else needs your attention.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Sincerity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Sincerity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

At the end of the day, sincerity is what gives you the courage to handle the next.

Black Lives Matter.

“Do these people have sincerity in their hearts?”

I have to ask. Today, we found out that the murdered Breonna Taylor will receive no justice. Apparently, it’s okay in this America to be in your own home, minding your own business, and to get murdered.

Not that this is really a shock. The Grand Orange Git killed 200,000 people before their time with gross negligence and his blind supporters gladly throng around him like he’s the next coming.

It’s a frustrating day for anybody with half a brain. The police claim innocence. And surely, mistakes happen. They were being shot by a person who was defending his home. The whole thing is a horrible mistake. But involuntary manslaughter is still a crime for which all people must be convicted.

If you want law and order, you must lead by example.

Hold yourself and your actions above others and lead, do not shirk because you feel like it. YOU are not the victim. Breonna Taylor is.

This is the sincerity you must let penetrate your ears. This is the sincerity you must hear. Hear the dying breaths of a good woman who dedicated her life to helping others, not herself.

This is America.

This is a painful America. It’s so tempting to revolt, to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them. We must bring love to our revolution – with sincerity, naturally.

But when shit like this happens, it’s tough.

Simplicity: Garboushian Gallery – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY for our Customer Spotlight on Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality

The epitome of sophistication is utter simplicity.

Maya Angelou

Lady Maya comes through with THE TRUTH. As always.

Keep it simple, stupid. The most beautiful things in life appear simple. A sunset, a gorgeous lbd, an incredible F1 car, phenomenal art, a great website.

They all appear simple. They just work.

And prose. The best poetry isn’t complicated. It is the result of malicious editing. Hours for a single sentence or paragraph. The result, the concision, the pointed nature – it all looks so simple. What we read, in fact, is most often the result of a great and complex task with many, many hours of work and planning that went into creating that illusion of simplicity.

Sure, sometime things come together and just work. But usually, even then it is but a culmination of a flogged talent.

We strive for simplicity. We try to make sure it always looks like it, even when it’s not.

Like our home page. No fancy videos or scrolling effects. Black and white. A clear concise message. That’s what we’re about. No distractions.

Simplicity allows you to focus on the important.

Simplicity: An Interfanatic Quality

Many people don’t understand that simplicity is the result of hard work. They see only surface deep and believe that because it looks simple, it must be. But we know better. Were it simple, everyone would do it.

We’re working on a project now that is the culmination of a great many gears trying to gnash together. When we’re finished, the goal is that it will appear simple. But getting it there was not simple.

Like the F1 car. Hundreds of thousands of hours go into making it easy for Lewis Hamilton to appear to cruise to victory on Sunday. Or Pollack. Anybody can splatter paint on a wall. But it will not be so pleasing to the eye, or easing of the mind as a Jackson Pollack. Or Chanel. There are thousands of dress makers out there trying to make a beautiful dress that fits many women, making them feel beautiful. But the simplicity of Coco Chanel’s cuts – the result of hundreds of thousands of trials – is unmistakable.

When I think of simplicity bringing out sophistication, I immediately think of my friend Herair and his Beverly Hills art gallery, GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY.

He keeps it all very simple, very clean. Like our website, his is black and white. His website is a reflection of his gallery. He keeps it simple. The result: the art shines.

Garboushian Gallery – Simplicity and Sophistication in the Modern Art Scene

Everything about Garboushian Gallery is understated. As a result, your eye focuses on what is important – the art.

Garboushian gets up-and-coming artists from all over the world. He brings in art from people whose art goes on to be heavily collected and valuable. Because it’s good.

Sometimes its colorful, sometimes it’s social commentary, sometimes it’s a beautiful sculpture. But in his mind, it is all under rated.

So he makes his website and gallery a canvas on which the art can shine. He keeps it simple.

“…we completed regular updates to the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY website for many years. His website flourished because it was regularly updated.”

Garboushian came to us about a decade ago, and we completed regular updates to the gallery website for many years. His website flourished because it was regularly updated.

We updated their website. It was simple.

Simplicity – Keep It Simple with Interfanatic The Works Year Round Monthly Maintenance

Have us update your site for you. Or, as websites now require regular maintenance to keep the hackers away, have us update your website at least once per month with our Management services.

Websites are like gardens. They flourish when you tend to them regularly. Come up with some new content or an edit monthly, and after some time you’ll grow organic traffic significantly. We’ll help you come up with a content calendar, and coach you and even edit the content for SEO, if you need it.

Google doesn’t like static sites as much as it likes ones that are regularly updated.

So, we can update your site, make sure the software is current, and do whatever posting you need every month. It’s a win win.

Interfanatic and Keeping it Simple

Keep your website updated. It’ll work better. It really is that simple. That’s what we do.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

A tree is simply resolute. The tree’s function is simple. And the tree is important to our lives. Without trees, our earth crumbles. We’re watching as the ocean temperature rises, our trees and plants all burn. They’ll keep coming back, but for how long? The answer is simple. We have to begin yesterday. The temperature won’t suddenly get cooler.

Black Lives Matter.

What we’re finding is that this isn’t simple. Police jobs are difficult. There is inherent racism built in to the system. It’s really easy for a white person who doesn’t experience the negative impacts of racism every day – who doesn’t see the negative impacts of racism every day – to discount so many of these problems with “If he didn’t put himself in that situation in the first place…”

Many are put in that situation in the first place by poor policing practices.

But, there is also an inherent softness on criminals that doesn’t help anything either. I was talking to a friend who owns a store with expensive items. After the third time his store got robbed this year, he’s nearly given up. “The police don’t care, it’s easier for me to collect insurance and rebuild than for them to deter crime.” How are criminals out and about having not been reformed? Having not been caught.

We walk a precarious line. I’m happily married now, but I try to imagine young men trying to date in the #MeToo era. When a woman wants the attention from you, your advances are required. But when she doesn’t and she fails to make that abundantly clear, those same advances that were once welcome are suddenly harassment. It’s made worse by some young women sometimes inviting actions and then turning around and finding them to be harassment.

The young women aren’t wrong. So often, the young men are just doing what women have conditioned them to do, so they’re not wrong. And yet, what was acceptable one minute is suddenly a terrible, life altering mistake.

(To be clear, I’m not referring to the recent sexual harassment allegations posed against the orange goon. He’s a piece of shit, not only hitting on, but sexually assaulting a man’s girlfriend. After screwing other women behind his pregnant wives’ backs.)

It all comes down to perception. But without better communication, from men to women, women to men, police to criminals, and good people to police we cannot fix perception such that these problems aren’t problems.

It’s all very complicated. It’s all very not simple.

One thing is true though – in a time when we need more understanding of each other, driving a wedge between people with inflammatory “non-politically correct” words is the wrong answer.

When you have the right answer, be straightforward about it. But embrace the uncomfortable conversations and be ready to make them useful for you and your foe – make them an ally.

We have to make our foes truly allies. It’s that simple.

This is America.

Making foes allies is democracy. It is the American way. Talking, learning, improving. Not hatred and violence.

Tenacity: Intuitive Touch Massage & Wellness – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Eric Smith's Intuitive Touch Massage and Wellness for our Customer Spotlight on Tenacity, an Interfanatic Quality

…it is your talent and tenacity that will carve out, shape and seal your possibilities and destiny.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Talent and tenacity will seal your destiny. In an ideal world, that is definitely true. I’m so pleased Ogunlaru has this optimism now.

Last week, the words of an extremist, this week; inspiring words from an ideal viewpoint. For many Americans, this idea is true.

Talent helps you work smart. Tenacity helps you work hard. One without the other is insufficient in our overpopulated world.

There was a time when talent was sufficient to get by. There was a time when tenacity was enough to get by. But today, in 2020, you need talent, tenacity, and quite a bit of luck to thrive.

Tenacity alone is not enough to seal your destiny. But it does play a huge part.

Tenacity: An Interfanatic Quality

There are many times we want to give up. And you can if you want. Doing so allows your destiny to change. If you want to control your own destiny, you must keep after your goals – to control your own destiny.

There have been projects where I wanted to throw in the towel. Things just weren’t working out. They client wasn’t paying. The designer simply didn’t deliver. But as I’ve found so many times, with tenacity all things can be overcome.

And the result is a growing book of work we can be very proud of.

We often love coming up with a novel way of tackling a problem. For most things, we stick to what works. But when you try new things, they don’t always work the first time. And in that way, progress is powered by tenacity.

As Eric Smith knows well….

Eric Smith & Intuitive Touch Massage and Wellness – Tenacity in Action

When Eric Smith relocated to Southern California a few years ago, he knew tenacity would work in his favor. When he created Intuitive Touch Massage and Wellness, based in Torrance, California, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to survive in a packed locale. But he also knew he could do it.

There are many massage professionals in Southern California. Eric brings his own brand of tenacity and a large vision – and plenty of goodness – to making his business a success.

“Armed with [an Interfanatic SEO Sit Rep and] … his tenacity, he’s improving his website’s performance and bringing in more customers.”

We had the pleasure of working with Eric last year when we helped him to understand his website better through one of our Situation Reports. We did a SEO Situation Report to show him decisively what was working, what wasn’t, and where his competitors stacked up. Armed with this new information and some of his tenacity, he’s improving his website’s performance and bringing in more customers.

We showed him where his website ranked in SERPs (search engine result pages) for local and generic terms important to his business. We then explained what was needed to improve those results.

Good white hat SEO definitely requires tenacity. And we know how to do that.

Tenacity – Know Where you Stand with an Interfanatic Basic SEO Sit Rep

After the success of our Basic SEO Sit Rep, we expanded our Situation Report Service into other areas. We now do SitReps for SEO, Website Performance, and Marketing Message. We also do four tiers of SitRep for each: Free, Basic, Power and The Works.

Free is a quick help for somebody who needs a hand and can’t afford to pay for service. We do a quick check and as we’re experts at all this. With a look at your site, we give you the what may be the easiest or biggest area where your site needs improvement.

Compared to Free, Basic is much more comprehensive. We spend a couple of hours working with the client to understand their needs and give them a snapshot of their current situation, including multiple areas for improvement to reach their goals.

Power is the same work, but again, much more comprehensive – more time invested. We invest about twice the time we do on a Basic Report. The Works is again, much more comprehensive than Power even, and may include all three areas of performance – SEO, technical, and messaging.

If we can help you, we want to. We feel successful when we help you become successful.

We helped Eric, and it was awesome.

How can we help you?

Interfanatic and Sticking With It

Success in the deep ocean of the Internet requires fanatical tenacity. Luckily, we’re here for that.

We don’t quit. We just keep after it, no matter what happens.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Tenacity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Tenacity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

After some very serious topics, I thought I would talk about something even more serious this week. You see, for some people, the above requires great determination. But because of my personal tenacity (combined with diligence in working out… sorta) my training has brought me to a place where the above is easily conquered. Not many have the ability to take that on like I do. Others get stomach aches when I’m just getting started. My wife prepared for me this beautiful sundae. And if you’re jealous, all is right in the world: you most definitely should be.

Black Lives Matter.

Another week, another scandal. This week, we’re concerned also for our friends and neighbors around California and the Pacific Northwest. I heard a report this morning that they may have containment of the creek fire in one month and one week. Surely, a time for tenacity.

And yet our brothers and sisters of colors don’t have a date for containment.

One hundred and fifty years after the conclusion of the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, racism still drives our society.

Racism is not and never will be a uniquely American problem. But we have a way of handling racism here that makes it a big problem and a big part of everything we do.

Conservatives tend to focus on self-belief as the way forward. Liberals tend to focus on belief in all of us as the way forward. But the right way is obviously an appreciation of self and an appreciation of the group. We have to find and bring out the best in both, and keep working on the worst in both.

That work takes talent and tenacity.

This is America.

We must do better.

Our climate is changing, and even if it isn’t, can’t we do better for our planet? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about our sky spontaneously combusting? And terrorizing and murdering people?

(Yes, I’m aware our fire near Fresno was started by a genius who used pyrotechnics near dry brush. But the fires up North were caused by lightning storms.)

There’s a lot we need to do. There’s a lot we can do. Let’s get to work.

Temperance: Prader-Willi California Foundation – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Prader-Willi California Foundation for our Customer Spotlight on Temperance, an Interfanatic Quality

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, temperance in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Malcolm X

Normally, I try to keep business separate from social points here. But there are times to not be silent. And this venting helps me cope and understand.

And, luckily, I have Malcolm X on my side – he says that’s alright. I know a lot of people who will disagree, but we’re seeing the result of not having conversations play out in a very radical way right now. So let’s discuss. Let’s have those uncomfortable conversations. Let’s try to understand each other!

If we don’t, the result is a bipolar radicalization. All people on the right are not KKK right-wing extremists. All people on the left aren’t bleeding heart Marxists.

THE MAJORITY OF US are slightly on one side of the middle, or the other. But when we don’t discuss, we don’t realize that. As humans, it is our nature to try to make everything black and white. We’re programmed to make it us versus them.

But the world is so much richer when we don’t. And when black and white play together – as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney remind me – it can be wondrous and beautiful. So let’s get all these crazy KKK people talking with all these crazy Antifas – TALKING. Put down the guns and discuss.

The orange dufus doesn’t want that. And it’s backfiring. (At least, it seems like it is.)

There is a time for the middle way. Most of us meander around it, but stay close. And that’s what the Dalai Lama woulda done, and that’s what John Wayne woulda done. Sounds good to me.

Temperance is a good thing. Mark Twain reminded us before that temperate temperance is best. That means going a little crazy is okay once in a while. But not all the while.

And Malcolm X tells us when it is okay to not be temperate: When it’s go time.

Temperance: An Interfanatic Quality

For me, business is all about constant growth. Not necessarily explosive, but to keep growing, you have to keep moving. And that’s how we handle our business: constantly feeding everything a little bit.

I often compare business and website maintenance to a garden: if you pour a giant bucket on everything once in a very great while, it ain’t gonna work. If instead you install that drip system and make sure it keeps working regularly – every day or every week – you’ll see beautiful blossoming results.

And so that’s how we do things. I got an email from a customer in the middle of the night last night, he’d been informed his website had been hacked. (It was incorrect, but that’s okay.) Because we constantly care and feed that site, I knew the problem wouldn’t be big, and even if it was, I had a quick solution. So I fixed the site quickly. (And then I did some research and found out the alert was incorrect). But both me and the customer instantly had peace of mind because there was no problem, and if there was, we fixed it.

Because we at Interfanatic constantly fixing problems to make sure they don’t get big.

Prader-Willi California Foundation – A Constant Need for an Even Temperment

In thinking about temperance this week, I immediately thought of Prader-Willi. We had the privilege of working with PWCF a few years ago, and I learned so much! We made a beautiful website for them that they could constantly care for and feed. Unfortunately, they took it over in-house, and it’s nowhere near as interesting or lovely as it was when we were in control.

But Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare and difficult one (in many ways, its rarity increases its difficulty). But what I learned is that it is often nearly a non-issue if it is treated properly. The treatment: temperance.

“We loved making the PWCF website. While we helped them with it, it was beautiful and successful, because we did a little bit, often.”

There’s a very specific diet that must be followed. There’s a very specific schedule that must be followed. And when those things happen, people with PWS don’t seem to have any kind of syndrome. They lead completely “normal” lives and do not appear to outsiders to not have any kind of syndrome. Early diagnosis and constant temperance and diligence reduces symptoms dramatically.

And it makes me wonder if PWS is extreme focus on something we could all do better.

The symptoms of PWS are something like autism crossed with down. But if you treat the patient properly, with temperance – constant feeding of the right things at the right times – not too much and not too little – the patient doesn’t experience the emotional issues that make PWS difficult for them and their support network.

So when we got to work with PWCF – the Prader-Willi California Foundation – it was a great experience for everyone. We loved making the PWCF website and while we were helping them with it, it was beautiful and successful, because we did a little bit often.

Temperance – A Regular Flow of Customer:
Interfanatic Basic Email Marketing

When you’ve had happy customers, perhaps the best thing you can do is email marketing. What email marketing does is keep you at the top of your happy customer’s minds.

But don’t try to do it yourself! You will almost certainly have problems with the email address you use for sends – particularly if you’re sending emails to a lot of people. (If it’s just a few, it’s okay – get started! But when you have dozens or hundreds or thousands, it’s time to call us.)

We’ll set up a schedule for you, import your customer’s email addresses, and start watering that garden. Even if an email leads to just one or two sales, it’s already paid for itself. And if those customers share that email – because you give them something of value – then it leads to new customers.

It keeps your customers thinking about you. And if you’ve given those customers a good experience, that’s a good thing. And if you’ve given them a bad experience, they’re more likely to talk to you about it first (by replying to your email) than they are to blab on social media, or hopefully to their friends.

I’ve had a number of customers who were insistent that they didn’t want to start conversations because they didn’t want to hear the negativity. That’s the wrong attitude. When you hear the negativity, you create the opportunity to correct it. When you don’t, your customers don’t feel heard, and they spread that negativity.

So email marketing solves many problems.

We can create the emails for you, or we can take your message and only broadcast it safely. Up to you. As always, you get final approval.

But going it alone, without somebody on your side with vast experience… that’s a bad idea. Especially when it’s so cost effective!

Interfanatic and Temperance

There are a great many ways to control the flow of customers. Don’t have any? We can help. Don’t have enough? We can help. Have too many? Actually, that’s not us – we specialize in getting you too many.

(But seriously, we can moderate the flow and help you keep things under control until you’re able to grow to meet the demand.)

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Temperance, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Temperance, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Here it is: that garden. Don’t flood it. Don’t starve it. Use the middle way to keep it flourishing.

Just a little snap with my phone from the garden.

Black Lives Matter.

This week has been emotion-filled. Seeing the Ravens and Pete Carroll come out and explain the statement black lives matter has been wonderful. “It’s like breast cancer – when we say ‘beat breast cancer’, we’re not diminishing the importance of leukemia.” Nailed it.

And we’re getting more information about the nuance of the recent cases. Was Jacob going for a weapon? Does it matter? Does that action warrant seven point blank shots in the pine? It’s a good conversation to have.

It’s not my place to say it, as a white man. I get that. But, it needs to be said. There is evidence that yes, perhaps what happened could be warranted. We don’t want to hear that or see that – we want a cut and dried case. But seldom are things cut and dried. Anybody who has watched police bodycam video knows situations go from 0-100 in a split second. Again, it’s not my place to say this, but the message does need to be heard.

Not as much as the case of Mathias Ometu. This is how people have been criminalized in the past for doing nothing wrong FOR GENERATIONS. For hundreds of years. Thank goodness, in this case, the wrong has been righted.

Ometu was out jogging. Police questioned him, as they say he matched the description of a known sexual assaulter in the area. Ometu resisted. AS ANY BLACK MAN RIGHT NOW WOULD. But, he also hit the police arresting him. He obviously feared for his life, but, in the past, that wouldn’t matter. In the past, this guy out for a jog is suddenly a criminal going to jail. Police weren’t able to de-escalate the situation and get the answer they needed from him. But while they were wrestling him into the car, the people that made the call TOLD THE POLICE HE WASN’T THE GUY. But still, in 2019 – any time before this – this dude is going to jail because he resisted arrest and struck a police officer. And thus, a non-criminal is suddenly a violent criminal, simply because he rightfully feared for his life.

In August 2020, the charges are dropped. And there is much rejoicing. The police may not have handled the situation the right way up front – and to be fair, that’s a really difficult one to handle right given the laws and the need for the police to do their job. But they made it right in the end. They kept a guy who was not a criminal until they made him one out of jail. That right there is a beautiful thing. Was Ometu right? No. Were the police right in this very specific case? No. And they all figured it out together and came to a good solution.

But goodness me. In 2019, in 2018, in 2020 still – this is not how this always goes. A lot of innocent people become criminals solely for their interaction with the police.

The police are not always wrong. The accused are not always wrong. But we have to find a better way. We have to start talking with intemperate temperance.

This is America.

We can do better. The case of Ometu proves it. How can we prevent more Ometu-like issues in the future? How can we get more resolutions like the Ometu case going forward? Let’s TALK about it. You’re no in the KKK just because you recognize how difficult policing is, I’m not a Marxist just because I think Trump handles many things badly. You’re closer to the middle than I might see, and I’m closer to the middle than you might see.

We are Americans. We can talk about this. That’s what democracy is.

Dictators (and wannabe dictators) flourish on us-versus-them. But we flourish on us all together.

And the fact is, there are bad people out there. Inciting the bad people gets us nowhere but bad.

Order: Dental Power Program – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Dental Power Program for our Customer Spotlight on Order, an Interfanatic Quality

“Order marches with weighty and measured strides. Disorder is always in a hurry.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Keep everything tidy and on track – it’s one of the most difficult tasks in project management with many moving (human) parts. But, it’s what we strive for. Things don’t always go perfectly, but if you can stay ahead of the curve, they often go better.

Napoleon (not as short as we once thought) quotes about thermodynamics – entropy. Keeping things orderly takes time, but if you allow them to devolve to chaos, it happens very, very fast.

We’ve all been a part of or seen a situation spiral out of control. One minute, everything is hunky-dory, the next minute, blammo! Craziness.

Dental Power Program aimed to keep dental offices on track. It aimed to limit the chaos. That’s why they’re a great customer to celebrate during this week while we celebrate order.

We try to retain order, too. Sometimes our clients get a little off the map, but we try to cajole them back to the straight and narrow.

Napoleon tells us to keep things in check, and if we don’t, it’ll all get away fast. in that way, Napoleon was on to something.

Order: An Interfanatic Quality

We have systems and processes we have evolved for decades. Our experience means it’s easier for us to plan for the unexpected than it is for others. We have rigorous notes, back-ups, and files to make sure if anything gets out of place, we can fix it back up quickly.

It’s these kinds of systems that help us keep our workload even. We might have a project that is behind for whatever reason (client, unexpected issues, who knows) but because we keep things in order, our other projects proceed on track.

We do this for the sanity of our clients, but also for ourselves. It’s the only way to fly.

Dental Power Program – A Continuous Stream of Customers

One of the main focuses every business have is a regular stream of customers. A business fails because of too many customers in too short a period almost as often as it does because it doesn’t have enough customers.

“We work with folks from all over the world, but it’s fun working with locals, too. Especially when they’re orderly.”

Dental Power Program was a system designed to help dental offices keep a regular stream of customers and appointments. Not too many, not too little. It kept dental businesses in that magic Goldilocks zone.

(We do this, too, through our Digital Marketing – and we’re very good at it!)

When Dental Power Program, based in Palos Verdes, CA, came to us needing help with their website, we of course were happy to oblige a cool local business. We work with folks from all over the world, but it’s fun working with locals, too.

They were very orderly. It was a good experience.

Keeping the Chaos in Check:
Interfanatic Power Social Advertising

Social Media feels like the wild west for many people. And for a lot of companies, it’s tough to nail down effectiveness and ROI.

A great way to do that is by bringing order to the choas with some social advertising.

With a very small ad spend, you can see the impact of your results greatly multiplied.

One of the tricky things about Social Media is the catch-22 of getting established. Until you’re established, you’re not popular. Until you’re popular, you can’t get established.

You can shortcut getting established with some advertising. Push your most popular posts out and get more (brutal, honest) feedback and data than you can by allowing social media results to vacillate minus a concerted effort. The amount of time you take to make a great social media campaign is significant – back it up with a small investment so you’re sure to get results.

We often condone coordinating a social media campaign across multiple platforms, so that you can see where your customers are and where your product, service, and message best resonate. When Facebook doesn’t work, try Instagram. Where Insta fails, go with Linkedin – but you can’t know if you try just one platform. By skimping, you may be missing out on great customers – and great data.

At the end of the day, you need order to interpret all that data – and somebody who knows what they’re looking at.

We’re here to help.

Interfanatic and Order

When you come to us, we’ll guide you through our process to ensure we have a great time and great success working together.

Isn’t that what you want? It’s what I want.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

The ultimate order from chaos – sheet music. It’s difficult for me to fathom keeping music consistent across instruments, across time, without a recorded version. But sheet music accomplishes that – it’s a mathematical writing skill. And it’s amazing. Pictured above is a snap of my sheet music from Rachmoninov’s Piano Concerto #3 in D# Minor. This piece is the one that made me really fall in love with classical music. I’ve always loved Copland, but otherwise, classical for me was just pretty sounds. The depth of the passion of Rachmoninov brought the genre alive for me. And this piece in particular. Its intricacy, its beauty, its passion all run deep. The complexity is beautiful. And yet, 100 years later, any aspiring, talented, and hard-working musician can tackle it all because of the order of sheet music.

Black Lives Matter.

When we think of order in social situations, we think militaristic marching and what-not. But the beauty of our culture is, like Rachmoninov’s work, beautiful for it’s complexity. Favoring one culture over another and calling it “freedom” is oppression for the non-favored group.

I think of that orange idiot claiming that he has done more for religious freedom than any other, or some such thing. Of course, complete bullshit. His first act in office was to discriminate against 1/3rd of the world because of their religion. He uses religion as a prop to try to appease the religious majority while squashing anybody else. That’s not freedom.

And in doing so, he tries to minimize the beauty of the complexity. Any idiot can stare calmly at a blank wall. But there’s so much wonder to be had gazing through a microscope at a fractal pattern emerging through growth, through life.

This is America.

This week, I want to celebrate the life of a passed HR Rep: Atatiana Jefferson. She was playing video games with her nephew and a white cop shot her.

It really is that drastic. It really is that awful. And if you choose to ignore it, you are a willing racist and complicit in the problem. She had a concealed carry permit, and yet the NRKKK was too busy raising money for its white supremacist leadership to protect one of its own. To even speak out against it.

We have to do better than this. 2nd Amendment? Fine – so long as it doesn’t get good people killed. And it does. Time to adjust the laws around it.

Atatiana Jefferson, I write your name in hope that people will read it. In hopes that people will read the truth, and not invent stupid conspiracy theories to explain the uncomfortable truth away.

Shot in front of her 8 year old nephew. In her own home.

Keep the orange man there if you want more of this. Otherwise, ANYTHING is substantially better. It’s amazing that there are people that believe otherwise.

I almost feel like a radical speaking this way. But I know I’m not. I’m VERY middle of the road. Our current political environment, combined with our substantial lack of leadership has taken this country to the far right, and labeled anything near the middle as radical left.

I’m not a radical. The idea that a woman should not be shot dead for playing video games in her home is not radical. The idea that a man opening his car door should not be shot (SEVEN TIMES) is not radical. The idea that a man shooting and killing two people with a rifle should be shot dead is not radical. It’s not even common sense. I don’t know how to explain how basic this decency I crave is.

Both men thought they were doing the right thing. One is nearly dead – without trial, without due process. The other is alive and fine – and will see a trial, and due process. This is not the America I believe in. Make America Great Again? It has all gotten substantially worse, not great again. This all happens with frightening regularity.

How can we do better?

Humility: Par 5 Events, Ara Messerlian – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Ara Messerlian and Par 5 Events, for our Customer Spotlight on Humility, an Interfanatic Quality

Humility is the greatest quality a man can have, and arrogance is undoubtedly the worst.

– Maulana W. Khan

Stay humble. It’s not always easy when you’re served with success after success. But it’s so important. One day’s miracle quickly becomes an expected norm. Just as easily, it can all turn around.

Gotta keep at it.

Khan is right: arrogance is the worst. Arrogant people require our empathy, if not our feeding. Arrogance is often a defense for massive insecurity, and while it’s tempting to focus on bringing ’em down a peg, we’re all better served trying to understand people, and by celebrating real humility.

Which brings me to Ara Messerlian. Messerlian created Par 5 Events some years ago, and immediately had success. He didn’t get or keep success with braggadocio; he brought customers in with confident humility. His results spoke for him, but his attitude kept new customers interested.

We try to remain quietly confident. Every time it feels like we’ve seen and done everything, a new customer comes in with a new challenge. After 20 years, we’ve seen plenty, but we’re still learning plenty, too.

Khan reminds us to stay humble, to stay thirsty, and never let our pride overwhelm us. It can all turn around so quickly – when you least expect it.

Humility: An Interfanatic Quality

When a new client comes our way, it’s a blessing. We treat every client as such. We’re proud of the way we’re able to work with clients of all budget-sizes. If you have $100,000, we can make your website and marketing rock and roll. But if you have $100, we can do something to help you, too.

Whatever it is, we can help. We’ve, at points, been down to $100, and we’ve had excess thousands. We’ve learned from that, and we’re happy to help anybody we possibly can.

We have a lot of experience, so we’re able to figure out how to most effectively help them invest their budget for the greatest return. And most importantly, we’ll stick it out with them until things start to work. We’ll stick it out if they’ll stick it out.

We remember the tough times. We’re here to help. We feel successful when we help our clients be successful.

Par 5 Events – Humility Always, Results That Were Always Becoming

Humility is a becoming quality. But what really matters are results. Ara Messerlian knew that, and he applied both with deftness to his business, Par 5 Events.

Ara leveraged his business into a better position, but while his business was running, we had the pleasure of working with him to fix up his site.

It’s always great to work with somebody humble.

It’s never great to work with somebody arrogant. So, if you’re humble, let’s work together! Let’s make some great things. It’ll be our great pleasure to work with you.

“It’s always great to work with somebody humble.”

Messerlian and Par 5 Events did well through their humility. They did well for their customers. It is our goal to do the same.

A Novel Way to Reach New Customers:
Interfanatic Power Social Advertising

One service that requires great humility: digital advertising. What you think you know, you don’t.

It’s always best to start with a clean slate and no expectations.

Proper digital advertising is really complicated. (Keep in mind, for professionals like us, the ads interfaces are quite different than those aimed at taking money from novice consumers.) But, it can also be an extremely useful way to generate leads when your brand is well known. For businesses just starting out, it can be a great way to get your name out there. The leads are slower to come than they are when people already recognize your name. People are much more likely to use your services when they already know you. And when you’re new, the only way to get known is to get your name out there so people learn your name.

Social advertising is a great way to get your name or brand in front of people. After they’ve seen your business a few times, it’ll start to be familiar. Especially if you do an excellent job of portraying your brand personality over social, you can really make an impact.

Then, we take it a step further and use your most successful posts to get in front of targeted customers.

We work with all sorts of Social Media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. Each have demographics that suit different businesses. But proper social posting is always a good idea for SEO.

Interfanatic and Humility

If you come to us for help, we’ll love to help you. We love to learn about your business and make an impression. And we know the only way we can learn about you is by approaching your business case with humility and experience.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

This is such a beautiful place. Sometimes, when we think we’ve made something good, it’s best to step back and appreciate all that surrounds us.

Black Lives Matter.

Nobody is perfect. But when we approach life with humility and a willingness to learn and do good for others, we can make this place better.

Doing the opposite, obviously, does not work.

This is America.

Let’s make it better with an experienced dose of humility.

Honesty: Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge, for our Customer Spotlight on Honesty, an Interfanatic Quality

An honest man is believed without an oath, for his reputation swears for him.

– Eliza Cook

Reputation means so much. But if everyone was honest, what would all the lawyers do?

Just kidding. Stuff happens. But she makes a good point. You don’t need a lawyer when everyone just gives it to you straight and you do the same.

And immediately, I think of Tim LuMaye and his team at Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge, in Kalama Washington. These people give it to you straight. And that’s exactly why they’re doing so well.

When our customers come to us, we give it to them straight. We don’t tell them what they want to hear. It’s not our job to show them how to pay us more. We tell them how to be successful, and we help them with that task.

Cook reminds us to always be honest in our dealings. Consistent honesty builds a solid reputation.

Honesty: An Interfanatic Quality

Whenever we begin a new relationship with an individual or company, we start by giving them three alternatives. Perhaps it’s because I’m part Irish, but there’s something about three choices to me.

If they know their budget, we give them three proposals: one as far below their budget as we can realistically go while still achieving the most important objectives, one pretty close to bang on budget, getting the most for their money, and one way over budget, showing them all the things we can do.

From there, they tell us where they’re comfortable. We don’t ever expect them to choose proposal three, but sometimes they do. But by giving them choices, we allow them to work within their comfort zones and we give them honest alternatives. Our three-pronged proposal is a lot of work – hours of labor go into each one. And often, we get feedback from our new clients and revise to a further three. (We recently did three batches of three proposals for an existing client for a total of 9 proposals, each one less than the first, as his ideas evolved.) So this is a labor-intensive process.

But it works for them.

And then we have an honest starting point from which to work. This way, in our experience, everything goes so much better.

Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge – Honesty is their Policy

I’ve known Tim LuMaye for over a decade now. He and his team are the best because they give it to their competitors straight. They outwork their competitors and they tell the truth. So many salespeople say what they need to get the sale. Tim and co are not like that. They tell the truth.

And it’s critical that they do because their product quality has massive implications. They forge alloy steels, titaniums, aluminums and other alloys. They work with Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, and Medical sector producers. So if their alloy was wrong, or it didn’t get done in time, the results would be disastrous.

So they don’t fool around.

Over a decade ago, Tim LuMaye got wind of our work. We built a website for him. I’m pleased to say we did a good job. A few months ago, Tim did us the greatest honor of all. He contacted us again, and after reviewing our proposals, he said, “Go with the last one. I know anything you do will be great.”

Gosh, that’s a good feeling. And it’s well-founded – not to brag, but this is one of those real success stories I don’t often get to share. A decade ago, we built a really solid website for him – really solid. It has a great foundation for SEO.

Our chief task with the new site was to not lose any of that great organic traffic Tim and his team had worked so hard to build.

“The first week of Tim’s new website, traffic was UP by nearly 15%.”

Anybody who knows anything about SEO knows that when you launch a new website, there’s almost nothing you can do to not lose at least a little traffic. We typically tell our customers to expect a 20-30% drop in organic for a week or two, then things rebound and often meet or slightly exceed legacy.

Not this time. We really rolled up our sleeves for Tim’s project. And it took longer than expected, to be sure. Frustratingly so. But it was worth it. The first week of Tim’s new website, traffic was UP by nearly 15%. That’s astonishing.

His competitors hate it, I’m sure. Too bad.

As a result, his site now sees the same amount of traffic as it did before COVID-19. All the while, his competitors have seen a substantial drop-off.

This is our goal in every project we do. It takes great work to do a fantastic job like that. Not everyone is up for such a task. And those that are often charge an arm and a leg. We try to be as fair as we can be, to provide excellent ROI.

The Bedrock of Each Great Site:
Interfanatic The Works Business Site Production

It all starts with our Business Site Production service. Unlike our Basic Site, the absolute budget version of a website, our Business Sites have a solid SEO foundation built-in to them. This ensures the best chance for solid organic traffic out of the box, and even better SEO results when paired with Search Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, or other digital marketing initiatives.

Doing things right is hard work. It takes experience. There are many little tricks to doing things the right way. We know them. We do them.

So many of our clients come to us initially, “I really want just a basic website.” Well, that’s fine – we can do that. And what we produce for you will be great. But when you empower us to do our job by investing, the results come.

How seriously do you take your business?

In 2020, a solid business website requires a proper foundation. Let somebody who knows what they’re doing help you. We work with budgets of all sizes. We like to take a small investment and increase that as the results pay off.

Interfanatic and Honesty

The cornerstone of our service is honesty. We give you our best, and we give it to you straight.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Honesty, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of attending an airshow with my nephew. I’ve been to lots of airshows, but this one was special in that it featured a P-38, one of my favorite aircraft, flying in formation with an F-15 (pictured above). The F-15 is special to our family as my uncle flew one for many years. I remember climbing into his when I was four, scared to death I’d hit the wrong button and take off. Seeing and hearing this bird in full afterburner (after the formation flying – not during!) was a special treat for us. Seems fitting as we talk about Tim LuMaye and Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge with his connection to the aerospace industry.

Black Lives Matter.

That same nephew, I’ll never forget, I took to see Red Tails. And after the movie, we were talking about it. I didn’t particularly love the comic book style, nor the computer aided effect that made the flying seem rather unauthentic. And I’m ashamed to say, I remember recounting to my nephew that the movie likely comprised many events that happened to many different people – not just a small group of characters, as the movie had portrayed.

I read up about it later and found that indeed, the movie’s story was extremely authentic. Obviously, not all of the flying (which, the effects were so bad, it was almost silly). But the rest was. The characters portrayed really did do all that was shown. It was a big lesson to me.

Oftentimes, war movies and other “true stories” are a grouping of events made more dramatic. I guess it was the flying that threw me off, but Red Tails needed no more drama added to it. It’s a tale of real American Heroes. And I’m very sorry I doubted their story, even for a minute. It should be my priority to watch the movie again, understanding the extent of its authenticity – I’ll certainly enjoy it more.

I did correct my mistake to my nephew, but it really bothers me that I made that mistake. I spoke as if I were some sort of authority, when in fact I was not.

And that has stuck with me; as I watch old white talking heads around me and on screens discussing racism as if they’re some sort of authority. People who do not suffer racism are not The Authority on the matter. They do not live it. They may witness it once in a great while, but our brothers and sisters live it. Every day. The few instances that make the news are but the tip of the iceberg, and we mustn’t forget that.

This is America.

Not to mention, the old white talking heads are obviously tinted with racism they deny, further eroding their authority on the subject. They just tell people what they want to hear – they report what they want to see, they hear what they want to hear, and they say what they know their audience craves. It’s not leadership during an eternal struggle. It’s brushing uncomfortable reality under the rug.

Discounting racism around us is a huge mistake.

Our challenge this week, as we remember the somewhat demure words of a white English woman in a man’s world, is to speak honestly, or not at all. Just because you are not witness to the horrors around you, that does not give you the right to discount the word of others. Doing so makes makes us dishonest and a betrayer of true, universal American Liberty.

Respect: Fresh Fundraising – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Fresh Fundraising, for our Customer Spotlight on Respect, an Interfanatic Quality

Above our modern socialism, and out of the worship of the mass, must persist and evolve that higher individualism which the centres of culture protect; there must come a loftier respect for the sovereign human soul that seeks to know itself and the world about it; that seeks a freedom for expansion and self-development; that will love and hate and labor it its own way, untrammeled alike by old and new.

– William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

Du Bois speaks about respect for curious sentients. It’s a wonderful part of being human for many, to wonder about their place and do their thing. Sadly, it’s not possible for all people because that respect is insufficient, even 100 years after he wrote of it.

When our customers come to us, they have an idea. They have either acted on it, and need assistance continuing the pursuit, or they have just begun to work on that idea, and they need our professionalism. They need our respect, as we need theirs’.

Respect is a critical component of any relationship. As it is in life, it is in business.

W.E.B. Du Bois speaks of the sovereign human soul. We further that cause for the sovereign human soul’s will to be productive and useful through their business enterprise.

Respect: An Interfanatic Quality

Whenever we begin a new relationship, we start by filling out our Interfanatic Digital Marketing Manifesto, a lengthy document we created to understand the depths of the project, both long and short term. We spend at least an hour with our customer, answering each question in detail, getting to know their business.

This is our way of showing respect for the business owner’s idea. It allows us to continue to respect their idea for the short term and the long term – hopefully the length of the project.

Plans change, but a completed IDMM puts us on the same page as our client so that we understand their problem fully and can execute in the best possible, most strategic manner.

It takes time, but our clients’ ideas are definitely worth that respect.

Fresh Fundraising – Borne from Respect For Educators

Some years ago, a couple of women came to us with an idea. They wanted to help teachers come up with interesting, fresh fundraising programs. They recognize how difficult education is for teachers, who often have to go out of pocket for supplies and other materials. It’s difficult enough to educate children – they wanted to help teachers take care of some of the other things.

We helped them, for a short time, with their blog. They chose to move on to another provider, and shortly after that, their project seemed to have ended. But while it was in our care, we took immense time to understand their needs and give them an effective outlet to explore their idea.

It was a good cause.

“…we took immense time to respect and understand their needs and give them an effective outlet to explore their idea.”

Respectful Storytelling:
Interfanatic Power Business Content Piece

One way we do right by our clients is through creating content from their perspective. We tell their story, we say what needs to be said, and we do it with the foundation of clearly understanding their business and goals.

It’s important to have a deep and clear understanding of a business before you begin writing solid, SEO-helpful content for them. Anybody can write, but not anybody can write well, nor with the intention of creating better sales and fewer still, writing that drives more valuable traffic.

Because we begin with our Interfanatic Digital Marketing Manifesto, we know everything we need to know about the customer’s business. We have the foundation to write great content from their perspective.

It’s not easy. It’s difficult writing. But it’s valuable content and we gladly produce it for great companies as we help them to their business goals.

Interfanatic and Respect

Everything begins with respect. Everything should end with respect. And respect should be paramount at every point in between.

That’s the Interfanatic way.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Respect, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

When I look at the moon, I think of the brave men and women of the Apollo Program (and all that lead up to it), who gave their everything to explore. I have immense respect for their deeds and their accomplishments. This includes those danged Ruskies who didn’t make it. Many of them also made the ultimate sacrifice for exploration. It was not an easy task, but it was a worthwhile one that has spurred and inspired generations.

Black Lives Matter.

The soaring words of Du Bois – “respect for the sovereign human soul!” Indeed. During a time where we so dearly need to have respect for all human souls, it’s obviously prescient. We show our respect by putting others first, but not all do. All ideas get our respect, and not all do. We do our best for the people around us, when certainly not all do.

This is America.

The beauty of freedom for all is that it comes from a fundamental respect of others. Some people choose to focus on a fundamental respect of themselves, and that is important. But the American idea is one founded upon respecting and working with others.

Democracy only works when everyone is given the same respect. Respect is not taken, it is given. When respect is not given to all people, all ideas, it is no longer democracy.