Web Site Maintenance & Design, LLC has operated since its genesis in 1999 with the underlying philosophy of growth for our community and for our nation, the United States of America. - MADE IN USA

As such, whenever possible the work done on WSmad Sites is local to the project’s home.  That is, if we’re working for a company in Los Angeles, CA, great pains are taken to insure the project is completed by designers and developers from the Los Angeles area.  We do not generally hire non-American companies to do work, although at times conditions arise that require it.

Non-Americans are capable, competent and can be cost-efficient.  We have a great appreciation for the work ethic of other citizens of the World and we work with them successfully when it is appropriate.

If we export our money to other countries, there will less money for our local economy. And that’s a problem for America.  Companies that are simply profit-driven are hurting our economy and putting Americans out of jobs – they’re making big bonuses at the expense of local workers.  We recognize that as an unsustainable business model – one that we’ve avoided since 1999.

All of the sites we host are hosted from servers of American-based companies in the United States, and whenever possible, use green energy.

We enjoy the idea of a WSmad technical artisan working on a client’s site, getting paid, and taking that money to use the service offered by WSmad’s client.  If that technical artisan lives overseas, there is no opportunity for commerce with the community local to the project.  If on the other hand he or she lives local to the project, our he or she is able to in-part support the economy local to the project.

In short, we like the idea of getting paid to use what we work on.

So if you see, “MADE IN USA” in the footer of a built or maintained site, know that the site was either created or is maintained in the United States by hard-working Americans.


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