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GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY for our Customer Spotlight on Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality

The epitome of sophistication is utter simplicity.

Maya Angelou

Lady Maya comes through with THE TRUTH. As always.

Keep it simple, stupid. The most beautiful things in life appear simple. A sunset, a gorgeous lbd, an incredible F1 car, phenomenal art, a great website.

They all appear simple. They just work.

And prose. The best poetry isn’t complicated. It is the result of malicious editing. Hours for a single sentence or paragraph. The result, the concision, the pointed nature – it all looks so simple. What we read, in fact, is most often the result of a great and complex task with many, many hours of work and planning that went into creating that illusion of simplicity.

Sure, sometime things come together and just work. But usually, even then it is but a culmination of a flogged talent.

We strive for simplicity. We try to make sure it always looks like it, even when it’s not.

Like our home page. No fancy videos or scrolling effects. Black and white. A clear concise message. That’s what we’re about. No distractions.

Simplicity allows you to focus on the important.

Simplicity: An Interfanatic Quality

Many people don’t understand that simplicity is the result of hard work. They see only surface deep and believe that because it looks simple, it must be. But we know better. Were it simple, everyone would do it.

We’re working on a project now that is the culmination of a great many gears trying to gnash together. When we’re finished, the goal is that it will appear simple. But getting it there was not simple.

Like the F1 car. Hundreds of thousands of hours go into making it easy for Lewis Hamilton to appear to cruise to victory on Sunday. Or Pollack. Anybody can splatter paint on a wall. But it will not be so pleasing to the eye, or easing of the mind as a Jackson Pollack. Or Chanel. There are thousands of dress makers out there trying to make a beautiful dress that fits many women, making them feel beautiful. But the simplicity of Coco Chanel’s cuts – the result of hundreds of thousands of trials – is unmistakable.

When I think of simplicity bringing out sophistication, I immediately think of my friend Herair and his Beverly Hills art gallery, GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY.

He keeps it all very simple, very clean. Like our website, his is black and white. His website is a reflection of his gallery. He keeps it simple. The result: the art shines.

Garboushian Gallery – Simplicity and Sophistication in the Modern Art Scene

Everything about Garboushian Gallery is understated. As a result, your eye focuses on what is important – the art.

Garboushian gets up-and-coming artists from all over the world. He brings in art from people whose art goes on to be heavily collected and valuable. Because it’s good.

Sometimes its colorful, sometimes it’s social commentary, sometimes it’s a beautiful sculpture. But in his mind, it is all under rated.

So he makes his website and gallery a canvas on which the art can shine. He keeps it simple.

“…we completed regular updates to the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY website for many years. His website flourished because it was regularly updated.”

Garboushian came to us about a decade ago, and we completed regular updates to the gallery website for many years. His website flourished because it was regularly updated.

We updated their website. It was simple.

Simplicity – Keep It Simple with Interfanatic The Works Year Round Monthly Maintenance

Have us update your site for you. Or, as websites now require regular maintenance to keep the hackers away, have us update your website at least once per month with our Management services.

Websites are like gardens. They flourish when you tend to them regularly. Come up with some new content or an edit monthly, and after some time you’ll grow organic traffic significantly. We’ll help you come up with a content calendar, and coach you and even edit the content for SEO, if you need it.

Google doesn’t like static sites as much as it likes ones that are regularly updated.

So, we can update your site, make sure the software is current, and do whatever posting you need every month. It’s a win win.

Interfanatic and Keeping it Simple

Keep your website updated. It’ll work better. It really is that simple. That’s what we do.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

A tree is simply resolute. The tree’s function is simple. And the tree is important to our lives. Without trees, our earth crumbles. We’re watching as the ocean temperature rises, our trees and plants all burn. They’ll keep coming back, but for how long? The answer is simple. We have to begin yesterday. The temperature won’t suddenly get cooler.

Black Lives Matter.

What we’re finding is that this isn’t simple. Police jobs are difficult. There is inherent racism built in to the system. It’s really easy for a white person who doesn’t experience the negative impacts of racism every day – who doesn’t see the negative impacts of racism every day – to discount so many of these problems with “If he didn’t put himself in that situation in the first place…”

Many are put in that situation in the first place by poor policing practices.

But, there is also an inherent softness on criminals that doesn’t help anything either. I was talking to a friend who owns a store with expensive items. After the third time his store got robbed this year, he’s nearly given up. “The police don’t care, it’s easier for me to collect insurance and rebuild than for them to deter crime.” How are criminals out and about having not been reformed? Having not been caught.

We walk a precarious line. I’m happily married now, but I try to imagine young men trying to date in the #MeToo era. When a woman wants the attention from you, your advances are required. But when she doesn’t and she fails to make that abundantly clear, those same advances that were once welcome are suddenly harassment. It’s made worse by some young women sometimes inviting actions and then turning around and finding them to be harassment.

The young women aren’t wrong. So often, the young men are just doing what women have conditioned them to do, so they’re not wrong. And yet, what was acceptable one minute is suddenly a terrible, life altering mistake.

(To be clear, I’m not referring to the recent sexual harassment allegations posed against the orange goon. He’s a piece of shit, not only hitting on, but sexually assaulting a man’s girlfriend. After screwing other women behind his pregnant wives’ backs.)

It all comes down to perception. But without better communication, from men to women, women to men, police to criminals, and good people to police we cannot fix perception such that these problems aren’t problems.

It’s all very complicated. It’s all very not simple.

One thing is true though – in a time when we need more understanding of each other, driving a wedge between people with inflammatory “non-politically correct” words is the wrong answer.

When you have the right answer, be straightforward about it. But embrace the uncomfortable conversations and be ready to make them useful for you and your foe – make them an ally.

We have to make our foes truly allies. It’s that simple.

This is America.

Making foes allies is democracy. It is the American way. Talking, learning, improving. Not hatred and violence.

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