Humility: Julian Macias, Mobile Tech Tutor – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will.”

– Zig Ziglar

Arrogance is a massive put-off. Humility is the opposite. Showing you’re able to learn from the person you talk to gives you the upper hand – in everything.

Julian Macias knows this. An accomplished businessman, he learned that with humility, he could teach – while learning from wise souls.

Macias is a good salesman, too. He knows how to sell, so appreciates Ziglar’s wisdom. And he puts it into practice. In doing so, by approaching his students with humility, they open their minds to learning.

Humility: An Interfanatic Quality

We at Interfanatic meet extremely smart people every day. It’s a beautiful opportunity to learn from our customers about what they do, their unique take. We get to apply the lessons they’ve learned to our own business to improve.

“We at Interfanatic meet extremely smart people every day. “

And, as Ziglar says, we’ve had many doors opened to use because we’re willing to learn.

Julian Macias, Mobile Tech Tutor

Macias began tutoring retirees on the nuances of mobile phones because he wanted to spend more time with wise people, and he saw an opportunity to do something good.

His kind deed quickly turned into a side gig, which then became a real business. Mobile Tech Tutor now travels all over Southern California tutoring and presenting smartphone workshops, helping people use the power of their devices. Macias opens up doors for the generations before him with knowledge, wisdom, practice, and most of all humility.

Now he’s got a full schedule, instructing and presenting at great locations where he’s wanted. He also does private tutoring when it’s called for. He has a relaxed demeanor that invites people to learn from him, as if he’s tackling the issue for the first time, too. It brings comfort, fun, and joy to his classes.

Mobile Tech Tutor

It was Interfanatic‘s pleasure to work with Julian Macias, helping him to understand how his website was performing for him, and helping him understand what improvements could make it do more work for him.

After getting a Local SEO Check-up, Mobil Tech Tutor had the tools he needed to make improvements to his website. And, of course, when a customer asks, we’re happy to implement those suggestions.

It feels good to help Macias understand his website better. Just like Macias enjoys helping the generations before him use the tools in their hands to open doors for them.

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