Respect: Summer Pro League – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Respect commands itself and it can neither be given nor withheld when it is due.”

Eldridge Cleaver

Professionals earn esteem by doing the right thing, the right way. Cleaver feels strongly about respect, reminding us that it is undeniable when earned properly.

We get to deal with a lot of people we respect; it’s a blessing of mostly word-of-mouth references. And in turn, those we deal with blessed us with respects.

Respect: This Week’s Interfanatic Virtue

There’s no way around it, you gotta earn it. People command respect, as Cleaver puts it, through hard work done the right way. In sports, athletes earn what is due to them by putting in the work to show results. In digital marketing, it’s the same: it’s about results. What’s different is the kind of work.

Summer Pro League: A Chance To Get Respect

That’s why we enjoyed working with the Summer Pro League so much. It was an opportunity for incredible basketball players to earn respect.

The NBA is tough. Making it to the NBA is even tougher. Things happen, young promising players make mistakes or get injured – we’ve all heard the stories. The Summer Pro League offered a second chance. It gave excellent players an opportunity to earn the admiration of their peers – and of talent scouts.

We helped them with regular site updates for a few years. Together, we made a great team, working for good people.

And the level of play was high. These athletes’ play commanded respect – a the kind that no-one could withhold. It was our great pleasure to be a part of the machine giving these athletes another chance in front of the scouts, come what may.

Many of these basketball players were doing the right things the right way. It was incredible to watch them work. It was gratifying to see some of them get call ups. And forever, it was a great reward to watch them command the respect that was due.

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