Loyalty: Medawar Fine Jewelers – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight


Not just in the business sense; not just customer loyalty. Real loyalty that is beyond price – it’s belief in a business because of the people that make it. That they do the right thing. Faith in that business’ purpose and its genuine wish to do good, and fairly.

When I think of loyalty like this, I think of Family Medawar, proprietors of Medawar Fine Jewelers in Palos Verdes. They’ve been supporting the Palos Verdes Peninsula for 40 years.

When I think of loyalty like this, I think of Family Medawar

40 years is a lot of time to be in any business. It’s even more for a California business. It’s yet even more for a Palos Verdes Business. Palos Verdes was relatively undeveloped when Family Medawar came to live there.

But they’ve been loyal to their home, and their home has been loyal to them. Through the good and the bad, they’ve stuck it out.

And their customers keep going back.

Because they’re good people.

Customers go back. Not because they give the best price (though they do.)

Not because they’re warm and friendly even when things aren’t perfect (though they are).

Just like our Sondra Faye quote this week: prickly, beautiful, difficult, pleasant, temperamental roses require a loyal gardener.

You can now find Medawar at Terranea.
You can now find Medawar at Terranea.

Customers go back because they recognize the investment Medawar has made in Palos Verdes and how much better the Peninsula is for their efforts.

And, the result is that the Medawars have some big news to share regarding the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

We designed and built and host the Medawar website going back over ten years; we’re proud to be part of their tradition on the Peninsula for that long.

That is earned loyalty. If you want your business to be around for 40 years or more, do what the Medawars do.

Do what is right. That is how you earn loyalty.