Florida Triangle reviewed in the Wessex Muse

The Florida Triangle Web SiteOur good friend and client Graham Willcox wrote the action-packed “Florida Triangle”, and … well, I don’t have to brag about it, the Wessex Muse did!

Reproduced with permission:

“An action packed story of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. The first two hit you right between the eyes and then it rocks and rolls with a fast pace throughout the rest of the book. Fresh, inimitable imagination by the author is at the heart of this gripping and somewhat gloriously gruesome tale of deceit, betrayal and greed.

“It begins with an innocent man being drawn unwittingly into the world of drugs, not realising that his wife is already implicated, when they decide to go and live in America to open their own art gallery to help them get over the untimely death of their sone.

“Guns and violence are not normally my cup of tea per se, but the author Graham Willcox has successfully managed to draw the reader into this macabre and chilling thriller.  I thoroughly enjoyed the coming together of all the different characters involved in the conspiracy and intrigue of the novel.

“The combination of a rum brewery with dubious cost cuts, a newly built atomic power station, and local dignitaries with shady pasts, makes a cracking read.  Not to mention of course, the very graphic descriptions of the habits of indigenous wildlife that are necessary to the very clever and cunning plot.

“Bournemouth based Graham Willcox also resides in Florida.  Florida Triangle is available from all good bookshops or www.ahstockwell.co.uk.” – The Wessex Muse Magazine, www.musera.co.uk.

It IS great! And the cover painter, Alison is justified in her belief that it would make a great film. It’s a quick read and it keeps your attention – you should check out out!

WSmad is really proud of the site we put together to help promote this book – we want it to be the success it should be!

Go get your own copy today, and be among the first to read what is destined to be an excellent seller or a blockbuster!

Check out Graham’s Web Site, www.FloridaTriangle.com.

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