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Polemically Small

The GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY is hosting it’s largest and most eclectic Exhibition yet, paradoxically entitled Polemically Small.

Polemically Small at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in May
Polemically Small at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in May

World renowned Fine Art curator, writer and critic Edward Lucie-Smith has put together works from 29 artists, including names like Presneill, Zakharov, Waller, Cristi, Aestes, Maddock and de Cadanet is  to be exhibited across both GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in Beverly Hills, CA and slightly closer to WSmad’s home at the Torrance Art Museum.

This exhibition is a demonstration from some of modern art’s finest that the movement toward smaller art is afoot.  For years, large works requiring entire concrete-tilt-up walls have dominated the avant-garde, but recently, fine artists have begun working toward more modestly sized pieces – though certainly not modest in technique, style, or story.

Polemically Small will open at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY on May 21st, 2011 in Beverly Hills Golden Triangle district.

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