Simplicity: The Bitter Chef – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

The Bitter Chef, Customer Spotlight on Simplicity, an Interfanatic Quality

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

Amelia Barr

Keep it simple, stupid. What, are you an idiot?

Such is the theme of The Bitter Chef, a quaint eatery in downtown Long Beach. When you went in, you’d be greeted by a sassy waitress, and if you tried to talk to the chef, you’d get your head bitten off.

It was all in fun. (Though, from the Yelp reviews, clearly some people got it and LOVED it, others did not get it. You went into a restaurant called The Bitter Chef. Seriously, what did you expect?)

But the cornerstone of all success is proficiency in the fundamentals. And that’s what The Bitter Chef did so well. The fundamentals were great. Keep it simple, stupid. KISS my ass.

Simplicity: An Interfanatic Quality

In the world of digital marketing, there are more than one million ways to skin a cat. Seriously, have you ever looked at the full Google Analytics dashboard? It takes a PhD to interpret. (No disrespect to actual PhDs; Google goes out of its way to make it complicated, but not that complicated.)

“Simplicity is a cornerstone of Interfanatic delivery.”

But Google (and everyone else) seems to revel in making things more complicated than they ever need to be.

It’s our job to interpret and keep things simple for our customers. Simplicity is a cornerstone of our delivery.

And Amelia Barr put it so gracefully, so simply, so many years ago. The simple produces the marvelous. Like Kobe Bryant use to say, you can never be too proficient in the fundamentals. A ankle breaking fake followed by a 180 to the rim is a beautiful thing, but if you can’t get your feet planted around your flailing defender, two points ain’t never gonna happen.

The Bitter Chef: Keeping It Simple and Sassy

A few years ago, we got to design and build a website for The Bitter Chef. It was a great, fun project. The restaurateurs were wonderful to deal with, and the project was a joy.

And that’s because we all kept it simple.

It’s great to work with solid local establishments. We love supporting our local community with hard work – and it’s easy when we love them.

All good things…

The Bitter Chef came and went. It was an eatery out of its time. Some people didn’t understand the theory behind the place. And as such, with the growing popularity of social media and Yelp, the misinterpretations ended up costing a great idea. But it’s a project we’ll always carry happy memories from.

So next time your digital marketer dives into a tirade about all the doohickeys and statistics they use to classify success, just tell them: keep it simple, stupid.

Simplicity: Lilly Silks – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Lilly Silks - Customer Spotlight - Simplicity

There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.

Leo Tolstoy

We all seek greatness in some way. Many of us seek greatness in business.

Simple. Elegant. Great.

Susan Lilly sought greatness in her own little corner of the fashion market – through hand-made silk scarves.

They were simple, and they were elegant. And they were great.

It was a genuine pleasure to work with Susan on her project. She’s since moved on from that business, leaving her silks real coveted collectors’ items. Oh, Susan took care of a great many gifts for me for quite some time!

Here, Tolstoy manages to pack a lot of heavy thinking into few words (instead of a lot of heavy thinking into many words, like usual). Simplicity, goodness and truth are the required ingredients for greatness, he says.

Simplicity: Often the Child of Complex Work

Sometimes performing a complex task yields simple results. Results so simple, they are discounted. Like when flat-earthers who use cellphones that require a geosynchoronous orbiting satellite network.

They don’t understand how it works. They just know it does. And they’re ungrateful to the efforts that made it so.

We shant be so hard on them; we all do it. Every day, people drive technological marvels without a thought to all of the complex safety that makes their cars easy to drive. We get so annoyed when our favorite video or tv show takes more than a few seconds to load. A cacophony of machinations yield a symphony of simplicity, yet we take the outrageous stance that it must be done more quickly, to please our flitting attentions.

And that’s what we see every day here at Interfanatic. Serpentine complexity orchestrated to create a simple result.

Keep it simple, stupid.

That’s what we strive for. To keep it simple. To make it great.

Just like Susan Lilly’s silks.