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Greater Hope Prep Taking Enrollments in Barstow, California – Where Children Reign Supreme!

Greater Hope Preparatory School for infants to five-year-olds is open in Barstow, California with the first day of school set to be January 16th, 2012.

The new school, “Where Children Reign Supreme”, focuses on creative energy and giving children a place to Greater Hope Prep School is Taking Applications and Enrollmentsgrow and thrive, already has a waiting list. Founded by Greater Hope Foundation’s Helena Smith, the school for kindergarten and pre-school aged children only has 74 spots available, and they have all been filled.

The Greater Hope Foundation for Children ( assists with the placement of children into foster care in the high-need area of Barstow, Calfiornia. is a fingerprinting and checking service in Barstow, also.

One of the pieces that Greater Hope Prep boasts for parents is the use of KidCam, which allows parents to check in on their children at any time during the day using their telephone or computer. Greater Hope Prep also has a brand new 3000 square foot purpose-built facility and some of the best teachers on the planet. They all retain a Master’s Degree in Child Development (or higher degree) and are trained in CPR and first aid. It’s a top-notch school to promote top-notch learning and growth.

Congratulations to Helena Smith and the whole Greater Hope gang! Opening Day is just around the corner!

Suli T. Go’s S T Go of Beverly Hills Brings Logic to Skincare

The granddaughter of a traditional Chinese doctor, whose specialty was herbal medicine, Suli first caught the inspiration to become a chemist from observing her grandfather’s work. She, too, decided to explore the essence found in herbs and plants not normally associated with western medicine.S T Go of Beverly Hills - advanced skin care

Suli studied chemistry and graduated with honors. For years she researched the Chinese herbal cures her grandfather had taught her and put them to rigid scientific tests. The result was that many of these plant and herbal extracts widely used in Asia proved to be highly effective. When Suli began noticing problems in her own skin, such as drying, premature wrinkling and breaking out, due to stress and change in environment, she surveyed the range of skin care products available to her. With the eye of a scientist, she found that the cosmetics available worked on a poor scientific principle: “fixing the symptom” instead of curing the root cause.

Suli, as a chemist, sought for the first time to recreate the optimum environment for the skin, based on the knowledge that the skin, just like the body’s immune system, seeks to heal and protect itself. She knew that if the right environment could be recreated, the complexion should automatically revert to that of younger skin, or as close to it as possible. This was an impressive order to fill, but she achieved this result by combining just the right mixture of natural skin emollients, DNA, RNA, herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, and balancing them all to a proper pH level, to recreate, as accurately as possible, that optimum environment for the skin. It was a goal to which Suli dedicated herself, and achieved, using strict modern scientific techniques, as well as proven aspects of Chinese herbal knowledge.

From – About.

Check out to see Suli’s latest special offer on excellent skin care products, skin creams, skin treatments and cosmetics.

Rockwell Medical Supply is Now Taking Orders Online! is live and taking orders from their regular customers!

Rockwell Medical Supply has a new site!
Rockwell Medical Supply, Family owned and operated for over 30 years!

Rockwell Medical Supply has nearly 7500 medical supply products for sale through its newly redesigned web site, and most have custom pricing for their nearly 100 most-regular clients.  If you’re interested in purchasing through them, give Rockwell a call with your list of regular items and they’ll set you up with their best pricing and a monthly invoice.

A small family company doing business in Southern California for over thirty years, Rockwell does a great job of handling business for Doctor’s Offices all over the country.  With their new Web Site, built on Magento, they’re hoping to expand those services.

If you’re ever in need of Medical equipment or supplies, give Rockwell a try – take a look at and call them in the morning.

Wanna Play? California Basketball Summer Pro League 2012 Is Getting Under Way!

From the Web Site: is Live is live!

“We are back! The original Southern California Summer Pro Basketball League was first established in 1970 by Dick Marquis. John Younesi acquired the SPL in 1992 and developed it into the place to see good quality summer professional basketball. The SPL showcase NBA sponsored teams who featured their 1st and 2nd year players and a combination of free agent teams with a mix of rookies and various unsigned players. Over 800 current and former NBA stars have participated in the SPL, including Magic Johnson, Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, Danny Manning, Carmello Anthony and Kobe Bryant. The SPL helped professional basketball players and the amateur player who was on the cusp of professional careers to launch or hone their skills and gain exposure to professional scouts and agents, while providing basketball fans, as well as sports media outlets, a closer look at players playing in professional competition.”

After some time off, the Summer Pro League is back with the re-launch of their Web Site, Summer 2011 and all of the politics that went with sports this year are behind us, and it’s time to work on making a name for yourself, or find the best player at the best price possible for 2013, and by far the best way to scout in California will be the 2012 Summer Pro League.

Congratulations and welcome back, You may enjoy reading the full article from the site., in association with – Making Foster Parenting Easier

Greater Hope Foundation for Children has just launched to make foster parenting easier and less expensive for prospective foster parents in California’s High Desert. serves California's High Desert Communities

After witnessing frustrations over cost and availability in their prospective foster parents, Greater Hope Foundation has launched their own off-shoot livescan fingerprinting service.  Prospective foster parents (and anybody requiring a livescan fingerprint uploaded to the FBI’s database) can go to the AllClearLivescan offices in Barstow or arrange for mobile service (for an additional charge) where the AllClearLivescan staff will travel to them.  Prospective customers can sign up and arrange the appointments, both in-office and mobile, through the new Web Site at

Congratulations Helena, Reako, and everyone at Greater Hope Foundation on another beautiful Web Site!

MAT Orange Hits the Internet, Making Life Easy for Interior Designers and their Clients

Redondo Beach-based MAT announces it 2011 Catalog including the fun and fresh contemporary Orange line of hand-made designer rugs at  M. A. Trading, award-winning and critically acclaimed for its beautiful designs, always works hard to excel by producing quality, amazing hand-made rugs with a huge line to accent every imaginable motif and interior design.  The Orange line constitutes over 100 fresh and unique designs with many designs available in a plethora of
M. A. Trading’s new site for its Orange line,, includes a full search function, built to be designer-friendly. Designer can view the entire catalog or narrow their search by just the colors and sizes they’re looking for to perfectly fir that demanding and rewarding client’s tastes. joins as their on-line catalog becomes more complete.

Congratulations, MA Trading, on a beautiful new site to showcase your phenomenal work!

MA Trading (mat) Launches for its “The Basics” Line of Rugs

MA Trading, a wonderful family company from India with headquarters here in Redondo Beach, CA has launched a new line of high-quality designer hand-made rugs it is calling “The Basics”.   To help designers and buyers understand the depth of the collection, they’ve launched an e-catalog at

Shakeel Ansari, CEO of MA Trading, explains the importance of the new site to his company: “Our customers want to be

mat - The Basics

able to choose online, to see our products and find out who we are and how we work.”  Additionally, designers can choose from the entire existing line-up and create a whole new custom design using MAT’s vast color pom and the huge array of beautiful designs in the line-up using the Custom Quote Form on the site.  Designers and design houses can also use the site to learn how to become a dealer.

MAT is an up-and-comer in the industry, and recently won the prestigious Best Contemporary Rug Design award from Architectural Digest.

Another feature of the site is the buyers’ ability to see how the rugs are made by hand by MA Trading, from dying the wool all the way through finishing.  MA Trading is very proud of its workers and its quality process.

Web Site Maintenance & Design congratulates MA Trading on its continued success and wonderful, functional new Web Site in!


“Our customers want to be able to choose online, to see our products and find out who we are and how we work,” says Shakeel Ansari, CEO. “We are a successful, growing rug company and steadily gaining a strong foothold in the US rug industry. In recent years, MAT received industry recognitions, winning Best in Contemporary Rug Design from Architectural Digest. At MAT, we know that our products are not only the very best available but also that we listen to our customers which resulted to these improved websites.”

Tisha O’Dowd’s Goes Live with an On-line Store

The face-lifted went live today, including  a wonderful on-line store, allowing Abbracci’s many return clients to purchase skincare and gift items even when they can’t make it by the boutique in Redondo Beach’s Riviera Village.

Tisha O’Dowd’s new has been re-designed from the ground up, and she took her store on to the Internet allowing her customers to buy by brand if they have products they prefer, or by skin type.  Of course, Abbracci’s phenomenal staff is available for a helpful consultation through the site or by phone if it’s not possible to go in.  There are now over 200 products available on the site, and those familiar with Abbracci know that these are only the absolute best products available, from companies like Clarisonic, Epicurn, La Roche Posay and many others.  Abbracc staff has tested all of these products personally to be sure they’re right for their customers. now has an online boutique for fanatical skincare and wonderful gifts now has an online boutique for fanatical skincare and wonderful gifts

One thing the new Web Site can’t do is give you one of Abbracci’s signature facial treatments – but you can learn more about the current line-up available through Abbracci Spa.  Customers who have been to Abbracci swear by their photofacials, laser hair removal, botox and juvederm treatments, synergie system and permanent cosmetics.

Abbracci is famous for its gift boutique which has gifts and ideas for quite literally everyone on your shopping list, for women, men, couples, children and families.  It’s nearly impossible to walk into Abbracci and not find something you need – and now a few of those great gifts are even available on-line!  So now you can pick up your favorite sunscreen and that house-warming gift you need without even leaving the house!

We at WSmad encourage you to drop by the Riviera Village next time you’re around Redondo Beach to stop in and see all that Abbracci has to offer.  But if you’re not in the area, you can still experience their phenomenal service and products by buying on-line at

The Isaac Charles Design Group Works On A New Apparel and Footwear Line for NBA Superstars

The new Isaac Charles Design Group Web Site modestly states: “At the 2011 NBA Allstar weekend, ICDG will launch a new brand of footwear and apparel with a few top NBA ballplayers. We will be colloborating with Bill Peterson creator of Nike Air technology in the development of our footwear. Please check back for updates.”

Isaac Charles Design Group, LLC
The new Isaac Charles Design Group, LLC Web Site,

ICDGLLC, founded by brilliant designer Isaac Charles and based in Los Angeles, California, has been creating footwear, apparel, and product designs for major corporations, schools, and celebrities since 2006 – and the hot looks are about to get hotter.

On the company’s new Web Site are examples of footwear for Protoge, apparel for Beverly Hills High School, product art applied to products and packaging for Atomic9, and celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Donnie Klang, and Notorious B.I.G. among many others wearing ICDGLLC‘s designs.  Spend some time on the site and have a look.  You’ll probably be buying ICDGLLC designs soon.

Have a look at the Isaac Charles Design Group‘s new Web Site,

Eddy’s Artistic Iron Works in Wilmington Adds Value to Local Homes by Making Them Safer and More Beautiful

Cesar and Patricia of Eddy’s Artistic Wrought  Iron in Wilmington, CA, can make just about anything using iron.  They’ve been doing business here in California for over twenty years, and they make any home remodel or industrial project more both beautiful and safer at the same time.

Eddys Artistic Wrought Iron, Inc.
An example of Eddy's Artistic Wrought Iron's work - a gorgeous guardrail on a beautiful home

Take a look at their gallery of beautiful projects in the slideshow on their home page.  These are all real photographs of their own work – not stock photography, and the examples show amazing attention to detail and immense artistic and creative talent to match the architecture of the project.

Have a look at so next time you’re in need of beautiful handrails or guardrails – or come across somebody that is – you’ll know where to go: straight to Cesar and Patricia of Eddy’s Artistic Wrought Iron.

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