Rob Palinka Ensures Kobe Stays at the Lakers for At Least Three More Years

Congratulations to Rob Palinka and his fabulous team at The Landmark

Kobe Bryant stays at the Lakers thanks to Rob Palinka

Sports Agency for making sure his client, Kobe Bryant, remains on the Lakers with a fantastic contract through 2013!

Rob Palinka, Kobe’s agent through thick and thin, has just made sure the 2008 MVP and 2009 Champion basketball superstar Kobe Bryant will get everything he wants.  It’s great news for Los Angeles Lakers fans, and for a couple of Mr. Palinka’s other Laker clients, Derek Fisher and Sasha Vujacic.

I’ve got my Zoom Kobe V’s on to celebrate – how about you?

WSmad helps to maintain the Joomla-built Web Site we created from scratch for TheLandmarkSportsAgency.com, so it’s always exciting to hear success stories like this one – and other recent news like NBA draft success James Harden and last year, Eric Gordon.

Congratulations, Rob, Kobe, Erika Williams, Jennifer Puffer and the whole team!  Go Lakers!

Race Cars Don’t Kill Wild Flowers!

The phenomenal sport of historic car racing is exciting and beautiful.  And it’s not bad for the environment.  There is a small contingent of ill-informed radical extremists hell-bent on making sure that the Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park doesn’t happen.  They insist that race cars will kill poppies anywhere in the vicinity of their activities.  Unfortunately, they are fighting a losing battle.

Tomorrow is another planning commission meeting where you can make your voice heard.  As quoted from the Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park Web Site, “We are now preparing our rebuttal for the next hearing, which is to be held at 9:00 a.m. on March 24th at the Hall of Records at 320 West Temple Street, Los Angeles. Again your attendance will be much appreciated. We hope that this will be the last significant meeting.”  Come and let your voice be heard.

Race Cars Killing Wildflowers
Race Cars Dont Kill Wildflowers, Actually

It’s strange that some of these people, many of whom live near Edward’s Air Force Flight Test Center, are concerned about noise from the race track.  It’s also fascinating that many of them are concerned about the emmissions from the exhaust of said race cars.  An entire race weekend filled with evil, rampant race cars will not go through anywhere near the amount of fuel one jet fighter will in one minute.  Nor will the noise approach the sound of flight operations during a given day, nor will they be nearly as hard on the peace as a sonic boom.

However, they insist that race cars kill poppies.  This humble author has been around the world watching race cars all around the planet, and almost always, they are near some sort of wildflower.  The environmental extremists insisted that Thunderhill Raceway Park would kill pheasants, and yet they thrive there now, as evidenced by the article recently published on www.FairmontButteMotorsportsPark.com.  Whacko environmentalist extremists, open your mind and you’ll be shocked by the fantastic people you’ll meet.

“Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” – Paul Simon

Fowler and Moore At Home Announces Spring Sale, March 9th to 14th

Fowler & Moore Interior Design’s Fowler & Moore At Home retail store is having its annual “Spring Sale” on Catalina Avenue from March 9th to March 14th, 2010.

Fowler & Moore At Home Spring Sale March 9th-14th
Fowler & Moore At Home Spring Sale March 9th-14th

Chris Fowler and Suzy Moore started Fowler & Moore Interiors based on a fantastic eye for design.  They’ve been doing interior design for beautiful homes on and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula with such success through the years that they decided to open Fowler & Moore At Home, a retail store where clients can get a feel for their design ideas and get inspiration.  Last year, Fowler & Moore At Home made the huge step forward of moving to Catalina in Redondo Beach, right in the middle of South Redondo’s famous “Riviera Village”.

They’ve already cleared out fastastic inventory a couple of times since the move, and this may be the biggest sale yet.  Have a look at their Web Site, www.FowlerAndMoore.com, for directions and stop by Fowler & Moore At Home between March 9th and March 14th for extraordinary values on exceptional pieces for your interior.

AffordableBookkeepingAndPayroll.com Makes the Most of its Dollars – and Yours!

Candy Messer’s team at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services in Harbor City, CA, is great at making their dollars work for them.  It’s a freindly, scrappy small business – just the kind we love.  They do a great job of taking care of your books or payroll so that you can concentrate on your business.

Affordable Bookkeeping And Payroll Services
Affordable Bookkeeping And Payroll Services

AffordableBookkeepingAndPayroll.com started out as a small project and Candy recently came to WSmad looking for a few upgrades.  We gave her a “refreshing quote” on her home page and added some testimonials and resources (forms) for her clients.

What sets Candy apart from her competitors is her price and her performance.  If you’re accustomed to ADP for your payroll, she’ll save you a ton of money and provide far better service.  If you’re accustomed to doing your own bookkeeping, she’ll take that hassle off your hands and she won’t hurt your pocketbook.  Her staff is professional, polite and helpful – she really has put together a great small business.

WSmad is very excited to be working with Candy, and we highly recommend her services.

To learn more, check out www.AffordableBookkeepingAndPayroll.com.

Sousa & Weber, LLP Announces Name Change and Expanded Service Offerings

Hermosa Beach, California – November 9, 2009 –

Sousa & Weber, LLP, formerly known as Loucks, Adamek, Asheghian & Company, Inc., announced its name

Sousa & Weber, LLP
Sousa & Weber, LLP

change and new service offerings today.  “Changing our name to Sousa & Weber, LLP is an important first step toward achieving our strategic goals and our desire to have a higher degree of regional brand recognition in the accountancy services marketplace,” said Rich Weber, Managing Partner of Sousa & Weber, LLP.

Expanded Service Offerings

Sousa & Weber, LLP now offers end-to-end accounting services for privately-held businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries: traditional tax and audit services, business bookkeeping and more.  “We now offer full-service accounting to our clients including billing/invoicing, payment processing, general ledger close and accounting systems consulting.  Also new is our full-range of CFO Services – we will act as your Chief Financial Officer to help you with strategic planning as well as oversee your in-house accounting department.  Our firm is committed to a forward-thinking and innovative approach to all services we offer to our clients,” said Mr. Weber.  Rest assured, some things have not changed.  Firm ownership, location and dedication to serving our clients remains the same.  “We continue to offer our clients the superior service and sound advice they have come to expect from our firm over the past 18 years, but now we can meet the same high expectations for all of our customers’ accounting needs,” said Mr. Weber.

Ken Sousa, Partner, has headed the firm’s tax practice for several years.  The firm hasexpanded rapidly over the past 12 months since Mr. Weber joined the practice.  Mr. Weber’s background in public company corporate finance and accounting, combined with Mr. Sousa’s 20+ years of corporate, partnership and individual taxation has fostered an extremely strong infrastructure in which to service the existing and new clients of the practice. “We are now able to offer our clients a full-suite of accountancy services, including business bookkeeping and accounting, financial statements as well as tax consulting and planning.  The addition of Mr. Weber to the firm has added tremendous value to the client serving capabilities of our practice.”  said Mr. Sousa.

ProAccounting, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sousa & Weber, LLP, was launched earlier this year to provide outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services.
About Sousa & Weber, LLP

Sousa & Weber, LLP is a regional professional services firm providing accounting, bookkeeping, audit, tax, financial advisory, and business consulting services to a wide range of privately held companies and individual clients.

Sousa & Weber, LLP serves clients primarily through its offices in Hermosa Beach, California. The firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Visit http://www.SousaWeber.com for more information.

Roger Klein’s Spectrum West Interior Design

Spectrum West Design is an Interior Design firm in Torrance, CA designing residences (including kitchen and bathroom redesigns), commercial buildings, and hospitality venues all over the world, and we’re proud to play our part in their success!


Roger Klein, SWID’s never-resting Chief Designer, has an impressive array of projects under his belt – have a look at his projects page!  He’s been doing this for many years, and as an author and vastly experienced project manager, there are not many eventualities he has not seen.  He knows how to (and does, for every project) get the details right by working with architects, engineers, and buyers, to bring projects consistent and great success.

Like many business owners, Mr. Klein chose what he thought was a reputable Web firm, but when they grew unresponsive, he chose to end the stalemate by choosing Web Site Maintenance & Design to finalize the details and get him up the Search Engine rankings.  We are happy to oblige and work with such a great, small business.

We’re very proud of the fact that Roger is now happy with his Web Site.  We’ve implemented Google Analytics and are anxious to watch SpectrumWestDesign.com climb the rankings.

Have a look at the impressive array of work available on SpectrumWestDesign.com, and learn a little more about our involvement in the project from Quietus.us.

Green Ink Marketing anticipates “new” Torrance Magazine’s Green Issue

Green Ink Marketing (GreenInkMarketing.com) is getting ready to publish Torrance Magazine for their first

time for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce.  This first issue is going to be the”Green” Issue, focusing on Torrance Businesses actively pursuing more environmental alternatives.

Look for Torrance Magazine’s Green issue to hit the Torrance area soon!

Torrance Magazine anticipates its first Green Issue for the Torrance Area
Torrance Magazine anticipates its first Green Issue for the Torrance Area

For more information and to get involved, go to www.GreenInkMarketing.com.

or www.Torrance-Magazine.com.

TheLivingChristmasCompany.com will be at EcoGift!

www.TheLivingChristmasCompany.com is Living Christmas Tree Rental, Delivery, and Conservation and is at EcoGift in Santa Monica this weekend! They’re busy little elves, taking all these orders! Lots of 4-6 foot trees remain after many of the business’ 6-7 foot varieties have already sold out.

The Living Christmas Company is taking orders!
The Living Christmas Company is taking orders!

The Living Christmas Company is a great group that WSmad is helping to get off the ground; one we’re exceptionally proud of working with.  They’re doing a deed thing for the soul, spirit, and environment – just the kind of thing we like to do!  Save a Christmas Tree from the axe this Holiday Season – rent a Living Christmas Tree and make it part of your family tradition every year!



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