Herair Garboushian has brought Shana Nys Dambrot in to his gallery to collect some of the great artists of our time. On display will be works from David LaChapelle, Gina Stepaniuk, Casey Lee Wanlass, Rick Robinson, Austin Young, Swinda Reichelt, Alexandria Lee, Grant Vetter, Jennifer Vanderpool, Peter Wu and York Chang.CONSUMTPIVE at GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY

With such disparate styles, it’s hard to imagine any commonality (besides all great pieces from great artists) – but Nys Dambrot has managed to pull together an intriguing combination of pieces surrounding the theme of our consumption as a society. As with any great exhibition, these seemingly dissimilar pieces come together to create an exploration better – more consuming philosophically – than the individual pieces alone.

CONSUMPTIVE is on view at the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY in Beverly Wilshire, from 11 November though 16 December.

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