Resolution: D&G Paving – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

A great idea is nothing without the resolution to see it through. That’s the resolve we celebrate this week: follow through.

When I think of a business person resolved to succeed, I think of Dan Ash at D&G Paving. That man won’t quit. We don’t quit either, but with Dan, the inspiration often gets an extra step or two. It’s always easier to perform for a person who leads by example.

Dan’s passion is evident in his resolution. We strive to be the same.

D&G Paving: Resolved to Help the Local Community as Paving Experts

Dan Ash is very specific about where he operates his business: South of the 105 and West of the 605. And for that South Bay Los Angeles community that he and his team serve, they are resolved to do excellent, lasting work for a fair price.

The pandemic hit us all upside the head a bit. Dan’s business was no different. He’s got his regulars that keep coming back, but he needs fresh leads coming in for his team, so that his business and his team and their families are a little more self-reliant. Ash always steps up to extra work, but he wants his team to pick up more so they don’t have to count on him forever. He’s been training them hard and working them hard, inspiring them to be better and do better paving work all over Southern California.

Ash needs a solid lead source to feed potential customers to his sales team. One option is Google Ads.

We got D&G Paving‘s Google Ads account back under control and it’s producing regular leads for them at a competitive rate.

A demonstration of D&G Paving’s performance in search advertising.

It’s a really great feeling to be part of a successful team. We got D&G Paving’s site producing leads and work for Dan’s guys, and it feels good to be a part of that. We took inspiration from Dan’s resolve and adopted his “never quit until it works” attitude. We do this with all our projects, but it’s even easier working for Dan Ash because he just doesn’t have any quit in him. He’s got resolution.

Check out this quick video that shows their Google Ads campaign at work.

Resolution: An Interfanatic Quality

Use a mirror in difficult times. You will see both cause and resolution.

Deng Ming-Dao

We don’t quit. But when things get rough, we know we have to look at ourselves to find the root of the problem. Sometimes it’s not us, at least not directly. But when we really look deep, we often find we played a part.

And we stand resolved to do better.

Often, we find that the answer comes from putting ourselves in another’s place. We try to understand the situation from their perspective. When you work with successful people, they’re often stubborn. “It’s my way or the highway” certainly reflects resolve, but it does not result in resolution.

We’re here to help. We have tremendous experience doing what we’ve done for over 20 years. So that’s what we do. We help. And we’re resolved to do that.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Power Search Ads Management

Only last week we told you about website management. Well, we manage a lot more than that. This week, we’ll tell you about Ads Management.

We manage all kinds of digital ads for our customers – Social Media Ads, Video Ads, Phone Call Ads, and perhaps the most importat: Search Ads. Right now, Google has over 80% of the search traffic on the Internet. When your site is new and you’re not using our services for SEO, you need to find a way to get your business found.

That’s where we come in. We do that.

And when your site is performing well in the search engines, you can dominate your competition even more by filling the search results page real estate with your name even more using search ads. If you want to be perceived as number one for what you do, there’s no better way on the Internet than to have the top local search result, the top organic result, and the top paid result for an important keyword. Nobody will doubt they found the authority.

“If you want to be perceived as number one for what you do, there’s no better way on the Internet than to have the top local search reseult, the top organic result, and the top paid search result for an important keyword.”

Search Advertising is extremely complicated. It always has been. It’s really easy for Google to swindle you for a ton of money if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Heck, we’ve been doing this for over a decade and we still have to keep Google at bay!

There are simplified services, but they don’t often work and even the simplified interfaces can be tough to understand. Or, you can have us handle it. This is what we do. We know all about the complicated interfaces and how to interpret them. We’ll fill you in and get things moving in the right direction in no time.

Interfanatic: Resolved to be here with the answers.

By now, you’ve seen our new motto: We’ll be here, and for over 20 years we have the answer. We didn’t get here by being squishy or retreating. We’re here to help, and we remain resolved to help our clients make a positive impact on their communities. That’s what we’re here for. Not sure what needs to be done? Call us: we have the answer.

Respect: Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Respect is for those who deserve not demand it.

Paolo Cuelho

Respect is earned. This week, I’ll tell you about a man and his business who have definitely earned my respect. They should have yours, too.

The person I quote, Cuelho, is a respected writer. His colleagues respect him because they recognize the success he has achieved through doing well by perfecting his craft.

In other words, he has earned his deserved respect. His work demands it; he does not.

There are people in life you meet like that. Their work demands respect. Sometimes, you meet people that demand respect because they feel they deserve it. It is up to each of us to determine of a person or a business deservers or demands our respect.

And it is up to us to allow our work to demand respect for us.

Respect: An Interfanatic Quality

When we find good people to work with, we gladly give our respect. We pay it. And we work hard to ensure that the respect we pay is returned.

Because we know we can ask for respect all we want. We can ask for business all we want. But if we don’t earn respect, we don’t earn business.

Tim LuMaye at Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge – Where Respectable is an Understatement

Tim LuMaye has figured out how to run a business. His business is surviving the pandemic because he has built its reputation over years of hard work. He insists on quality and service for his customers. Engineers in the aerospace and energy industries aren’t always the easiest people to get along with. They’re demanding and run a tight ship – particularly if they’re doing government work – and they require honesty, transparency, and speed on a budget.

Tim has built Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge through the years by doing all of that, garnering huge respect from his customers and competitors along the way. Need an exotic titanium? I’ve got a guy for that. It’s Tim LuMaye, and his business is Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge, in Kamala, Washington.

“Luckily, through hard work…, we were … able to improve on an already exceptionally performing website.”

We redesigned and rebuilt the AVAF website over ten years ago with an emphasis on SEO. It began to work. Slowly at first, then after a long build, he has a steady stream of leads coming in through the site based on organic traffic alone.

So when he came to us last year for a complete redesign to include some new features, we knew we had a high bar to reach. We set it a decade ago.

Luckily, through hard work and vast experience, we were actually able to improve on an already exceptionally performing website. It was good timing, too, because the boost in organic traffic came just as Tim’s business should have been slowing down. Because we worked hard to ensure we did Tim’s project right, things were better than they could have been.

Normally, when you launch a redesigned site, you expect organic traffic to dip. That’s the norm. We managed to increase traffic on launch.

Interfanatic put in the extra effort because we respect Tim and what he and his staff have built. We honor their efforts with our own. Tim LuMaye has earned our respect through years of great relations.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Power Business Content Piece

One key to proper on-site SEO is ensuring keywords and keyphrases appear in good proportion on your site. If your site doesn’t have the keywords your customers seek, they won’t find your site. Search Engines won’t know your site is where your customers should go.

One way to ensure your site has those keywords sprinkled throughout is through continual content that features those keywords. Our talented writers don’t write drivel laced with keyword spamming; they provide truly valuable content your customers seek. We make sure the Search Engines know your website is the resource resource your customers are looking for.

Need some fresh content? We can help with that. We produce it, you approve it. Then, use your fresh content for your site, your social media, your emails, or all of it – whatever you think will get you business.

Interfanatic: Working to Deserve Respect

We don’t demand respect. We work for it. If you work for your respect, we should be an excellent addition to your team. Ask us.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Respect, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Respect, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Trees live for years, witnessing the goofiness of their human counterparts, hopefully not being hurt by it, and lending their beauty and strength to us. I took this image one night close to sunset, near home. This tree has been on my block perhaps longer than my house – closing in on a century. The families and homes have changed around it. Its neighbors are new. It gets blasted by gale winds, it is rained upon, and it is baked by the warm California sun. Every day, every year. It is resilient against the cruelties of time and the cruelties of its neighbors. When I go before these trees, cursing the frawns they litter, I need to remember that they will outlast me. And if I don’t make a lasting impact, the will outlast the memory of me, too. That’s why we work hard in this digital, impermanent medium. To make a lasting impact on peoples businesses, their lives. We’re here to help.

Resolve: Hansen Wholesale – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.

Leonardo da Vinci

Stern resolve.

Goodness what a week.

In business, as in life, most often a stern resolve combined with communication will win the day. Not always. But most often.

We must be resolute in our beliefs, and yet we must communicate to understand where our beliefs may fall short. Our will is not always enough. Luck is important. Yes, we can do what we can to make our own luck, but fortune may be fickle. We must have the people on our side. Our constituents. Our clients, our customers. And to have people on our side, to succeed, we need luck, resolve, and the truth at our backs.

Resolve without truth may win the day, but it will not succeed when the truth comes out.

Resolve without luck will probably not succeed. Also, resolve without work will not succeed. You have to put in the effort, with truth and luck at your back.

And so, this week while we celebrate resolve, I think of Jeff Schreiber. There’s a man with resolve and all the things that need to go with it: truth, luck, and effort.

(Except that he’s a Jets fan. Unfortunately no amount of resolve will overcome that lot of luck.)

Resolve: An Interfanatic Quality

The most resolute person without the truth will fail. We saw that this week. The most resolute person without effort will fail – I see this all the time. The most resolute person with out luck will fail. It’s out there, but those are the people we don’t see. Hopefully perseverance combines with karma to make things right.

But even if you have luck and effort and truth, if you lack resolve your success will be short-lived. Until you stumble upon the next thing that trips your trigger.

When we start a project, we resolve to finish it.

Da Vinci needed resolve through his career. His masterworks are a testament to his resolve – even if his timetables were not. We’re not talking about that detail though, we’re talking about the finished product. And his finished products are phenoms. So are his many unfinished projects, but can you imagine what might have come from him if he’d had the resolve he needed to finish all his projects?

That’s why, it is my goal as a man of business to show you that our resolve can be your asset. We’re here to take on your project, and once we have taken it on, we’re here to complete it with you. Allow our resolve strengthen your business and bring you to a competitive place of plenty. It may take time, it will take time, but together we will get you to your goals.

Resolute Jeff Schreiber

A person we worked with who is resolute in achieving his goals, not just for himself, but for his people, is Jeff Schreiber, owner of Hansen Wholesale.

Ecommerce is a monster industry. Amazon is the elephant smothering the planet. Jeff’s Hansen Wholesale was the first business selling ceiling fans online, and despite the odds they’re still on top.

“Jeff works his tail off, and he knows what he’s doing is right. He runs an honest business.”

Jeff has all the pieces required to succeed. He refuses to give up. Schreiber is resolute of will to succeed against mounting odds. He has some luck on his side, Jeff works his tail off, and he knows what he’s doing is right. He runs an honest business.

As a result, Jeff is successful, against the odds. He resolved to take care of his people and his customers, and so he does.

When we got to work with Jeff on content creation, social media, search ads and email not long ago, it was a great pleasure. It’s always great to work with people like Jeff: resolute, and a person who surrounds himself with good, hard-working, resolute people.

Interfanatic Service Focus: Interfanatic Power Email Marketing

Email every hour is annoying. Email once a week might be annoying if you’re not doing it right. But sending an email every couple of weeks seems to be the Goldilocks answer for many businesses, given their customer engagement and their ability to produce useful content.

To do email right, you must have resolve. You can’t just wing it. Your customers will get annoyed. Your emails will end up in the spam folder, and nobody will look forward to reading them.

We’re here to help.

Interfanatic: Resolute

We will get through this. We will help you get through this. That’s our job.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Resolve, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Resolve, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Concrete pillars are resolute, holding the sky at bay. A cathedral is the ultimate personification of resolution to The Almighty. They stand for hundreds of years, fighting time with resolution. This cathedral, the Duomo of Milan, took about five hundred years to complete. You think your bathroom remodel requires will, how about that?

Resolution: Paul Neights for School Board – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

He who is firm and resolute in will moulds the world to himself.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Resolution of will. When we battle for what’s right it is the exact time to be resolute in will.

No matter what you think about Goethe, he’s got a point. The person who is resolute in will molds the world to themselves. We see it in civil rights, we see it in business. We see it in success.

But in every opposition to success, somebody’s failure, we see it, too. It often comes down to a battle of wills, whether it be one person or the collective will. Democracy, influenced by will. The movement with the greater collective will is known for success, and the opposing movement is not. However, often the “losing” opposition moves the victorious. Compromise.

With that in mind, how resolute are you?

Resolution: An Interfanatic Quality

We’re insistent upon finishing projects. Despite setbacks, despite opposition, we feel driven to complete. That’s what we do.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve been in business for so long.

That’s certainly why we’ve completed so many projects.

Paul Neights – Attempting to Mold the World with Resolution

Paul Neights came to us about a decade ago. He had been to a couple of school board meetings and was appalled at what he’d heard. Immediately, he set about molding the world to himself – he decided he could do it better.

Ultimately, Neights did not win his position in election. But by being resolute, by taking action for what he believed in, he was able to sway the board, and some of the things he cared most about changed.

Change takes time and effort. And we don’t see Paul’s effort as a failure because in the end, he molded the world – in some small, but important way – to himself.

We were proud to be a part of this small local political campaign, and to help him mold the world the way he thought was best. Even in not winning a seat, the took a leadership role and succeeded in affecting change. We helped him put together a quick website that explained his platform, and it educated both his supporters and his opposition to his viewpoint. And what he wanted partly came true.

“…Paul Neights molded the world – in some small, but important way – to himself.”

It was fun to play a small part in this great American democracy. It was our first foray, and we’re pleased we helped an individual improve his world around him.

Keep your Customers Coming Back:
Interfanatic Power Weekly Email Marketing

If you have a substantial network, email is a great way to generate business. If you don’t have a substantial network, there’s no time to begin building one like the present.

For email to work, it must that a huge list – we’re talking thousands of interested subscribers. And you can’t just send an email to hundreds or thousands without using a service. Try it, and your personal email will be labeled as spam, and your personal email will be basically shut down.

Also, your content must be compelling. You can’t just send drivel and hope to have a fantastic response. Your subject line must be on point to get the open, and your content must seem and be useful to keep getting clicks.

But, you see, effective email marketing what we do. We’re here to help. We’re here to bend the world to yourself, to help you be more successful. We can be on your team to help mold the world to your ideas of success.

Interfanatic and Resolve

Not only will we advise you and get your project started. We’ll stick with it until you find the success you need.

That is the Interfanatic way. To keep at it; to bend the world to our customer’s will.

This week’s image:
Interfanatic‘s founder, Ryan Delane, takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Resolution, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.
Resolution, an Interfanatic Quality. Interfanatic Digital Marketing founder Ryan Delane takes or creates every image you see in our social feed.

Ken Tyrrell resolved to bend the world to his will. He hired Jackie Stewart, then Derek Gardner, to create a world-beating F1 team. Pictured above is the “shed”, Ockham, England. This is where Ken and Derek built the Formula One World Championship Tyrrells. It doesn’t look like much. Compared to the factory at Maranello, it wasn’t much. But it was here that Ken’s resolution molded the world to his will. I was honored to go there after the restoration of the 1972 Tyrrell 006 (middle right). It is pictured with the 1970 Tyrrell 001. Ken, Derek and team built Tyrrell 006 in this shed. Derek built Tyrrell 001 in his own garage. Sadly, the shed from Ockham is gone. However, the Tyrrells live on, a testament to Ken Tyrrell and a celebration of his resolute will.

Resolution: Cartrack – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Perhaps there is no more important component of character than steadfast resolution.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Resolution. Gone too far, it’s stubbornness. Gone too short, it’s weakness. Finding that happy medium: as TR so eloquently and verbosely (in his way) puts it, “steadfast resolution,” is a trick that every business owner must master.

We must remain resolved to complete the task at hand as promised. I mean, that’s what we do here at Interfanatic. Fail, and customers lose faith. Succeed, and they know they can trust you.

Resolution: This Week’s Interfanatic Virtue

Resolution is having the heart and the guts to get the job done correctly. It’s also knowing when to cut your losses as some jobs aren’t as big as the company. Resolution is a critical component to running a successful business.

Resolution is also a chief requirement of establishing a business in a new market. Or establishing a new product on a saturated market. It’s no easy task. It’s one Cartrack is taking on.

Cartrack: Resolved

Cartrack is a South African company that is dominating the market in Africa, and is well-established in Europe and Asia. But its intimidating competitors here in the United States have so far kept them from establishing a foothold.

Cartrack worked with Interfanatic on some marketing initiatives to better understand and identify opportunities with American customers. It was a fascinating project and one we’re very proud of.

Cartrack resolved to enter the US Market against mega competitors. And when the time is right, they will.

Resolution: Affordable Bookkeeping & Payroll – Interfanatic Customer Spotlight

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing.“⁠

– Abraham Lincoln⁠

Candy Messer is a powerhouse.

It was fun working with her. She runs a tight ship, and she does a great job for her customers. And it is that way because she decided it would be that way. And she makes it that way. And she set down the law that this is how it shall be at her business.

Mind you, she’s not a miser. She’s just determined.

Like Honest Abe tells us, it is our own resolution to succeed that matters most.

Perhaps it was Lincoln’s resolution that brought the end of the Civil War. Perhaps it was a little divine intervention.

It could be the same for Candy. A champion for women-owned business; a champion for small and local business.

We had a lot of fun working with Candy, first updating her website, then designing her a new one. Since then, her company has grown, and she’s taken her site in-house. But she and her business are just the kind of local small business we enjoy working with.

Candy Messer’s Affordable Bookkeeping & Payroll is an inspiration of resolution.

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